Aer Lingus Cancellation Policy

Aer Lingus Cancellation Policy

A cancellation refund would be given to those who made a complete cancellation request through our refund request form. You can even download the form from the customer care section of our website.

A special case of cancellation due to delay would be considered a viable reason for a complete refund excluding govt. taxes. Aer lingus cancellation policy is based on your prior registration for it through the Refund Request form. Any cancellation made before your scheduled departure would be considered under the applicable refundable cancellation fee. The refund could be expected in the next 7 days from your registered cancellation. 

The availability of form is always there on our website with a link attached. A special allowance to cash payers would be given only in the case of filing of the refund registration form at least two hours before your scheduled departure.

Aer Lingus Refund Policy

A registration of a refund registration form filled with necessary booking details will make sure for your cancellation registration. What you can do is make sure to get your form filled two hours before your scheduled departure. A necessary check for deduction of Government Tax fee can be taken from our office or webpage.

  • When will you get your refund and would there be any deduction on a total fare?

A passenger who made a recent cancellation with Aer lingus will be required to wait at least seven days to expect their refund fee. The amount would be transferred directly to your bank account. A complete refund shall be given on a prior cancellation form submission. It is to be noted that government taxes might not be refunded excluding certain cases.

  • What would be the criteria for the refund of Smart Serve passengers?

There is certain Aer lingus cancellation policies meant for the refund to Smart serve passengers –

  1. A passenger can expect refund only after cancellation made 2 hours before scheduled departure
  2. The sum fee refund would exclude Government taxes( booking, credit/debit card), reserved itinerary and beverages
  3. A refund sum is subject to the Advisory board policies
  4. The delay or changed schedule would be considered a subject matter of airlines and a refund plus government taxes levied would be paid
  5. The returning amount would be given in the next 7 days in your bank account.

How an Aer lingus Business Class Passenger can look for cancellation refund?

  1. The amount shall be returned in the next 24 hours from your cancellation
  2. The price paid in the form of refund deduct a levied Government Tax ( booking/credit/debit card) 
  3. In the case of a non-refundable ticket, a change made ahead of the journey would be returned with the difference between the previous and current fees.
  4. The amount differing in change while you cancelled shall not be returned and would be included in the complete cancellation fee.
  5. Extra refund fees including itinerary and leisure options would not be paid with your refund amount. 

  • What special benefits a Flex Fare traveler has for cancellation?
  1. A benefit of complete refund fee plus government taxes would be given 
  2. The refund can be expected in 7 days
  3. A complete refund only is given to applicable passengers, better to get details on it.
  4. The cancellation can be done through Refund Registration form submission on our cancellation desk. (*Note- cancellation should take place 2 hours before the flight departure)
  5. The amount in case of changed fair due to switch in booking shall differ and only the difference would be paid for it.

Aer lingus Flight Cancellation due to the sudden occurrence

Aer lingus flight cancellation due to a sudden situation of family accident or death would be considered as the special cancellation request and an immediate refund shall be provided. 

The cancellation damaging chances due to sudden failing would be considered and thus a simple registration of refund registration form would help you to get your refund in your bank account.

The earliest refund possibility is been made through Aer Lingus authority but the delay will not occur more than 24 hours.

A special allowance would not be considered in such a case and would only be applicable to elderly ticket cancellation. In the case of infants and young individuals, a sum of refund on their cancellation would not be given.

Cancellation through Aer Lingus

In case of sudden Aer lingus Flight cancellation due to disruption or flight delay, a complete refund will be given to the passengers. The passengers are requested to fill the Flight disruption Form to get a refund in their bank account.

The refund details would be notified through email and your phone number.

The disruption would be considered as the staff folly and would assist for a complete repaying of your booking fee.

Aer lingus Flight Ticket Cancellation refund for third Party Booking

In case of assistance taken for your booking through a travel agent or any other third party, a complete refund fee might not be given but refund details would be notified on the registered number for your booking.

Make sure your Agent fills the Refund Registration Form for a refund amount with deducted government applied taxes.

The refund would only be given in the case of registration of cancellation before the scheduled departure of your flight.

Any refund detail or delay in payment can be taken in a serious undertaking. For more information in such a critical situation, you can contact the Aer Lingus Headquarter situated in nearby areas.

Aer Lingus flight canceled

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Aer Lingus Cancellation Policy
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by Carlos Evans on Aer Lingus Cancellation Policy
Aer Lingus Cancellation

The cancellation policy is user-friendly the refund amount will be transferred within 7 business days but the seats are not comfortable and the legroom does not have ample space. The food quality is also standard not so delicious.