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Established in 1945, Ethiopian Air Lines, as it was called then, is one of the most internationally eminent airlines’ services providers. It is completely owned by the government of Ethiopia and has made remarkable advancements since its initiation. 

Serving close to 125 passenger destinations, the airlines continue to show its commitment towards the customer by making periodical improvements in the services provided. Regardless to say, with the advent of internet and technology, the company has marked its footing in services related to the internet like Ethiopian Airlines online booking

Ethiopian Airlines Booking

All the customers who wish to avail the benefits of Ethiopian Airlines have the convenience of easy procedures of booking tickets. There are three ways by which the customers can book tickets online:

The online website method – 

The official website of Ethiopian Airlines allows the customers to book their tickets through the online portal provided on the site. In order to utilize the benefits of the same the user needs to take the following steps:

  • Visit the official site of Ethiopian Airlines
  • The home page itself shows various options for booking flights with respect to one way trip, round trip or multi-city trip
  • The customer can fill in the details of the city from or to the location the passenger wishes to book the flights for
  • The visitor will then have to fill in the departure and return date as per the information required by the kind of trip he or she is looking for. 
  • Next, information regarding the number of passengers and the class they wish to travel will be asked 
  • Moreover, the website asks the customer for any promo code or travel with miles option for customers to avail some more benefits
  • After clicking on ‘search flights’ the customer will be shown a list of flights that are available for the trip
  • Once the customer has selected the flight, he or she will have to fill in the details regarding the passenger
  • The final step involves the payment of the confirmed reservation. The customer can use debit/credit cards, mobile payment services or pay cash at the Ethiopian Airlines office. 

The UBE mobile app – 

The Ethiopian Airlines Booking services are available on the official mobile application as well. Follow the given steps to book tickets through the UBE App – United Bank S.C Ethiopia

  • The customer can download the app from the app store in case he doesn’t already have one
  • The customer will be provided with a homepage on opening the app. It will have 4 options. Click on ‘Log In’
  • Enter the mobile number without 0 at the beginning and the PIN number. 
  • After the customer has successfully logged in, he or she can pay for his or her EAL ticket by clicking on ‘Funds Transfer’
  • The next step is to select the customer’s account with which he or she wants to book and then select ‘other account’ when asked which account to be transferred to
  • Enter the account number, amount and reference number that the customer has received from the Flocash to the mobile via SMS
  • The last step is to enter the transaction PIN number and select okay

3. The CBE mobile app

Another app that assists the customers in Ethiopian Airlines ticket booking is CBE app. It can be downloaded from app store or google play store.

  • Enter the details of the flight that the customer wants to opt for on the official website of Ethiopian Airlines
  • The customer will be redirected to this app for payment if the customer chooses for the same
  • Select the mode of payment
  • Read the associated terms and conditions
  • Once the CBE app opens, select transfer/ beneficiary

Follow the details as stated above in the UBE mobile app. 

Both apps allow customers to easily pay for their Ethiopian Airlines Air Ticket booking after having filled the details on the official website. Since the airlines are completely funded and controlled by the government of the country, the users of the bank of the country have the benefit of doing so.

Ethiopian Airlines Reservations

Along with the above-mentioned methods, anyone opting for traveling via Ethiopian Airlines can book the tickets through reservation as well. This is beneficial for people on the following occasions:

  1. When the person booking flights is different from the one for whom it is booked for
  2. When the person wants to book flights offline method. He can reserve a ticket for himself and pay for it by selecting ‘Pay at Agency’ and then paying at the nearest Ethiopian Airlines offices. 

Ethiopian Airlines provides a complete list of all the EAL offices in the country and worldwide as well. Any user from any country can go through the given list and contact the nearest office to take advantage of the Ethiopian Airlines ticket reservation method. 

What are the policies and rules and regulations regarding Ethiopian Airlines Online Booking?

  1. Before booking international flights, check the passport-type, validity and visa requirements; and the necessary vaccination and medical needs of the country to which one wants to go to
  2. Children from the age of 12 to 18 years have the freedom to travel unaccompanied 
  3. It recommends printing the e-ticket
  4. If the credit card used for making payment differs from the passenger, the owner of the credit card will be contacted to verify the details
  5. Make sure to check the confirmation screen after purchasing the ticket. Only then will the booking be confirmed
  6. Read the ‘Fare Rules’ before confirming to any of the flights in order to avoid any misunderstandings
  7. The passenger on a multi-city trip, have to contact the nearest Ethiopian Airlines office within 72 hours in order to reconfirm their reservation
  8. The seats can be reserved during the check-in or while booking by going on the page ‘seat selection page’
  9. Tickets can be booked online ten months in prior 
  10. If the customer has chosen ‘pay later’ at the payment section while booking the flights, he will have the following amount of time period to pay

Departure Time

The time period for confirming the booking

  • Less than 48 hours
  • 12 hours
  • Between 48-72 hours
  • 24 hours
  • Between 72 hours and three months
  • 48 hours
  • Above three months
  • 3 days
  1. Itinerary can be selected only before making the final payment. After the booking has been completed, the details will not be changed
  2. The passenger must have the itinerary receipt and ID proof or the Passport (for international passengers) while entering and checking-in at the airport
  3. The passengers can benefit from the miles that they can collect if they book revenue tickets. The frequent flier number will be needed for while booking with the help of ShebaMiles
  4. Maximum 9 seats can be booked online including adults and children
  5. Tickets can be booked for all infants (0-23 months old) without a seat and it is compulsory for them to be accompanied by an adult
  6. Online booking is available for all Ethiopian destinations
  7. Along with the above-stated policies it is necessary for the passengers to read the policies, rules, and regulations of various other subheads like cabin carry-on luggage, baggage policies, restricted items, pets, pregnant women, differently-abled passengers, and unaccompanied minor.

In case of any confusion or complaint, Ethiopian Airlines offer a wide list of offices and cell center numbers across the country and the world for the ease of the passengers. Anyone can have access to the list through the ‘Help and Contact’ section in the ‘Services’ on the official website of Ethiopian Airlines.

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