Turkish Airlines Business Class

Taking all the luxuries and comfort of any 5-star hotel to the skies! With the Turkish Airlines business class, we make sure that your trip would be one such a memorable affair. We host our elite passengers with award-winning cuisines, an in-flight entertainment system powered by Netflix, a personal chauffeur at your disposal, and many more to come that makes you feel too special in the sky. Let’s give you some more reason to splurge on Turkish Airlines elite class : 

  • Special Comfort – Turkish Airlines Business Class offers next-level seating. Multiply your joy of travel in a business class with an in-chair massage function, multiple charging points, personal screen, and reading lamps. If you are hopping on a red-eye flight for an overnight journey, suit yourself with a 180-degree flatbed (193 cm)  with just one push button. 
  • Delicious Food Catering – Enjoy the luscious dining onboard as the flying chefs serve you from the finest likes of Turkish and world cuisines. The servings would be made in porcelain dishes that give a fine-dining feel above the clouds.
  • Preferential Boarding – Waiting for the taxi to take you to the airport? With the Turkish Airlines Business Class Booking ride in style with our chauffeur that will pick you from your point to the airport. Avoid the long queues by check-in into Turkish Airlines dedicated business class counters. After completing your journey, the chauffeur would be waiting for you to drop you at your final destination point. 
  • Extra Baggage – Traveling with a business class helps you get the extra bag allowance. Plus, the comfort of collecting your bag at the first go.
  • Entertainment – Kill your boredom on the long-haul flight with the Turkish airline’s latest in-flight entertainment. You would be welcomed with the noise-cancellation headphones, unlimited WiFi-access, and 7500 movie collection. What else could you ask for?
  • Forget Jetlagged – Because you have a flatbed at your disposal, forget all the soreness and being exhausted, as you can lie flat and change positions while sleeping on long haul flights. At the end of your journey, you’d still be active and ready to take on a full day of exploring. 

Turkish Airlines Business Class Booking Deals


Let’s understand how at Turkish reservations we can help you get the best deals on the business class. You can avail Turkish Airlines business class tickets at the price of an economy class on the Reservations Number. If you are one who is planning your next trip from Northern America to Europe in 2021, chances are you can get the business class fare for as low as 1100 USD. Let’s see the latest Turkish Air Business Class deals that are floating on our website :

  • Get a 50% Discount on the Second Ticket to Turkish Air Business Class Flight – Fly together with your travel companion and get a second Turkish Airlines Business Class ticket at half of the price. This offer is valid until September 30, 2021. One can take a flight from Newyork, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington DC to all over Europe and Asia.
  • Turkish Airlines Business Class Offering 40% off to Healthcare Workers – In the wake of the pandemic outbreak, Turkish Airlines is giving healthcare workers 100,000 discount coupons for Business Class fares, to anywhere in their route network. This is valid for tickets booked up till December 31, as travel needs to be completed by February 28. This participation is available for family physicians, paramedics, and nurses all over the globe as they need to be registered with the accredited health institution of their country. 

Featured Turkish Airlines Business Class Review – Atlanta to Istanbul 

With the helpful Turkish Airlines customer rep, I got upgraded to the Business Class flight on my way to Singapore (SIN) from New York (JFK) airport. 

There was a priority boarding for business class flight plus the sperate security line for Turkish Air Business Class passengers. Initially, this special treatment was reserved for only First Class passengers. I got access to a separate wing of the airport with a dedicated entrance, check-in, and security. 

My itinerary had two flights – Newyork (JFK) to Istanbul (IST) and then Istanbul (IST) to Singapore (SIN). My flight was not until 2:40 am. I had a lot of time at my convenience. Thankfully, my Turkish Airlines Business Class ticket included complimentary access to the Turkish Business Class Lounge on JFK terminal 1.

First Leg of the Journey- Newyork (JFK) to Istanbul (IST) 

The lounge inside has more of an outside feeling. Patio furniture, modern armchairs with ample seating, artificial turf. It is the biggest lounge I have ever seen that can stomach 785 passengers at one go.

Because it was a complimentary buffet that doesn’t mean any signs of mediocre airport food around me. The food selection was a mix of Indian, Chinese, Meditteranean among others. There were also complimentary alcoholic beverages which include, wines, spirits, beer, cognac, and my favorite vodkas. 

My first leg of the journey was on Boeing 777-200 ER which was like any other usual aircraft designed for a long haul flight. It was the Turkish Airlines New Business Class cabin and here what it looks like. There are 48 seats in Turkish’s business class segment in a configuration of 1-2-1. All the passengers comfortably get access to aisle passage by their side. 

Before take-off, the flight attendant offered a welcome drink. I had a tasty nonalcoholic lemon mint juice better than the Emirates business class who offers warm sugary milk as their welcome drink. Bizarre!

Turkish recently upgraded to a new kind of seating. Each comes with an in-built massager and a footrest that doubles as a storage compartment for you to place things like laptops, shoes, or any personal item. The cabin has closed ottoman and mood lightning that provides more comfort and privacy in the air.

