Air France Cancellation Policy

Headquartered in Tremblay-en-France, Air France is one of the most reputed airlines all around the world. The airline serves over 175 destinations in 78 countries and has a wide passenger base. Although the airline has crafted several exemplary policies for its passengers, the Air France cancellation policy still tops them all. The global hub of France Airlines is Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport. 

Formed on 7th October 1933, the airline is one of the leading airlines all around the world. Planning to take a trip with Air France anytime soon? Make sure to go through the following guide to know more about Air France cancelled Flights. 

Major Highlights Regarding Air France Cancellation Policy 

Air France Cancellation Policy

We know how much does it hurt to watch your hard-earned money go to vain. Emergency does not come with a push notification, it can surprise you anytime, anywhere. However, booking your tickets with something as reliable as Air France would ensure a smooth journey for its passengers. 

  • As per the Air France cancellation policy, the passengers can make the cancellations for free within 24 hours of the ticket booking. They must make the bookings at least a week prior to the departure date. 
  • If the passengers cancel their tickets within 24 hours, an Air France refund shall be initiated. However, any delay in the time would result in the passengers paying the cancellation charges. 
  • Air France cancellation can be done in various ways, online as well as offline. If the passengers wish to make the cancellation in the easiest way possible, they must stick to the changes via the source of booking. 
  • If the passengers have booked their round tickets, they can make cancellation to the one-way tickets. The airline would only charge for one way cancellation and not for the entire ticket. 
  • If the passengers are involving any third party in the booking process, they would have to make the cancellation in the same way. The airline would not allow them to make the changes directly via the web. 
  • Air France would only make the refund if the passengers have purchased a refundable ticket. In case of any non-refundable ticket, the passengers would not be reimbursed by the airline. 

Air France 24 Hours Cancellation Policy 

If we had to choose a savior, it’d definitely be the 24 hours risk free cancellation policy. In case of any emergency, the passengers can make the best out of this policy to get their hard earned money back. 

  • As per Air France 24 hours cancellation policy, the passengers can make any cancellations for free within a day of booking. If the tickets are booked within 2 days of departure, the airline might not allow it for a 24 hours risk free cancellation. 
  • The 24 hours cancellation policy does not apply to every ticket. If a passenger has opted for insurance, they can cancel their tickets till last minute. 
  • The 24 hours policy also depends on the type of ticket purchased by the passengers. In some cases of non-refundable tickets, no free cancellation is allowed. 

Air France Cancellation Fee 

We are sure by now you are convinced that the airline is filled with flexibilities. However, exploiting those flexibilities might result in a small fee to be paid to the airline. Failure of cancelling your ticket within the risk-free period would impose a small fee that would be deducted from your refund amount. Read along to find out more about the cancellation fee. 

  • The cancellation fee depends on the type of ticket purchased, the time of cancellation and the destination. 
  • Usually the cancellation charges for international trips are more than the domestic trips. 
  • If the passengers have bought ticket insurance, they would not have to pay a single penny even if they are cancelling their tickets during the end-moment. 
  • For any cancellation made at the airport or the city ticket office, the airline would charge around 20 USD from the passengers. 
  • If the passengers who purchased their tickets from the third party are willing to make the changes via the airport, they would have to pay 50 USD during the time of cancellation. 

How to Cancel a Flight on Air France? 

There are a lot of ways in which the passengers can make the cancellations as per their convenience. Air France serves a lot of passengers, therefore, it is quite necessary to keep as many ways of cancellation as possible. If you are taking a trip with Air France, make sure to follow through all the ways and cancel your ticket in whatever way suits you the most. 

Cancel Ticket Air France Online 

In this fast moving world, the majority of us prefer booking tickets online, don’t we? If you are someone who runs high on technology, this procedure is exclusively for you. You can cancel your ticket in a tap, anytime, anywhere following the Air France cancellation policy. 

Cancel Ticket Air France Online
  1. Visit the official website of Air France
  2. On the extreme right of the homepage, you can notice a login button, click on that. 
  3. The airline would redirect you to some other page, enter your Flying Blue number and password. 
  4. Click on the “My Bookings” option after you have logged in. 
  5. Enter your Booking reference number and Last Name, click on the search button. 
  6. The airline would retrieve your details and display them on your screen. 
  7. Click on the cancellation option and cancel your flight once you’re sure. 
  8. The airline would check your eligibility and allow the cancellations accordingly. 
  9. Once you are clear, the airline would make the cancellation as per Air France cancellation policy. 
  10. Voila! As soon as the cancellations are made, the airline would send a notification regarding the same on your registered mobile number or mail ID. 
  11. Make sure to fill out the refund form as soon as you are done with the cancellations. 

Air France Cancellations Via A Call 

Time travel might not be possible but a timeless experience surely is. And Air France makes sure to provide nothing but the best to the best. If you do not feel comfortable making the cancellations on your own, you can always seek some professional help. Air France has hired professional executives to help you out. 

  1. Dial the global help centre of Air France at +1-877-311-7484
  2. Be on the line till an executive is assigned to you to help you out with the cancellation process. 
  3. Make sure to tell your PNR number and Last name so that the executive can retrieve your flight details. 
  4. They would check your cancellation eligibility and proceed accordingly. It is highly advisable to carry a document along to strengthen your cancellation request. 
  5. They would make the cancellations at your request. Request them to fill out the refund process following the Air France cancellation policy. 

