How to Get the Best Deal on Air New Zealand travel?

Planning your next vacay to New Zealand at a budgeted fare? Well, why not! Your trip doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are our tips to get the best deals on Air New Zealand booking . How combining it with a hotel and a car would actually make it cheaper for you. Let’s delve into it!

Before you book Air New Zealand Flight Reservations

  • Sign up for airfare newsletters and emails – Take a minute and visit Air New Zealand reservations online portal to subscribe to its newsletters. You don’t need to be a frequent flyer for that. If you’re looking for a holiday and not in a rush to book, sign up for the airlines’ newsletters and be the first one to grab the best deals available. This helps you save 25-35 percent on airfares and vacation packages.
  • Sign up for Airpoints with Air New Zealand  – You don’t need to pay any subscription fee to vouch for Airpoints. It simply converts the whole airfare into equivalent Airpoints. With the accumulated points the flyers while doing Air New Zealand booking will get swarms of benefits such as free excess baggage inclusion, complimentary of a one-way domestic flight once a year, free changes and cancellation, free class of services upgrade, complimentary lounge access and a lot more. 
  • Fly via Aukland – If you’re not a long-haul flight person, consider a stopover in Auckland just to have the hang of this beautiful city. Auckland would be your most frequent stopover with Air New Zealand. A stopover on purpose will help pacify your soaring airfare budget to a certain extent. You can simply book a stopover in Auckland by finding flights with long layovers in Auckland. Or just enter your preferred dates using the multi-city search function. In a day you can wanderlust harbor and downtown areas, the Ponsonby and can try the authentic kiwi delicacies. 
  • Check Flyertalk – Visit Air New Zealand’s community forum by the name Flyertalk once you sign up for Airpoints. It gives you the latest updates on the airfare promotions with Air New Zealand domestic and international travel bookings. You can simply follow this thread, ask a question or comment over any airfare development. An active community here will give you a prompt response and an insight over hacks to get the best deals on Air New Zealand booking.
  • Business or any Premium Class could be at half of the price – Instead of taking a direct flight from New Zealand regions to further Asia, America or Europe, take a stopover flight via Australia to get a reduction of 35-40 percent reduction in Premium and Business class fares with Air New Zealand.

During the Booking Process

  • Pick a Boeing over an Airbus for the comfortable journey – If you require a comfortable long haul flight, try to pick a Boeing 777 or 787 Dreamliner. These flights have excess legroom, more lavatories, and overhead lockers compared to Airbus. Plus, they are less prone to turbulence.
  • Look for discount coupons in your emails – One of the benefits of signing up to Air New Zealand booking portal is the promo codes,  which are released all around the year. Before making a payment for your Air New Zealand flight reservations, always check your email for a discount coupon. A discount coupon ranges from $ 10-$45 that helps you get the lowest fare.
  • Watch for Credit Card offers – For US and Canada travelers offers on credit cards play a vital role in getting cheap airfares. Air New Zealand tie-up with American Express & MasterCard helps passengers accumulate travel miles that could be redeemed in the near future to get further discounts in the airfare.
  • Book domestic flight on ‘NZ’ domain – If you’re booking a flight within New Zealand, try to book on or Visitors from the UK or US may end up paying 3-3.5x times more fare while using and respectively. It is because air new Zealand booking domains outside the country may end up paying an incredible premium to other nations.
  • Lounge Access – Booking all the other airlines will give their travelers lounge access on premium class booking. With Air New Zealand domestic travel bookings, booking an economy class could give you lounge access without accounting for any subscription. 
  • Air New Zealand Travel Insurance – While booking any flight, do not forget to add up travel insurance. Its benefits and coverage include lost baggage at the airport, illness or medical emergency, family emergency, weather disruptions, and all other travel-related uncertainties. Insurance on domestic booking would be $25 while on all international travel around the globe would be $45. 

Pre-Flight Process

  • Air New Zealand Booking Upgrade – Air New Zealand allows upgrade to all the classes of services. In an economy, if the passenger wants to upgrade to the ‘more legroom seat’ option in the same class, it is available for $50 only. Besides that, passengers signed up for Airpoints can get a class upgrade via redeeming the points without paying any service fee. Class upgrades would be subjected to availability. 
  • Free access to Air New Zealand lounges – Air New Zealand’s vast network of lounges at major domestic and international airports around the globe has been the edge compared with the other airlines. Without paying for any credit or debit card membership, travelers, irrespective of the class of service booked, can get complimentary access to its lounges. 
  • No hassles to excess baggage – Are you carrying baggage over 23 kg allowance? Need not worry about Air New Zealand as the airline does not penalize you for that. Airlines will make you pay a usual luggage fee of $35 for any excess bag.
  • Travel Economy Class in Style – With Air New Zealand’s SkyCouch program, it helps you get an add-on where three economy class seats in a row could turn into a ‘small bed’ for all the long-haul flights. It’s not a sign of luxury – but a comfortable journey.