After having my drinks, the crew distributed a noise-cancellation headphone, amenity kit, magazines, newspaper, and elaborate food menu. The kit was designed by Armani and provided quality goodies such as eye-mask, shaving kit, earbuds, shoehorn, travel socks, and shower products.

Each seat has a large table-tray which is foldable through its center console. It is huge enough to serve a three-course meal. Its ample space is enough to do your office work atop the skies, as it is big enough to spread two laptops and a notebook. 

The seat position, mood lighting, and temperature control are set by a seat-control located on the right-hand side of the console. The sit is probably bigger than any other airline, which is 18.5 inches in width with 45 inches in length. It is easily extended to 70 inches when converted into a flatbed. 

Once I settled for peace and flight already floating in the clouds, I decided to take a look into their food menu. The menu and catering service were provided by the Hilton group. There are 112 menu combinations that are available onboard.  The Chef and Sous-chef in the plane are hired by Hilton to serve the Turkish hospitality. Hilton has received a lot of rave reviews from many travel bloggers. The Chef would be doing the main-course serving in a chef jacket.

Because I took a red-eye flight, so my meal was breakfast. It started with English sausages, carrot cake, a croissant, french toast, and a variety of sides like goat cheese, pickles, marinated olives, and Turkish Coffee.

The bathroom was jazzed up in purple lights and is far better than a standard airplane bathroom filled up with scent sticks, bonsai plants, and some high-end bathroom products. 

I passed out until we arrived at Istanbul Airport 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. There was a huge rush at Istanbul airport, but thanks to the Turkish Airlines Business Class priority boarding. It cut my entire security check line to merely 15 minutes. I was ready for my next connection though I had a lot of time to kill.

Second Leg of the Journey – Istanbul (IST) to Singapore (SIN)

The second leg of my journey is a 12-hour flight from Istanbul (IST) to Singapore (SIN) on Airbus A330-300. The business class in Airbus 300 is comparatively bigger than the Boeing aircraft. I boarded the flight in the early morning hours. 

I got a menu from the crew member which was far more extended than my previous connection. There was breakfast, lunch, dinner, and what, not Turkish Airlines Business Class can offer.

It could have been the morning, but I thought a little wine shouldn’t hurt. Turkish Airlines has a special alcoholic beverage menu. For every wine available on-board, there was a paragraph-long description of the type of grape, locality, brewery, and food combinations.

I was offered a freshly squeezed orange juice but I skipped that for a glass of wine. Shortly, after the flight took off, the crew bought hot towels for the face vibe. Turkish offers different amenity kits depending on the route network. This time the amenity kit was provided by Nivea, the leading bath and body care brand in the world. 

This time the noise-canceling headphones were different from the previous ones. This time it was Bose, rather than the Phillips headphones served on the last  Turkish Air Business Class flight. 

The crew members were very helpful, polite, and attendant as they came to each cabin to make sure that the headphones, in-flight entertainment were working well. I would say it is rare to find such a service gesture on any other flight. 

The LED screen this time was picturesque, sharp, and particularly high-definition. The screen size was 26 inches, a little bigger than my laptop screen. You can simply control the remote through your smartphone, as the flight does offer a WiFi onboard.

For passengers who get hunger pangs in-between the meals, there was a meal table set up in the alley where they can pick from ranges of snacks, sandwiches, fruits, and chips.

A few hours later it was a turn for my main course. I ordered a continental main course. It was grilled steak and fresh Caesar salad with dried sun-baked tomatoes. One of the best parts of Turkish catering is that a crew comes around with a trolley loaded with barbeque to make sure that your meal is served well.

Last but not least was desserts which were again served in a fancy trolley. It offered an array of Turkish desserts from Baklava to Firinda Sutlac (Milk pudding), as well as fruit creams, ice-creams, brownies, and hot chocolate fudge. I was up for Turkish delights, and they were really awesome.

A few short hours later I touched down Singapore Changi airport. Our elite cabin was the first one to disembark from the aircraft. I was on the priority at the baggage receiving point. I was, of course, the forest one to go for immigration and customs clearance. 

This is not just! A chauffeur was waiting for me at the parking area waiving a billboard with my name written for it. What else could you ask you for?

Turkish Airlines Business Class – FAQs

How Many Miles To Upgrade To Business Class Turkish Airlines?

With Turkish Airlines Business Class booking, our job is to make you feel special in the skies and travel in style as your miles would also be added if you are a Miles & Smiles reward member. You need at least 10,000 rewards points to purchase a business class ticket or even upgrade from economy class.

Can I earn miles after upgrading to Turkish Airlines Business Class?

After getting a business upgrade it is not possible to earn any mile. Miles or reward points can only be earned on ticket purchases.

Can I get a refund for an upgrade to Turkish Airlines Business Class Seats that I have purchased?

The fee paid and the points redeemed for a business class upgrade is something that can’t be revoked. The fee is simply non-refundable.

What privileges can I benefit from the Turkish Air Business Class?

Turkish Airlines Business Class comes with priority check-in, extra baggage allowance, lounge experience, first-boarding, and award-winning hospitalities on your journey.

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