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Why is Thailand such a Popular Travel Destination?

Thailand travel destinations are a land of Smiles brimming with timeless beauty and cultures. Like these two, there are many other exciting reasons why this exotic country full of adventures should be on your must-visit travel destination list. If you are planning to explore Thailand and its azure beaches, then the following guide will come in handy. 

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So what really makes Thailand special?

Thailand is one of the most peaceful places in the world adorned by a web of more than 1,430 islands. Here’s what exactly makes it so special: 

1. Rich History and Culture

If you go back to the Palaeolithic era, you would discover that Thailand has a really great and rich history. Now, Thailand is the constitutional monarchy and the 10th Thai monarch of the Chakri dynasty was announced King in December 2016.

Since it is a Buddist nation so 95% of its population is full of Buddist. There are 40,000 Buddist Temples. When you visit Thailand, you would love to immerse yourself in their culture.

2. Thai Popular Festivals

One of the biggest festivals of this beautiful country of islands is the Thailand Lantern Festival. This festival is held over the full moon in the month of November every year.

During the festival of Yi Peng and Loy Krathong, lotus-shaped baskets are placed in rivers where monks meditate and the lanterns float in the sky. Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel all this in real?

3. Thai Delicious Food

Owing to its unique flavors of taste in every shade of the culture, this majestic country has become a hub of delicious South Asian cuisine. Tom Yum Goong (spicy soup), Som Tam (special salad), and Pad Thai (consists of rice noodles) are a few popular dishes you can’t leave the country without trying. The cherry on the cake is the affordable price. 

4. Amazing Climate of Thai

Thailand monsoon season attracts most of the tourists especially in the northern cities of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. Thailand is quite busy in the hot season. Usually, the temperature does not exceed 32-degree celsius. 

5. Thai Cost of Accommodation 

Accommodation in Thailand is luxurious enough to attract travellers. Thailand prepares high-quality accommodation for passionate travellers. The range for accommodation goes from US$ 60 for a 3-star hotel to US$ 300 for a 5-star hotel (approximately).

Apart from this, travellers who stay at luxurious hotels experience traditional performances during dinner, Thai cooking classes, and world-class cuisine. A few of the hotels are really affordable and full of entertainment.

6. Crowded Beaches of Thai

Are you one of them who likes to stay at the beach? Well, then Thailand is the appropriate place for you. The most impressive thing about Thailand is the beaches. Jomtien Beach in Pattaya and Bang Saen in Chonburi are always crowded. A few of the beaches such as Lamai in Koh Samui and Freedom Beach in Phuket remain quiet. So if you want to feel the vibe in the empty beach, go there.

7. Wildlife in Thai

There are almost 285 mammal species in Thailand that include Malaysian sun bears, tigers, elephants, leopards, and more. At present, this particular country has 147 national parks. Khao Sok National park is one of the best places for those who like to play with birds.

Khao Yai National Park located in central Thailand is a perfect home to tigers, elephants, gibbons, and wild boars. If you visit there, go with a one day tour of the park including safari drives and hiking.

8. Thai Popular Sports

Those who are crazy about sports, Thai will definitely impress you with its amazing facilities for sports. The popular sport in Thai is Muay Thai which means boxing. You will not find any shortage of boxing gyms or stadiums in Thailand.

9. Transportation Systems in Thai

The transportation system in Thai is very organized. Fortunately, the prices are reasonable to visit any place in this country. If you are travelling by air, you would be saving a lot of money on flight tickets. Reservations Number also helps you to book Thai Airways flight tickets.

Thailand, in particular, provides buses, minibuses, trains, boats or ferries to travel within a country. More localized transport inside towns and cities make your life effortless. You can also go with other options such as Metered taxis and songthaews to prevent yourself from walking in the heat.

10. Thai Modernization

Thailand is one of the developing countries. It offers tourists high tech banking and communications facilities. Thai tourist SIM cards with high-speed 4G internet can also be accessed by travellers.

Apart from good internet access, Thailand also has an array of modern shopping centres. Tourists can also take advantage of fast food, cinemas, and playgrounds for kids.

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