Business and Premium Economy

Air new Zealand Business Class

Air New Zealand flight reservations can get you award-winning premium cabins. To make your journey a luxury one, here are some tips:

  • Reserve a meal in advance via ‘manage booking’ tab on the Air New Zealand platform-The travelers always have the option to select from the menu and reserve meals in advance. With this, the airline takes care of the exclusivity of its passenger’s preferences.
  • Try famous kiwi wines on-board – Planning a New Zealand trip without wine is just an incomplete voyage. Air New Zealand will help satiate your taste buds with Sauvignon Blancs which is considered as Kiwi’s specialty. Visit Air New Zealand manage booking tab. Click on the ‘Now Serving’ section in the in-flight entertainment system which will give you a glimpse of the offerings onboard.
  • Business ClassAir New Zealand booking to business class, unlike other airlines, will not come with a recliner. Your seat will be upturned into a fully flatbed. So, watch a movie, or take a breathtaking view while slouching, Air New Zealand premium will give you all sorts of comfort.
  • Traveling with a soulmate – Whether traveling on a special occasion or your travel clash with your anniversary. Help Air New Zealand know in advance about your special date. In return, a traveler will enjoy candlelight dinner on a special Ottoman seat at 15,000 ft in the sky.   

Economy Class

Air new Zealand Economy class

Because of their comfort level, Air New Zealand’s economy is winning consecutive accolades and praises all over the world. Let’s take a glimpse into some of the features they offer:

  • All flights are better equipped with noise cancellation headphones – Passenger onboard will get a brand new set worth $30 from Amazon. This will help reduce aircraft noise and let you experience in-flight entertainment infinitely better.
  • Complimentary snacks and drinks – Air New Zealand is fairly generous with offering snacks and drinks throughout your fly-time. Besides, you can visit the galley and can help yourself. An in-built tab in front of your seat will also help you order snacks and drinks.
  • Exquisite Lavatories – Air New Zealand does not offer regular washrooms. Their design features a Midas touch, gives you a homely feeling.
  • Jump into exit rows for freeAir New Zealand domestic travel booking will offer travelers a complimentary upgrade to rows 1-15 on Airbus 320, as these exit row markings would be available on the first-come-first-serve basis.

Arrival and Transit Process 

  • Make your transit and arrival via Auckland – Upon arriving in Auckland is fairly straightforward with Air New Zealand. If you’re making transit to domestic flight, then you don’t need to carry your bag to the concerned terminal. After exiting customs and immigration, you can simply collect in at ‘Zone A’ to re-check for your domestic route. If you’re booked to fly internationally through a domestic terminal, your bags would be checked through before boarding for your final destination. 
  • Long layover solution – If you’re transiting to Auckland for more than 15 hours, don’t leave it until you arrive. Book a hotel way much in advance as Aukland offers a 12 months-a-year holiday season where most of the properties remain occupied. Book an airport hotel with IBIS which will help you cut through deals as low as $150 just outside the airport, with many offering shuttles too.
  • Get on an Auckland tour – Transiting a long stopover in Auckland during the day will help you experience the majestic and whims of the city. Take an airport bus for $32 return per person and experience the harbor and viaduct areas, go up to the Skytower, and a lot more in Auckland.

Top Tips for finding a cheap flight to New Zealand

  • Book at least three weeks before departure to get the below average deals on Air New Zealand booking.
  • The high season in New Zealand is considered to be January to May, and then September to December every year. One can find the cheapest Air New Zealand flight reservations in the month of May.
  • Travelers flying out of North America, South America, and Europe will be flying into Auckland and Wellington, the home to the country’s largest and busiest airports. 
  • The currency of New Zealand is the New Zealand Dollar. One can exchange currency at kiosks available at almost all airports in the country. If you’re in Auckland, one of the most popular places to exchange money and get the best bargain is the plethora of money changers located at Queen’s street.
  • One flying from the US to Christchurch or Napier will have to cross through a transit flight in Auckland or Wellington. 
  • After flying to New Zealand, getting around the country would be limited via public transportation. It is recommended for travelers to rent a car to explore the island paradise.
  • You can also make your way to Australia after having your time in New Zealand. One can have frequent and direct flights to Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Adelaide from almost anywhere in New Zealand. Air New Zealand booking deals would be available as low as $ 59 if you’re booking at least 72 hours prior to your travel.
  • One can enjoy direct Air New Zealand flight reservations from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. Flying to the closest proximity of the west coast in the US to Kiwi’s nation will help travelers get a reduction in fares.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the flight to New Zealand?

An average flight with one stopover can take over 24 hours covering a distance of 7515 miles. The popular direct flight routes such as Los Angeles (LAX) to Auckland (AKL) and San Francisco (SFO) to Auckland (AKL) with Air New Zealand come with an average flight time of 12 hours and 55 minutes.

What is the cheapest deal on New Zealand flight?

The cheapest ticket to New Zealand from the US is found to be $724 if booked at least 6 months in advance. This price is for the direct flight routes such as Los Angeles (LAX) to Auckland (AKL) and San Francisco (SFO) to Auckland (AKL). You can also visit and Get 30% Off on Your Flight Reservation

Which airlines fly to New Zealand?

Air New Zealand, United Airlines, Air Canada flies frequently to Auckland. One can have American Airlines and Air Alaska fly frequently to Wellington.

Do I need a visa to visit New Zealand?

If you’re planning to fly from the US or Canada, you don’t need a visa if you plan to stay for a duration of fewer than 90 days. A longer stay will require a visa.

What should be my prime destination to have easy access to mountains?

New Zealand’s South Island is the most preferred mountain area compared to North Island because of world-class hiking trails and breath-taking scenic views. To visit South Island, one can fly to Auckland (AKL) or Christchurch (CHC), then rent a car and visit Mount Cook National Park and Mount Aspiring National Park.

To visit Fiordland National Park, where should I head to?

New Zealand tour is incomplete without visiting Fiordland National Park. The closest airport to Fiordland is Queenstown (ZQN), as one can take a direct flight from anywhere in the island country. 

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