11 Best Day Trips From Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the undisputed capital of excess and entertainment, is a must-see destination for visitors of all kinds. Although the city is an oasis in the Nevada desert, it is not the only thing to do there. Away from the bright lights, boutique stays and casinos lies the epicenter of some of the planet’s extraordinary natural marvels. The adrenaline rush can be draining, so a best day trips from Las Vegas  into the wide outdoors can be a welcome break for visitors to Sin City.

Discover the Las Vegas with Reservations Number’s guide from Las Vegas as these experiences give visitors a chance to add variety to their vacation to the entertainment capital of the United States. 

1. Grand Canyon Day Trip from Las Vegas

Grand Canyon Day Trip

2 hours drive from Las Vegas
Las Vegas to Grand Canyon – 126 miles
Price: 80 USD per person

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most spectacular natural sights on the planet. A day here takes you across state boundaries into Northern Arizona, allowing you to cross another state. This natural landscape stretches for 277 miles and is still being carved out of the earth by the Colorado River, is a work in progress.

Over millions of years, the river’s route has naturally eroded the ground, and it will continue to do so indefinitely. 

The arid and bleak landscape is serene yet beautiful, and it is a powerful site to experience the best day trip to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.

The can be started from the visitor’s centre, where you can get guidance on the trail that’s most ideal for you. 

Arriving at Grand Canyon

  •  A car drive to the Grand Canyon day trip from Las Vegas is possible, the distance involved makes it a difficult task. Driving to the South Rim, for example, takes about five hours as you go south to Kingman before continuing on to Williams and then north to the Grand Canyon on AZ-64.
  • The less stunning West Rim, on the other hand, takes around two hours to reach and passes past a Native American reservation. Visitors can also access the popular Skywalk attraction, a horse-shaped cantilever bridge that spans a section of the Grand Canyon West area, by using this path.

2. Death Valley Day Trip from Las Vegas

Death Valley Day Trip from Las Vegas

2 hour 15 minutes drive
Las Vegas to Death Valley – 150 miles
85 USD per person

At 282 feet below sea level, is a bizarre landscape that deceives the senses. The heavy layer of salt on the valley floor that many people mistake for snow is actually a thick layer of salt. But how did the salt get there in the first place? The rainwater dissolved in craters and flowed into the lower heights. After a few spells of rains, the water in these basins form the temporary lakes, as the water gradually evaporates, leaving only the residues of the saltbeds.  These are just a few attractions to mention for your Death Valley day trip from Las Vegas. 

Ubehebe Crater is nearly 600 feet deep and half a mile broad, and it is awe-inspiring. Although the vast crater was constructed around 2,100 years ago, the most recent explosion could have occurred as recently as 300 years ago. The sheer magnitude of the crater overwhelms visitors and inspires awe in the power of nature. 

Another attrition inside the Death Valley is the Wildrose Charcoal Kilns. These odd beehive-like structures are 25 feet tall and hold the history of Death Valley within their walls. They’re not as well-known as the park’s more popular attractions, but they’re one of the best-preserved and distinctive attractions.

Take a drive through Artists Drive, a breathtaking expanse of multicoloured, eroding hills. Natural metal deposits in the mountains oxidise to give beautiful colours of green, blue, and purple that form multi-colored cliffs. 

Although regarded as the land of extremes, the Death Valley is the dried and the lowest place in the world. This scenic landmark offers a variety of outdoor activities, flat plains, valleys, and simple beauty. You can also take the guided tours that are available at the visitor’s gallery. 

Head to Death Valley National Park

You can cover Death Valley from Las Vegas day trip by car, use I-95 northwest for two hours until you reach Beatty, then take Route 374 for the final stretch to the park. There is a lot to see and do in Death Valley, and taking a car allows you to explore everything at your own pace.

