Air Mauritius Flight Cancellation Policy


Air Mauritius is the flag carrier and the largest Airlines in Mauritius. Its headquarters are based in Mauritius and from there it connects all the adjoining countries and far away islands through the medium of air transportation. It helps in the growth and development of business, trade and economy as it connects small isolated island and mineral devoid marsh lands with big cities and major transportation hubs giving a kick start to these small old civilizations.

Air Mauritius Cancellation Policy for Refundable Tickets

Buying a refundable ticket may be a costly affair but in case you want to cancel Air Mauritius ticket then you don’t have to worry about paying a huge cancellation fee. Your money is safe and will be refunded back to you with a few days in the form of the original payment you made at the time of ticket purchase. If you wish to make changes in your ticket, you won’t be charged any extra change fee but you have to pay the difference fare for the new ticket. If your previous ticket cost more than your new one then a refund will be made in the form of your original payment and will be processed within a few days.

Air Mauritius Cancellation Policy For Non Refundable Tickets

If you are traveling with a nonrefundable ticket and you wish to cancel/change Air Mauritius flight ticket then you will be charged with a cancellation/change fee. If you cancel Air Mauritius ticket 60 days before your scheduled departure time then you may not be charged with any cancellation fee but if you cancel your ticket after this 60days window then you will be charged a minimum amount of cancellation fee depending on your itinerary. If you change your tickets before 60 days of ticket purchase than you will not be charged with any change fee. However, you have to pay the difference fare. If your previously bought ticket is expensive than the new one than the remaining fare balance will be refunded to you in the form of the original payment you made at the time of the ticket purchase. iBut if you wish to change your ticket after 60 days then you will be charged a minimum amount of change fee. If any credit is left after subtracting the fare difference and change fee, then it will be refunded back to you in the form of your original payment made at the time of ticket booking.

Air Mauritius operates a fleet of 14 aircraft which serves the main purpose of decreasing the geographical barriers created by nature and keeping trade and business alive and serves around 22 destinations in the indian ocean region. Many big airlines joined ventures many years ago and came up with the concept of this airline to improve the connectivity between the isolated and economically backward regions situated in the great india ocean.

Air Mauritius Will Refund Your Money

Sometimes due to bad weather conditions or a mechanical failure Air Mauritius forced to cancel the flights. In such conditions, Air Mauritius will take full charges for their mistake and refund you your money in the form of original payment you made at the time of ticket booking and along with refund will also provide you an apology credit.

If due to any reason you are not allowed to board the plane due to ou departments fault then a full refund will be made to you in the form of the original payment made at the time of ticket booking along with the scratch card or a holiday package as a token of apology from our side.

You can also claim for the refund of unused holiday packages 

 So many holiday packages, scratch cards, e credits and many other rewards get piled up in our account, you can claim for a refund for the same. You just have to send us an email in our official website or call us in our 24/7 customer helpline number and our team will explain you the refund procedure. As soon as all the necessary documents are received we will refund your amount in the form of a cheque issued under your name.

Air Mauritius has connected many small towns with big metros and given a new shine to those dull monotonous towns with no life and living. Air Mauritius always things about the needs of its people and has kept its passengers needs above all.

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