The passengers must note that if they are making the changes in this way, they would have to pay a small service fee of 20 USD. (The administrative fee would depend on several conditions). You can also ask your executive about the service fee before the starting of the call. 

Air France Booking Cancellation At The Airport 

Are you someone who prefers to make the cancellations in the old style? Walk down to the ticket centre and make the cancellations face to face. Intrigued about the process? Here’s how you can make the cancellations this way. 

  1. The passengers can go to the ticket centre and get in touch with an executive present at the ticket centre.
  2. The executives would ask you for the PNR number and the last name to find your flight. 
  3. Make sure to explain the reason for the cancellation in detail and know about your refund status. 
  4. The refund would be initiated as per the norms of the Air France cancellation policy. The executives are extremely friendly and help out the passengers in every way possible. 

Air France Cancellation Compensation 

Out of all the services that Air France ensures you, inconvenience is not one. However, it’s not possible for things to go as planned. In some cases, the airline may delay or cancel the flights due to some unfavourable conditions. But it always has its way to compensate for the loss caused to its passengers. 

  • If Air France cancels or delays your flight, you have two options in your hand. You can either cancel the ticket and seek a refund or you can opt for the next alternative flight as sent by Air France. 
  • You can also claim a monetary compensation of almost £220 if you are taking a flight covering a distance of approximately 1500 miles or less. 
  • You can claim compensation of £350 if you are taking a flight of distance between 1500 kilometer to 3500 kilometers. 
  • For flights covering a distance of more than 3500 kilometers, you can claim compensation of £530. 
  • Air France would take care of the meals and drinks in case of any delay. You can also claim accommodations if your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours. 
  • If the flights have been cancelled for some natural reasons such as bad weather etc, the airline is not subjected to any compensation in those conditions. 

The Air France cancellation policy is exclusively made to loosen up the cancellation process. If you wish to have more information regarding anything, you can directly contact the Airline regarding the same. 

Air France Refund Policy 

Air France Refund Policy

The major concern after cancelling our tickets is to have our money back, right? Well, while flying with Air France, the passengers need not to worry about the refund. The refund policy is quite trouble-free and ensures a smooth cancellation process. Worried about the refund? Well, do not be, read along to find out more about the refund initiation. 

  • The passengers can demand an Air France Refund if they have made the cancellation before 2 days of booking their flight tickets. 
  • Air France refund request can be made up to a year of booking. However, if the passengers apply for a refund after 12 months, the airline would automatically reject the request. 
  • The passengers must apply for the refund directly to their issuer. Meaning, if they have booked their tickets via the airline, they must slip in their request directly to the airline. If they’ve booked their tickets via agents, they can seek refund from them. 
  • The airline can refuse to initiate a request if the passengers have not been admitted by the transit or destination countries. 
  • If the passengers have bought non-refundable tickets, the airline can deny to grant any refund. 
  • Air France refund shall be made in the way in which the passengers paid for their tickets. Meaning if the payment was made via a credit card, the refund shall be made in that way. 
  • Passengers who paid via cash or cheques can give their preferred mode of refund when the airline approaches them regarding the same. 
  • Air France refund usually takes 7 to 12 business days to reflect in the bank account. Refund initiation is a quick process, as soon as the passenger fills out the refund request, it gets initiated. 
  • The passengers can check their Air France refund status directly by contacting the global contact centre of the airline. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Air France Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel my flight with Air France?

Yes. As per Air France flight cancellation policy, the passengers are allowed to cancel their tickets if they have bought a refundable one. Often in the case of non-refundable tickets, the passengers have to contact the airline for a refund.

Can I cancel my tickets in any way that I like?

No. In order to cancel your tickets successfully, you must cancel it via the source of booking. Meaning, if you have booked your tickets offline, you can only cancel it offline. (People who have booked their tickets online stand at a leverage as the airline allows them to make the cancellation both online as well as offline.

The Air France cancellation policy says that the passengers who have involved agents in the booking process must contact their agents in the case of any delay. The airline would not take any responsibility in this case.

How can I cancel my ticket in Air France online?

If you wish to cancel your Air France ticket online, you need to visit the official website > log in > go to the manage booking section > enter your PNR and last name > press on ‘cancel my booking’ option > confirm the cancellation.

The Air France refund request must be filled out immediately after cancelling the tickets.

How can I cancel my ticket in Air France offline?

As per Air France flight cancellation policy, the passengers can cancel their tickets to Air France in 2 ways. They can either call the global contact centre of the airline at +1-877-311-7484 or they can directly visit the ticket centre at the airport.

How many days does it take to get my refund from Air France?

Air France refund usually takes somewhere around 7 to 12 business days to reflect in the account of the passengers. The initiation is done right after the passenger fills out the form. However, the reflection depends on the type of ticket a passenger holds (domestic or international).

What happens when Air France delays my flight by more than 4 hours?

Although the airline does not plan on causing any inconvenience to its passengers, there might be moments of mishap. In this case, the passengers can choose between whether they want to cancel their tickets and have the refund or they want to wait for the next alternative flight as sent by the airline.

Air France cancellation policy also mentions that the passengers can seek compensation up to £530 in case of any delay that lasts more than 4 hours.

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