3. Area 51 and Extraterrestrial Highway

Area 51 Day Trip From Las Vegas

10 hours drive
Las Vegas to Area 51 – 85 miles
205 USD per person

Are you obsessed with space, alien abduction and extra terrestrial worlds?  If that’s the case, Area 51 might be the ideal day trip destination for you. Although you can’t enter Area 51 because it’s a closed military base and all, you can still wander to its perimeter

An Area 51 day trip from Las Vegas is profoundly unusual getaway from Vegas because that spookiness will stay with you until the trip ends. Area 51 is an infamous United States Air Force base near Rachel, Nevada, and the stories and theories surrounding it are fascinating. Despite the fact that the airbase was established in 1955, it remains a famous tourist attraction that is still shrouded in mystery.

Getting to Area 51

  • Area 51 is in southern Nevada, 83 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas, on the edge of normally dry Groom Lake. 
  • Rachel, Nevada, is the nearest town to Area 51 and is a popular stop for extraterrestrial enthusiasts. It’s roughly 148-mile, and is one of the best day trips from Las Vegas. 
  • This location is dependable for emergency fuel and supplies. When travelling through Nevada’s remote roads, we usually advise people to bring extra fuel.

4. Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

5 hours drive
Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon 260 miles
125 USD per person

Bryce Canyon National Park in southwestern Utah is known for having the world’s biggest collection of hoodoos (distinctive rock formations).

It is also the home to the stunning vistas, dark night sky and horseshoe-shaped amphitheatres cut from the Paunsaugunt Plateau. 

Visitors visiting the park can take in the fresh, clean air of the region and may even get a glimpse of Navajo Mountain from the rim of the canyon. Plus, with over 7,500 stars visible to the naked eye, Bryce Canyon National Park has a night sky rating of 7.4, making it one of the top sites to go stargazing in the United States. The Bryce Canyon day trips from Las Vegas includes the following attractions – 

Navajo/Queen Loop – Hikers will witness some stunning rock formations throughout this 1.3 mile loop, including Thor’s Hammer, Two Bridges, and the bottom of Wall Street. The Navajo Loop, which is short but steep, can be coupled with Queen’s Garden to make a 2.9-mile loop that is best done clockwise for good entry into the canyon. 

Bryce Amphitheatre Traverse – Hikers wishing to explore as much of the area as possible during their trip will enjoy this tough 4.7 mile one-way journey that takes you across the Bryce Amphitheatre from Bryce Point to Sunrise Point. 

Getting to Bryce Canyon

  • Drive towards Salt Lake City, take I-15 north. Take exit 95 and travel southeast on Highway 20 to Highway 89 south, then east on Highway 12. To get to Bryce Canyon National Park, follow the signage.

To reach faster, you can take a flight to Salt Lake City from the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Take a 4 hour drive from Salt Lake for a day trip to Bryce Canyon and Zion from Las Vegas.

5. Day Trip to Red Rock Canyon from Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon

30 minutes drive
Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon – 16 miles
95 USD per person

Red Rock Canyon is a magnificent, mineral conservation area loaded with natural wonders and is one of the ultimate and the best day trips from Las Vegas. Over 26 hiking trails that crisscross the canyon, ranging from easy strolls to treacherous uphill climbs, but all of them lead to stunning views. 

You would be experiencing a vast display of red sandstone peaks and roaming among thousands of years of geological history, as this landmark is less than a 30-minutes drive from Las Vegas. 

A trip down the Scenic Drive is one of the most obvious things to do in Red Rock Canyon. Bring your camera since this 13-mile stretch is the best way to see Red Rock’s most iconic attractions.

Another attraction from day trips from Las Vegas inside the Red Rock is the Calico Tanks Trail that is a 2-mile trek that offers some magnificent views. The hike is an intermediate one that includes some climbing. There are 19 hiking tracks in the park, ranging in difficulty from moderate to challenging, with vistas of hundreds of flora and wildlife.

For most tourists, the wild tortoises and beautiful rock formations are the highlights. Depending on the time of year that visitors visit Red Rock Canyon, there are a variety of events taking place. 

 A guided tour is one of the finest ways to experience all of Red Rock Canyon’s most beautiful vistas, as trips frequently include stops include Calico Hills, Willow Springs’ petroglyphs, and Spring Mountain State Park.

