Delta Airlines Baggage Claim

Delta Airlines allows passengers to carry one carry-on bag and one personal item free of cost. However, for checked baggage, passengers need to pay baggage allowance depending on the dimension and number of bags. In case, the airline has delayed, lost or damaged your bags, you can request a refund by filling the Delta Baggage Claim form. 


The Delta Airlines Baggage Claim rules depend on the tier of services used by the passengers. If the airline fails to deliver baggage according to the allotted time, you simply require to contact the Delta Airlines delegate. They will offer you a reference number, and try their best to provide the solution as soon as they can. When your baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours after the request, you are eligible for a refund according to the airline baggage policy.

Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

According to Delta Airlines Baggage Policy, a passenger does not require to pay an extra fee for carrying one personal item or one carry-on bag. For checked baggage, the airline will charge $30 for the first bag and $40 for the second bag. The baggage allowance may vary according to the destination of the passenger.

According to the Delta Airlines Baggage policy, the airline is responsible for any damage, delay, or loss of the checked baggage of passengers. 

Delta Airlines will not be responsible when the damage of the bags is due to inappropriate packing or your bag is damaged earlier before arriving at the airport. In such cases, you cannot be eligible for Delta Airlines Baggage Claim.

Delta Airlines Baggage Claim Procedure

The airline offers multiple options for claiming compensation for baggage. 

Passengers have various options to claim their baggage such as:

  • Online:- Website, mobile app
  • Offline:- Over the call, Airport counter, Airline office

Delta Airlines Online Baggage Claim Process

Delta Airlines Baggage Claim through online portals helps passengers to track the claim request. The passenger just needs to fill-up the form for claiming a refund online.

The claim request may take some time for approval. After your claim is approved by the airline you will get a refund or compensation with your luggage. If the airline fails to offer you the best possible resolution within the allotted time, then you will earn up to $1600 as the baggage compensation.

Delta Airlines Offline Baggage Claim Process

Delta Airlines Baggage Claim through offline portals consumes more time compared to the Online Claim Process. But this offline claim process does not require an internet connection. You need to fill the Delta Lost Baggage Claim form by visiting the airport or airline office. The compensation is the same as online portals, but require more time for processing a refund.

Passengers have one more option for claiming a refund, they can call on Delta Baggage Claim Phone Number +1-877-311-7484. The agent will help passengers by filling out the claim form. They will provide regular updates of the claims. Passengers can reach customer service whenever they wish as the Delta Baggage Claim Phone Number is in operation throughout the day. This method helps the passenger to reach the airline directly and conveniently.

FAQs About Delta Airlines Baggage Claim

What is Delta Baggage Claim Number for the USA passengers?

The airline operates multiple support numbers according to various locations. Delta Baggage Claim Number for the USA passengers is +1-877-311-7484. This number is available 365 days a year and accessible in many languages including the English language. To reduce the burden of passengers, the airline offers a regular update of the baggage claim.  The Delta Baggage Claim Number for the USA is especially operated for passengers who are flying to or from the USA.

What is Delta Airlines Baggage Claim Tracking Number?

The Delta Airlines Baggage Claim Tracking Number is offered by the airline for tracking the claim request. For obtaining the tracking number you need to call customer service and ask them to provide you the reference code. Reference code is used for future tracking and helps the passenger to know the status of their claim.

What are the methods for Delta Damaged Baggage Claim?

The airline offers various methods for Delta Damaged Baggage Claim such as  website, mobile app, over the call, airline office, airport counter. Many passengers prefer online methods for baggage claim, as the method is convenient and requires less time than other methods.

How to obtain the Delta Baggage Claim Number?

At the airport for obtaining the Delta Baggage Claim Number, the passenger needs to contact the customer service. The passenger will receive a reference code after requesting the claim.

What to do when Delta Airlines damages your bags?

When Delta Airlines damages or delays your bags, the airline is bound to offer you compensation with bags. The compensation value depends on two factors:
1. Reasons.
2. Time Period.

How do I claim compensation for delayed baggage?

You need to complete the Delta Baggage Claim form, within three days of your flight’s arrival. The request can only be made after the arrival of your flight. If the airline fails to deliver your baggage inside the 12 hours of the landing of your flight, they will pay you $1600 as compensation according to your destination.

How to fill Delta Baggage Claim form online?

For filling the Delta Baggage Claim form online, passengers need to follow below mention steps:-
1.   Open your preferred web browser.
2.   Complete the log-in process by using user credentials.
3.   Find the Delta Airlines Baggage Claim Form.
4.   Download the form.
5.   Use tools to edit the claim form.
6.   Fill out the form.
7.   Post the form with some identity proof.
8.   Double-check the selection.
9.   Confirm the selection.
10. After submitting the Delta Airlines Baggage Claim form, you will get reference code which will be used for future process.

In how many days will I get my baggage?

Generally, it takes fourteen business days after filling the Delta Baggage Claim form. But sometimes due to certain critical conditions, the airline may take more time to solve your issues. If the bag is damaged before the journey, the airline will not be responsible for any baggage damage compensation.

Does the Delta Baggage Claim Phone Number available 24 x 7?

Yes. The Delta Baggage Claim Phone Number is available 24×7. It is available in multiple languages for the convenience of passengers. The number is toll-free and helps passengers claim compensation over the call.

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Delta Airlines Baggage Claim
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by Kevn McDonald on Delta Airlines Baggage Claim

I filed a claim with my suitcase that got a huge dent in it that can not be fixed. The woman in PHX told me it would be in a few days its now been weeks. Tumi Extended trip packing case with 19degree aluminum. I threw it out when I got home because it was absolutely useless and I thought they would do the right thing and replace. It was completely smashed in on the corner and had a opening that could not be fixed. I travel EVERY week and never had this problem. The fact that they did not Call me to resolve is very sad.