Aeroflot 24 Hour Cancellation

Aeroflot 24 Hour Cancellation

The cancellation policy meant for Aeroflot passengers is to make sure to provide your valuable refund. There are various regulations and rules meant in the claws maintained for Aeroflot services and thus it is essential for every passenger to go through every minute detail regarding Aeroflot airlines flight ticket cancellation and refund.

The refund policy redeems in such a way that it makes sure you get your ticket fair. The best can be availed by both First Class passengers and Economy class passengers. The easy way is to get the necessary details regarding Aeroflot refund policy for your satisfactory invested payment.

What usually a passenger does in a case of cancellation is to make things messy and at the same time allows his tensions arising and letting him forgo his viable sum of fair. The usual format shouldn’t be taken in the assistance and a reliable solution can be taken through a few necessary steps –

  1. Make sure to call the customer care service center on Aeroflot cancellation office for further information on your ticket.
  2. You can even find the form on our website or can get it from cancellation office
  3. The refund registration form is available on the website for instant applying of Ticket cancellation with Aeroflot
  4. You are required to wait for the next 10 days to receive your refund fee
  5. For further delay on the refund fee, a direct connection with the office can be made

Aeroflot flight ticket Cancellation Requirements

Aeroflot booking cancellation needs to be registered prior to your scheduled departure. The best can be assured once you register cancellation within 2 hours prior to registration. For further notice keep assured with such points

  • The refund fee would be credited in your registered account within 10 days of the cancellation
  • The refund claim of complete return can only be accepted in a few cases
  • The mandatory refund would be provided with a compulsory deduction of government taxes by the Aeroflot Air Authority
  • In a span of maximum 24 hours the refund would be given to certain class passengers
  • The best is to make sure to visit your bank and get details for your refund in case of direct
  • payment for your flight 5 booking
  • The refund would be pertaining to the policies relating to Authorization laws.

Aeroflot First Class Passengers Cancellation

The first-class passengers can go for cancellation details on our website for maximum benefits of refund on each booking. Many times a family plans for a vacation and not able to receive a complete refund for each passenger. Make sure that you have a clear view of infant refund rules.  Here are the maximum benefits on refund for first-class passengers –

  • A First Class Passenger would receive his refund within 7 days after the cancellation of his registration.
  • A deduction of government taxes would be taken from your fair price before giving a refund
  • Compulsory registration of form is required for making the cancellation registration.
  • A refund shall be made along with deducted government taxes but won’t include your itinerary reservations paid for your boarding
  • The maximum benefit can be given of 24-hour refund return only to those who made cancellation before their registration

Aeroflot Business Class Passenger Cancellation Policy

  1. The Business class passengers can seek their refund in the next 24 hours from  their cancellation
  2. A complete refund might be given to those who make sure to get cancellation registration before their flight departure
  3. A deduction of government taxes would take place once you receive your refund
  4. The refund might take at least 7 days in case of registration of cancellation made after the departure of your booked flight
  5. Business Class passengers will get a special allowance on cancellation but I case of change of ticket from one class to another might differ on your refund and only the difference in between would be given

 Smart assistance can be availed for your cancellation by easily calling Aeroflot airline customer service office. The more delay in the cancellation process would decrease your chances to get a complete refund. The best can be taken through easy registration prior to your scheduled departure or at least two hours before your flight boarding.

Aeroflot flight ticket cancellation would only be applicable to refund registration form fillers and without a form filament claiming for refund shall not be considered as the priority of the company.

The more deduction could occur on first-class passenger tickets for the government taxes including credit/debit cards, booking. This excludes baggage and itinerary reservation.

Aeroflot Ticket Cancellation through Agency

 In case of Aeroflot booking cancellation through Agent make sure that you get him or your number gets registered for further notifications on your cancellation. The Agent is required to fill the refund registration form before the scheduled flight departure. Any refund on business class tickets would be given 7 days. A special case of immediate cancellation before or a week before your departure would return your refund in the next 24 hours. The refund would be informed through an email on your registered mobile number. It is important for your Agent to get his number and email id registered for a regular update on the cancellation policy.

A special case of infants and young kids has taken in reminder and no cancellation refund would be provided in case of sudden cancellation of multiple tickets at one time. The deep information regarding such cases of cancellation can be taken from our website or else you can call our customer care service offices.

Aeroflot booking cancellation refund in such a situation is only applicable to selected elderly passengers having an age limit at least 15 years or above. The maximum age limit for elderly status passengers is 75. Anywhere age limit preceding or exceeding it would not be taken as the important refund claim you make after your cancellation.

An immediate filling the form online or offline makes sure of a maximum refund on your flight booking ticket after a necessary government tax deduction. A delay would decrease the chances of a complete or maximum refund. More information regarding Aeroflot Cancellation Policy can be taken from our website.

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 by Rajendra Narayan Satapathy
Cancellation Policy

I have booked my flights by Aeroflot on 25th May'20. Due to the present Corona virus spread would like to cancel my air tickets.
Request revert what will be the refund amount after cancelling the tickets.

 by Bruce Clark
Aeroflot cancellation


I made Cancelation on Aeroflot recently and I must say it was very convenient to cancel on the official website."

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