Coming to Red Rock Canyon

The gorgeous Red Rock Canyon, which is about half an hour away by car from Las Vegas Strip, is one of the most accessible sights in the area. Visitors can cover a day trip to Red Rock Canyon from Las Vegas by taking I-159 west, and if they drive themselves.

6. Boulder City

Boulder City

45 minutes drive from Las Vegas
Las Vegas to Boulder City – 26 Miles
35 USD per person

Boulder City, about 45 minutes drive from downtown Las Vegas, breeds a poles-apart culture of what you experience in a day trip from Las Vegas. 

It’s a charming and welcoming town with nice locales, and  boutique cafés, and abundance of natural beauty, and it’s one of just two Nevada municipalities where casinos are prohibited, making it a rare occurrence in the state. 

You can have a day trips to the following attractions – 

  • Nature Discovery Trail and Rock Garden
  • El Dorado Dry Lake Bed
  • Boulder City Art Guild and Gallery
  • Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum
  • Wilbur Square
  • Railroad Museum
  • Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge
  • Willow Beach Harbour
  • Hemenway Valley Park

Boulder City Arrival

The distance between Las Vegas and Boulder City is 26 miles. It will take you about 31 minutes to get there by car. Fuel costs 3 USD per mile. Alternatively, you can take the Uber  or Lyft service that will cost you roughly 35 USD each way to get between the two locations.

7. Zion National Park

Zion National Park

2 hours 35 minutes drive
Las Vegas to Zion National Park – 160 miles
Price – 65 USD per person

In parallel culture, this name signifies ‘heavenly city,’ and once you enter the gates, you’ll see why. The surreal landscape is home to a broad range of geological features, fauna, and outdoor activity opportunities. 

Begin your one day trip to Zion from Las Vegas by driving down the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway, which offers magnificent views of the valley from high above. There are observation places along the entire route, and convenient parking is available for the Canyon Overlook Trail, a one-mile trek that is ideal for explorers and adventurers. 

With white, red, and pink rock formations among stunning greenery from the conifer forests and a plethora of colour from the wildflowers, the park is noted for its range of colour. The hiking trails are welcomed by arid areas, ponds, and waterfalls inside the park.

Getting to Zion National Park

  • While Zion National Park is in neighbouring Utah and is a bit out of the way, it is still within driving distance and takes around two and a half hours. To get there, travel I-15 north east to Exit 16 and continue on Route 9 until you reach Springdale, where you may catch a shuttle bus to the park.
  • Many people choose to take an organised tour organised by the tour operators because of the distance and time involved.

8. Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park

1 hour drive
Las Vegas to Valley of Fire: 49 miles
Price: 50 USD per person

This geological wonderland is only a half-hour drive from Las Vegas , making it one of the greatest spots to drive to, and is the ideal day trip to Valley of Fire from Las Vegas.

The spectacular Aztec sandstone looks to be set ablaze in direct sunshine, and the distinctive terrain was produced by shifting dunes around 150 million years ago. 

This prehistoric natural marvel is home to 2,500-year-old petroglyphs, geological formations, and even dinosaur bones that would pique the interest of any visitor. We recommend starting with the famed Fire Wave Trail, Elephant Rock, or the petroglyph-covered Atlatl Rock if you’re not sure what to visit first.

Heading to Valley of Fire Day Trips from Las Vegas

  • Valley of Fire State Park, is just under an hour’s drive from Las Vegas. To get there, enter I-15 on the northeast and exit at Exit 75, then follow the road until you reach the park’s west entrance . Having your own car makes it much easier to explore all of the things in the state park, and the gorgeous rock formations and scenery are a sight to behold.

