Best And Most Popular Places to See in Japan

You must visit Japan at least once in your life. Right from tranquil bamboo forests to neon arcades and serene temples to quiet bamboo forests, you will get everything here. Additionally, Japanese food is just so amazing and the people are extremely polite and welcoming. The country also has the finest public transportation system in the whole world. You will love the ‘unique’ combination of glorious bewilderment and ease of travel in Japan. Simply put, Japan’s top travel destinations have everything to make your trip memorable and enjoyable. If a Japan trip is on your list, then it is good to explore the flight booking options to make your travel unforgettable. Here you will find the top places to visit in Japan that you should see at least once in your life.

Top Places To See In Japan

Below, we are explaining our TOP PICKS for the best spots you must explore in Japan. So, take a look:

1. Kyoto


If you are visiting Japan for the first time, then you MUST visit Kyoto. This place is ‘traditional’ Japan as you have seen in movies or read in books – geisha in beautiful kimonos, temples and shrines, bamboo forests, tea ceremonies, feasts served on ‘lacquered’ plates, and small markets but full of intriguing yet unidentifiable elements. To make the most out of your trip, you should head out towards the neighborhood wherein you will get old wooden houses, narrow stone streets, sounds of gongs and chanting, monks in flowing robes, etc. In simplest terms, Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist spots in Japan. So, whenever you are here, just take out some time to explore on of the best places to see in Japan.

2. Tokyo


If we consider Kyoto as the heart of Japan, then you cannot simply ignore the ultramodern counterpart of Tokyo. Here, you will get to see sky-touching skyscrapers, busy pedestrian streets, noisy arcades, incredibly mouth-watering restaurants, and crazy fashions. Tokyo is home to some of the ‘weirdest’ activities too. From sensory-overload shows to themed cafes for owls, cats, goats, robots, etc. and arcades to go-karting spots, you will get everything different here. While in Tokyo, do not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy food in a ‘tine’ restaurant on Memory Lane, gazing at the skyline at night from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, and more. It is just an outstanding place to visit and enjoy your time. So, book your Japan Airlines group reservations today to enjoy here.

3. Takayama


It is a gorgeous but small town and one of the ‘less-visited’ places in Japan. You will love wandering the colorful shrines, traditional wooden houses, bright red bridges, and neatly shaped trees. While in Takayama, you should not miss out on buying ‘delicious’ fruits from their morning markets, wondering the ‘old town’ in the morning, enjoying rice balls grilled in soy or Mitarashi Dango, watching the extravagant ‘floats’ at the well-known Festival Floats Exhibition Hall, and so on. If you want to explore this place at the best, then you must at least spend 2-3 nights here.

4. Hakone


When in Hakone, you should start your exploration by visiting Mount Fuji. However, there are several places to visit but Mount Fuji is closely located in Tokyo. Despite visiting on a drizzly and cloudy day, you can still enjoy this place. This place has countless fun things to do as you can enjoy different modes of transportation – bus, train, cable car, and pirate boat. When in Hakone, you should enjoy black eggs, visit traditional inns to have elaborated dinner, and go to the Hakone Open Air Museum. One or two days are sufficient to have the best time in Hakone.

5. Kanazawa


It is yet another amazing city in Japan to visit and enjoy. If you love to be in a quiet place, then Kanazawa is your place to visit. Here, you will also get to see one of the most attractive gardens, art museums, and castles to explore. If you have enough time, you should explore the wooden teahouses, attend traditional tea ceremonies, and wander Kenroku-en Garden.

6. Nikko


This is the one of the best places to see in Japan, is recognized as a temple town and marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nikko is best known for its vibrant and colorful autumn season. Some major attractions of this place include Toshogu Shrine – a fabulous complex with over dozen of generously decorated gold and red buildings, ancient cedar trees, and much more. Here, you should enjoy sushi, munching on Dango, hiking up the mountains, playing games, and exploring Taiyuinbyo.

7. Koya-San


Also known as Mount Koya, it is one of the most interesting spots in Japan to witness the true traditional side of this country. It is a sacred and secluded temple town situated in the mountains covered in the forest. If you truly want to get the taste of life as a ‘monk’, then it is a perfect spot for you. Koya-San should be on your list of Japan’s top travel destinations.

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