Vietnam Exploring The Exotic World Of ‘Ascending Dragon’

Vietnam: Exploring The Exotic World Of ‘Ascending Dragon’

Surrounded by the rolling waves of the South China Sea is one of Southeast Asia’s most alluring and happening countries. And, travelers can book their marvelous holiday fate with Vietnam airlines booking. Let’s give you ample reasons why this hotshot destination must be on your travel bucket list. 

Vietnam’s cosmopolitan cities are an homage to a culture that has been crafted over centuries. At times it feels like a living breathing time machine. The country’s rich and complex history can be traced throughout its ancient temples and colonial mansions. Do not underestimate its stunning diversity of the landscape which is laced with natural wonders that have been there since the beginning of human civilization. A trip to this stunning country will give you a taste of dim sums at breakfast and markets at night, from majestical sunrise and unforgettable sunsets. 

Vietnamese wear their culture on their heads, but perhaps that’s what makes its soul – so special. 

In Hanoi, you will discover the city as rich in century-old architecture and cultural heritage as in mouth-watering delicacies – both are destined to grab tourist’s attraction from the moment they set foot in this magical city.  But Vietnam is also a country where the excitement of sailing beside thousands of limestone islets loaded with rainforests in Halong Bay is as mesmerizing as the energy that powers Ho Chi Minh city day and night. There are memorable experiences everywhere you turn your eyes on. Each one is unique and stays with you forever. 

Let’s understand how you get here. Vietnam Airline Booking Ticket Online – Booking Process And All The Latest Reservation Updates.

Vietnam Airline

Vietnam Airlines’s developing flight operations has been spread over 50 major airports in the Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, North and South America.  It is now the official member of SkyTeam since 2010 – the world’s second-largest global airline alliance. 

There’s ain’t no hassle booking Vietnam airlines online. Users can simply access the official website of Vietnam Airlines. In order to book their flight to this marvelous destination, users need to log in with their account via They can book a whole travel package based on the days they want to spend in Vietnam. 

With the help of , passengers can also book the major attractions and adventures. Once the user logged in, they need to enter their source destination in Vietnam along with the dates of travel and number of passengers, they can have all the attractive fares available. The USP of flight ticket with Vietnam airlines is they are always available at attractive prices. The best part any existing customers enjoy with them, their prices do not follow the suit of dynamism. So you have the comfort of the same price on your plane ticket that you saw last week or maybe last month. There’s no rush to book one!

Vietnam airlines book flight process could also be accomplished from the comforts of your smartphones. One can easily download the Vietnam Airlines app from the Google Playstore and can simply plan their journey into mainland Vietnam. Before booking your journey, let plan to understand what would be the best time to visit this marvelous land of ‘Ascending Dragon’.

Best Time To Visit Vietnam

This consistently popular Southeast Asian country with so much to offer travelers could be a year-round destination. But, when is the best time to go? Vietnam is over 1600 Km long and offers diverse weather systems between the north, the central coast, and the South.

  • Spring Season (February to April)

If you’re planning on covering a lot of the country, the Spring season from February to April is ideal. This time the country witness the lowest amount of rainfall across the country and pleasant temperatures. Tourists should be able to experience most of Vietnam’s highlights comfortably. 

In North Vietnam, it is warm and dry in spring and ideal for suffering in Hanoi at Halong Bay.  At this time, you will also avoid the rains at this time of the year that is all pleasant and dry with temperatures reaching into the 30s. Ho Chi Minh city is enjoyable most of the year and in spring it is dry and hot with an average of 30 degrees, this time of the year.

  • Summer Season (May to October)

Summer seasons that last from May to October bring the monsoon season to several areas of Vietnam. In the north, the rainfall is at its peak at this time of the year and the temperatures are hot and humid. 

Central Vietnam experiences longer dry seasons through to September. So traveling here during this time is hot but not wet. 

  • Autumn Season (September to October)  

Autumn in Vietnam can be extremely pleasant in the north where Halong Bay once again experiences warm and dry days. Hanoi cools down and dries out during this time too. 

  • Winter Season (November to January)

Some destinations like Sa Pa in the north can actually reach freezing while Hanoi and  Halong Bay will reach cool 17 degrees. It would be perfect for tourists if they want to avoid heat and humidity.  The Vietnamese New Year’s celebration of Tet pulls in late January or early February. So it is an extremely popular time to travel and an amazing cultural experience in the middle of winter. 

So Vietnam might seem small but it will have something different to offer all over the country. Take your pick, when will you go!

Where To Visit In Vietnam?



Kick-off your deep dive into the banks of Red River or take a rickshaw tour and weave your way through the seemingly endless hustle and bustle of Hanoi. It is Vietnam’s vibrant capital for over 1000 years. Rapid development and urbanization have made its way here. Hanoi is more than happy to look towards the future while it continues to shine as a hub for history and culture. 

You will see the streets that are roaring with scooters, every nook and corners dazzled with street food. Its walls carry the heritage of the past -being a colonial reminder of French and Chinese culture. This is how Hanoi will grab your eyeballs as you begin to discover this incredible place. You will see how the east and west shaped the city, as the city is mired with french architecture or the flavorsome cooking reminds you of its Chinese origin.

Apart from being one of the top places to visit in Vietnam, it is ideal for filling up your Instagram feed with images that give your family and friends some serious wanderlusts.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay

Halong Bay takes natural beauty to an entirely next level. Visitors might feel that they are drifting to a whole new world. It occurs while witnessing those rising limestones structures for the first time here. It is something that you won’t soon forget.  From the muddy green waters to islets lush with greenery, it would be a sailing experience like never before. This untouched UNESCO world heritage site lies in the Gulf of Tonkin.

To truly experience this enchanting destination many visitors take a boat tour. This way it’s possible to have a close encounter with islets and surrounding waters. 

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City

Formerly known as Saigon, no matter where you have been in the world, nothing beats the charm of Ho Chi Minh city. This famous southern city is said to be full of life and is renowned to play a central role in the Vietnam war. Following an economic boom after decades of conflicts, it’s urban landscape has dramatically changed. You may discover old and new cuisine alongside street foods, flea markets, chic boutiques, vast pagodas, and sparkling skyscrapers. The city where the past and the future never shy to emerge.

Among the many things you can do here, getting a caffeine dose is a must here. You will find bustling cafes at every corner of this city serving tasteful coffees. Here you will find antiques galore in Bend Phen market and foodie paradise in Binh Tay market. 

Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta

Once you have had enough of the city’s life, visitors can sail down to Mekong Delta in the iconic Vietnamese basket boat. Visitors can catch the boat from Ho Chi Minh city. Along the banks, one can witness the majestic pagodas, villages, and rice paddies. In the depths of Mekong waters, wait for the tasty lunch of fresh river fish which we are waiting to be served at fancy restaurants. Do not care about the pocket while exploring every bit of it here.

Visiting Vietnam for anyone could be a great way to discover its ancient history, Buddhist temples, vibrant street cultures, and indigenous crafts.  These delicacies are just the beginning. Vietnam has so much more to offer travelers that come to its shores. 

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