American Airlines Baggage Policy

In domestic flights availed by the American Airlines baggage policy, the passengers are allowed to carry up to 10 bags. But you can carry up to 5 bags if you fly to any other destinations. As stated in the American Airlines fees policy, for the first bag, you have to pay $25, for the second $35, and the third bag, you have to pay $150, and for the fourth bag, you have to pay around $200.

What is the American Airlines baggage allowance to be followed?

Your carry-on baggage should be within the measurements of 22x14x9 and along with one other personal item you can enter the cabin. All of these should possess the ability to fit inside the overhead bin or else you cannot include them in your carry-on luggage. For your check-in luggage, the dimensions of your bags should be within 158 cm adding up the length, height, and breadth of the luggage. The weight should be within 23 kgs if you plan to avoid paying extra charges for your baggage.

The passengers traveling with their infants are allowed to carry necessities like their food and diapers but nothing else. Car strollers or seaters are not considered as carry-on luggage. Those are supposed to be included in the check-in luggage. 

American Airlines baggage rules expected to be followed by passengers on the aircraft.

If you plan to carry your pets on board, you have to pay $125 per journey. Also, a pet carrier of dimensions 19 inches long x 13 inches wide x 9 inches high is allowed inside which the pet can freely move, stand and breathe properly as well. The pet carrier should be leak proof. Also, you are not allowed to carry pets on all flights provided by the company.

On transatlantic flights, passengers can carry one bag for free, but additional bags require a fee of $100 for the first additional bag and a fee of $200 for the second additional bag. First class and business class passengers are allowed to check bags weighing up to 32 kgs.

For musical instruments, you have to pay nothing only if it fits in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of your seat. If it does not fall under this category, you have to book a separate seat for carrying your instrument safely. Also, your instrument should not weigh more than 75 kg.

Prohibited items inside the flight

  • Alcohol.
  • Explosives.
  • Bleach.
  • Fireworks.
  • Inflammable products.
  • Sharp objects not adequately covered.
  • Defense sprays.
  • Firearms.
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by Maverick Wood on Reservations Number

In a hurry to book flight, I chose american airlines as i have always heard good about them. But when i started packing up my bags for the flight, i realised that i do not have knowledge about their baggage policy and different terms and conditions and i did not want to pay any extra baggage charges. I called up american airlines and they kept me waiting for four minutes, i started doubting my decision but then my call was connected and i just jumped on the american airlines representative with all of my questions and queries. The representative was polite and answered all my questions, after gaining all the details of baggage policy i packed my bags accordingly and was saved by any unexpected situation. At the time time of check in, i did not had to pay any extra charges as my baggage weight was as per the policies of american airlines and i was really happy and thankful to the american airlines.

by Julian Perry on Reservations Number

I booked my flight with american airlines after doing all the research, i was sure that the services and facilities of the american airlines are best in-class and the ticket prices are very much comparable. My flight was just next day and i had to start my packing. When i started packing my bags, i realised that there must be some baggage policy which i must read and take knowledge for packing accordingly. i visited the official website of the airlines as all the details are published on the website of the airlines. i searched for the baggage policy of american airlines on their official website and read all the details regarding the baggage allowance. i was happy to find out that i could carry on a hand baggage and a checked baggage during my flight with american airlines. After reading everything about the baggage policy of american airlines, i packed my bags accordingly and did not face any problem while checking-in. My experience with american airlines was good with all the in-flight offerings and services.

by Sharon on Reservations Number

i had to move from Phoenix to NewYork recently and i had to take some extra baggage with me. my ticket was with American airlines so i checked about baggage fee on their website and i was really happy to know that it was quite affordable. i had no problem shifting my extra luggage. really happy.

by tom harry on Reservations Number

my baggage weight was more than the free allowance mentioned on American Airline baggage policy. so I paid extra charges for the extra kilos of baggage at the check-in counter. the airline should mention their baggage policy while booking tickets so that customers can remove some weight before coming to the airport.