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How To Purchase & Check Turkish Airlines Miles And Smiles: A Complete Guide

Welcome to the privileged world of Turkish Airlines Miles And Smiles. Would you like to travel the globe with unlimited benefits of the Turkish Miles And Smiles program? The benefits are exemplary and it ranges from travel, lifestyle, health, and much more taking you to another world of privileges atop the skies. Simply improve your travel experience by earning Miles as you purchase your next Turkish Airlines booking

The Turkish Airlines Miles And Smiles membership helps you reap the travel benefits easily. The Miles you earn will help you purchase a complimentary reward airline ticket, free class upgrade, extra baggage allowance, global access to Turkish Airlines business lounges, as well as thousands of products and services from Shop&Miles and exclusive travel services from our program partners. 

Purchase Miles Turkish Airlines 

Call one of our Turkish Airlines representatives at +1-877-311-7484 to sign up for the Turkish Miles And Smiles programs. Fill out our application form. Sign-up for our Miles&Smiles credit card. Here are the following features of the Miles&Smiles card that you will get once you register :

Miles&Smiles Classic Card

  • 1000 bonus miles upon sign up
  • 500 welcome miles after purchasing your first Turkish Airlines flight
  • Reward tickets for yourself and for your companions upon redemption of miles
  • Earn extra miles by using Miles&Smiles Classic Card for your credit card transactions.
  • Cabin-upgrade and extra baggage allowance

Miles&Smiles Classic Plus Card

  • Priority check-in at Economy Class counters on domestic flights
  • Lounge access for domestic flights only
  • Class privileges such as reward ticket and free class upgrade when you reach 25000 miles
  • Miles can be purchased and redeemed on all Star Alliance member flights
  • Additional baggage allowance of 10 kg on all domestic flights

Miles&Smiles Elite Card

  • Class privileges such as reward ticket and free class upgrade when you reach 40,000 miles
  • Additional baggage allowance of 20 kg on all domestic and international flights
  • Private access to customer care anytime
  • Worldwide access to Turkish Airlines VIP lounges on all Turkish Airlines domestic and international flights with a spouse and children
  • Priority check-in on Business Class flight on all Star Alliance member flights

Miles&Smiles Elite Plus Card

  • Class privileges such as reward ticket and free class upgrade when you reach 80,000 miles
  • 2 free cabin bags on all domestic and international flights with Turkish Airlines
  • Free seat selection on all class of services
  • Additional baggage allowance of 25 kg on all domestic and international flights
  • Nominate Elite Plus Card to 3 family members from the same Turkish Airlines Miles And Smiles account

Turkish Airlines Miles And Smiles Features

What you know about the Turkish Miles And Smiles program is just a drop, but what you don’t know is the ocean! Here are the following benefits that you can reap with us :

  • Convert Miles – Simply convert your earned miles while spending with one of Miles&Smiles credit cards to extend or upgrade your membership status. For every 5 miles, you earn with your card for 1 Membership Status miles. 
  • Purchase Miles – Do you fall short of miles to fly to the city you want? Turkish Miles And Smiles allows you to purchase miles from the Turkish Airlines app or website and make up for the Miles needed to purchase a reward ticket. Once can purchase 1000 miles for 30 USD. You can purchase anything between 1000 to 50000 miles in a single transaction.
  • Transfer Miles – Turkish Airlines Miles And Smiles program allows you to transfer your earned miles to your loved ones so they can make up for the miles needed to buy an award ticket. For every 1000 miles to be transferred to your friends and family, you will pay 10 USD to help them discover the world.
  • Extend Membership Status – Turkish Miles And Smiles help you extend the membership status if you haven’t earned sufficient miles to promote yourself to elite status. Pay 70 USD and get 1000 miles as a bonus in addition to extending your membership status to the same category.
  • Shop with Miles – Shop with our Turkish Miles And Smiles credit card to redeem your miles with over thousands of products available from our partner programs. 
  • Pay Taxes with Miles – The Turkish Miles And Smiles member can pay their airline taxes and fees on their flight tickets by simply redeeming their earned miles. For example, a tax total of 130.45 USD will be covered by 40,000 Miles.
  • Extend Miles – You can simply freeze your miles to fly whenever you want. Just pay 10 USD to extend the validity of your miles for the upcoming three calendar years.
  • Activate Miles – If your Turkish Airlines login Miles And Smiles account has been deactivated or expired in the past year. Simply pay 10 USD or redeem 1000 miles to activate your account and avail the Miles&Smiles benefits.
  • Refer a Friend – Earn 500 miles by referring your friend to the Turkish Airlines Miles And Smiles program. These miles would be credited into your account once your referred friend becomes a Miles&Smiles member and has completed their first flight with Turkish Airlines. You can earn up to 2,500 miles every year through the Refer a Friend program. 

Celebrate your special day with us – Being Miles&Smiles member gives us the wonderful joy of celebrating your birthdays and wedding anniversary at 35,000 feet up in the skies. We make sure that you will be treated to something lovely and the entire celebration is upon us.

Turkish Airlines Miles And Smiles – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Turkish Airlines Miles And Smiles family membership?

To enjoy the benefits of the Family Miles scheme, you need to fill a registration form and send it to us along with the copy of marriage certificates, birth certificates, and photo ID related to your family members. You can download the form at the Turkish Airlines app as well as on the website.

How many friends I can refer to for the Turkish Miles And Smiles program?

Every year you can refer up to 5 friends. For each friend, you can earn 500 miles or up to 2500 miles when a maximum of 5 friends have completed their first flight with Turkish Airlines.

How much does it cost to purchase miles under the Turkish Miles And Smiles program?

You can purchase a minimum of 1000 miles for 30 USD for a start. On a single transaction, you can purchase a maximum of 50,000 miles. You can simply purchase miles to make up for the shortfall if you do not have the required miles to purchase an award ticket.

Where can I purchase products under Shop&Miles online store?

Simply visit tr.shopandmiles.com to redeem miles on the thousands of products available from the retail lifestyle. If you shop using the Miles&Smiles credit card, you can also earn miles too. 

Can I transfer miles into other accounts?

By paying a minimal fee of 10 USD you can simply transfer your miles to your friends and family all over the globe.

Can I transfer miles to any other frequent flyer member?

Purchasing any other airline ticket with Turkish Miles And Smiles is simply restricted. If you earned the status of Elite and Elite Plus, you can redeem or earn miles to Star Alliance member flights only if one of the travel legs must be operated by Turkish Airlines.

Can I cancel an award ticket that I purchased using the Turkish Miles And Smiles program?

Once the award ticket is purchased redeeming miles, it cannot be canceled in exchange for the redeemed points. An award ticket can be exchanged to another date and the associated airline penalty needs to pay in cash not miles.

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