9. Los Angeles and Hollywood Day Trip from Las Vegas

Los Angeles and Hollywood Day

4 hour 45 minutes drive
Las Vegas to Hollywood – 285 miles
100 USD per person

Drive 4 hour to the north of Las Vegas is the city of angels. You can switch from life in the desert to take a stroll along the beachside boardwalks. This day trip from Las Vegas is worth the experience 

The city is an excellent starting place for a vacation to Hollywood. IYou can take a tour of the famous landmark the Hollywood Sign, the TCL Chinese Theatre, and the Capitol Records Building. You can spot your favourite stars at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Not just that, visit the Dolby Theatre, which holds the annual Academy Awards, at the Highland Centre.

Going to Los Angeles & Hollywood Day Trip 

  • Take I-515 and merge into state highway CA-210 to the West. Continue to El Monte Busway. Take exit 2B to enter Los Angeles.  
  • You can take a flight from Mcanerin international airport to Los Angeles that costs less than 100 USD even if you book a last-minute flight. Flight duration is 30 minutes. 

10. Hoover Dam

Day Trips to Hoover Dam from Las Vegas

Near Highway 93, on the Arizona-Nevada border, the Hoover Dam holds back the powerful Colorado River and is located 30 miles to the southeast of Las Vegas. The best day trips from Las Vegas to Hoover dam are free of charge, except for certain attractions.

The massive curved wall, which stands 726 feet tall was built to control flooding, produce energy, and provide irrigated water, is an architectural marvel. It is recognised as the tallest dam in the world.

It’s a popular tourist spot that draws approximately over a million visitors every year.

The Hoover Dam is open to the public for tours, which include a short documentary about the dam’s history as well as interactive displays. From the hoover’s bridge you can get stunning views of Lake Mead, the Black Canyon, and the Colorado River.

The visitor centre is the best location to start if you want to see the Hoover Dam. For a modest cost, tours of the power plant are also offered. Since the 1930s, the Hoover Dam bureau has held guided tours to the dam, irrigation spots and power plant. 

Arriving at the Hoover Dam

To get there by car, use the I-515 south from Las Vegas until it connects with the I-11, which will take you directly to Hoover Dam. Travelers can enjoy the Day trips to Hoover Dam from Las Vegas via helicopter. 

11. Lake Mead

Lake Mead

45 minutes drive
Las Vegas to Lake Mead – 32 miles
Price – 42 USD per person

Located 24 miles east of Las Vegas is a backwaters area formed by the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. From the rush and bustle of Sin City, Lake Mead offers a quiet and peaceful day getaway and is one of the most memorable day trips from Las Vegas.

Because the lake is situated where the ecosystems of the Great Basin, the Mojave desert, and the Sonoran desert meet. You are under the great views of lava hills, Joshua trees, bighorn sheep, and red sandstone boulders.

It is best explored by conventional paddle wheel boats, providing a parallel glimpse to the Nevada Desert.

Its recreational area is the ideal site to spend the day basking in the sun and enjoying swimming, boating, hiking, and jet skiing. 

Get to Lake Mead

Lake Mead is a terrific day trip if you have your own car, or hiring one if you don’t will allow you to experience Lake Mead and explore the surrounding sights at your own pace. Just half an hour from downtown Las Vegas, drive towards I-11 out of town and pull off onto Route 93, which will take you to Lake Mead.

How to Reach Las Vegas for an Adventures Trip?

There are three mode that help you reach the Las Vegas – 

  • Air – You can simply arrange your travel via Jetblue booking portal that help you land Las Vegas from any part of the United States. 
  • Rail – You can take an Amtrak rail which is majorly available from all cities in the United States.
  • Road – You can take a road trip from nearly anywhere in California. The road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas stretches 270 miles and it’s going to be a very interesting and memorable one.

With so much to see and do in Las Vegas, there is no shortage of experience for travellers. To tick as many things off the list as you can, keeping a cool head is key. So relax, plan ahead with Appy Pie and reap the rewards of a trip well-planned.


We’ve listed the best day trips from Las Vegas for people travelling to the city in groups of one or more. The list is a great resource for tourists, as it enables them to make the most of their time in Vegas, and spend time enjoying family trips or exciting adventures. The experiences range from relaxing hot spring visits to urban off-roading in dune buggies, giving visitors a diverse range of local activities from which to choose.

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