Discover Tahiti This Year with United Airlines

If given an opportunity to choose a destination that manifests as the perfect paradise on earth, which place would you choose? If you are stuck at home, feeling lethargic and distressed over the blazing sun, take this opportunity to sneak into the blue paradise of Tahiti Island. As the biggest Island of Society Islands French Polynesia, Tahiti Island is situated on the southern Pacific Ocean. The island is split into two sections, Tahiti Nui, the northwestern portion of the island, and the Tahiti Iti, the southeastern side. Book your reservation with United Airlines for your next Tahiti vacation as the airline will be operating nonstop fly, three days per week, from San Frisco to Papeete, the capital of Tahiti.

Land Of The Dancing Culture

Visiting this exotic destination will conjure the picturesque landscape that is completed with beautiful people. One thing that will fascinate you is that the Tahitian is committed to their tradition and culture. One of the ways they express themselves is through their music and dance. Their traditional dance is vibrant and in many ways, their performance is a link to the Tahitian ways of life in the past. You can also enjoy their musical talent which is a fusion between the traditional flutes and drums combined with contemporary musical instruments and rhythm. Experience this mesmerizing culture and get dazed in their musical performance by booking your next flight to Tahiti.  Faa’a International Airport is the Tahiti airport in Papeete and it will be the point of entry to any traveler. 

Tahiti’s Overwater Bungalows

Enjoying the warm lagoon of the island is conducive of bringing peace of mind to your mind and body. You will also have the opportunity to shop from the local stores which offer a variety of handicrafts, pottery, quilts, and many more!  Aside from shopping, this vacation destination calls for water activities. Treat yourself by lazing under the warm sun or spend your time swimming and scuba diving. You can plan for a mini-cruise to explore the island further. If you are a fan of overwater bungalows, Tahiti offers the perfect over-water bungalows for you. The fact that Tahiti built the world’s first overwater bungalows during the 1960s is not known by many. United Airlines has flights to Tahiti starting at $765 from San Francisco, and flights to Tahiti from LAX starting at $849.

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