AirAsia Cancellation Policy

AirAsia is one of the largest Malaysian low-cost carrier airlines when measured according to the fleet size and destinations covered. AirAsia has created a huge network of hubs and carries thousands of people from across the globe to different destinations hence serving as a major transportation carrier. AirAsia connects many small villages, towns, islands and other small civilizations with huge multinational hubs, big cities with sky-piercing skyscrapers. It serves as a medium for the exchange of goods and services, therefore increasing business and trade and bringing new opportunities in the places which were previously lifeless and monotonous. It serves as a carrier of peace and harmony between all the hubs and destinations it serves.

AirAsia Cancellation Policy For refundable ticket

Refundable tickets may be more expensive than non-refundable ones but they will save the hefty sum of money spent as a cancellation fee. If you buy a refundable ticket and wish to cancel your flight then you will not be charged with any cancellation fee. If you wish to change your booked ticket, no extra changes fee will be charged but an extra amount of difference fare will be applied. If your new ticket is cheaper than your previous one then a refund will be made to you in the form of an e credit which can be used towards the purchase of another flight ticket within 3 months from the date of your new flight ticket was issued.

AirAsia Cancellation Policy for a non-refundable ticket

If you book a non-refundable ticket with AirAsia and wish to cancel your ticket then no refund will be made to you under any circumstances except for some exceptions where AirAsia is the reason for your ticket cancellation. If you wish to change your non-refundable ticket then a minimum amount of change fee will be applied along with the fare of your new ticket. If any value is left after the deduction of your new flight ticket and change fee, it will be refunded back to you in the form of an ecredit that can be used towards the purchase of another flight ticket within a window of 3months.

AirAsia has made a reputation in the Asian Aviation Industry. AirAsia serves 165 destinations spread across 25 countries in the world. It the world’s largest low-cost carrier airline and is one of the airlines that receive the lowest number of passenger complaints. AirAsia with its fleet of 254 aircraft carries thousands of passengers every day taking them to different destinations spread across the globe. It serves as a bridge between the big and small cities providing them both the opportunity to grow together in the field of business and trade, increase employment opportunities and helps in the development of both halves of this economic and technical division of this society.

AirAsia Refund Policy

AirAsia will refund your money if your flight ticket is being canceled because of the delays caused due to AirAsia. If there is bad weather, or some kind of mechanical failure or other technical reasons then AirAsia will provide you a full refund of your ticket along with a gift voucher as a token of apology for the trouble caused to you. You can either choose to buy another flight ticket or save it for later, it’s your choice. If you are at the airport and your flight has been delayed due to any reason and you have to wait there for long hours, in that case, scenario, AirAsia will provide you free drinks and food along with a full refund of your ticket. You will also receive a gift voucher and a scratch card or a free vacation trip, depending on the hours you have to wait there for the flight. In case they find a replacement flight for your selected route then you don’t have to pay for the ticket fares, it will be booked by AirAsia. A gift voucher and a scratch card will be sent to you as a token of apology.

AirAsia has won the title for the largest low-cost carrier airline in the world for 11 consecutive years now. We have always tried our best to satisfy our customers in the best way possible. Fly with AirAsia, feel Asia.

How to Cancel AirAsia Flight?

Emergencies or unavoidable circumstances can occur at anytime. In this case, cancelling the ticket is the only way left. In this case, when you know the AirAsia cancellation policy, things will become even easier. Being a reputed airline, they provide their passengers with multiple modes to cancel AirAsia flights within 24 hours and after. So, continue reading to know more on how to cancel AirAsia flight tickets online, via a phone call, and at the airport.

Method 1: Online Cancellation

  • Go to the official website cum flight booking portal of Air Asia
  • On the homepage, you will get multiple options including “Chat with AVA now” to initiate the process
  • The aviation executive of AirAsia will ask you to provide them with certain details including ticket number, first and last names, etc.
  • Once you provide them with the details asked, they will initiate the process on your behalf
  • And after completing the process, you will be notified by the airline on your registered email ID or phone number

To learn more about your AirAsia flight cancellation status, you can call on the AirAsia flight cancellation phone number or simply get in touch with us for further details.

Method 2: AirAsia Cancellation via a Phone Call

If the online method does not work for you, then you can also go to the traditional method – a phone call. The airline provides its customers with 24*7 support service to address and answer queries. When you call on the number, an executive will be assigned to you. They will ask you to provide them with certain details like ticket number or confirmation code along with your first and last name. Once these details are provided, they will initiate the process. After completion of the AirAsia flight booking cancellation process, the airline will send you an email or text message on the registered mode of the communication.

Method 3: Flight Cancellation at the Airport

If you want to know the answer to – how to cancel a ticket with AirAsia at the airport, then you must read this section with the utmost attention. To cancel AirAsia ticket to or from India, you will require going to the nearest airport. After this, locate the ticket booking window of the airline. On the counter, an executive will connect with you to address your queries and cancel the ticket. You can even talk to them if you have any other questions or issues regarding the cancellation process, AirAsia domestic flight cancellation charges, overall AirAsia flight cancellation charges, AirAsia cancellation form, AirAsia flight cancellation refund policy, etc.

How to Check AirAsia Flight is Cancelled or Not?

When you cancel your flight or AirAsia flight cancellation due to weather or any other reason, you will be notified by the airline on your registered email ID or phone number. And to check your AirAsia cancellation status, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website of the airline
  • Connect with the aviation executive through the Live Chat with AVA to know the status
  • After providing the details requested, they will tell you the status of your cancelled flight

Rebooking or Ticket Changing Policy and Fees of AirAsia Airlines

If you have cancelled your ticket and want to rebook or alter your reservation, then you can do it without any hassle. Like any other airline, you will require paying the difference amount if you are rebooking your tickets for higher fares. The rebooking fees typically depend on the destination, cabin class, and etc. chosen. For detailed information, call the airline or simply browse through the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related To AirAsia Airlines Cancellation Policy

Some of the frequently asked questions about AirAsia Airlines and its cancellation policy have been answered here:

I have booked my tickets with AirAsia. Can I change the date of my travel?

Yes, you can make changes to your flight booking date as the airline provides its passengers with a flexible program without any additional fees. However, you will require paying the difference fare amount to the airline.

My booking has been cancelled for a refund. Can I reinstate my booking with the same ticket fare?

 If your ticket was refundable, then you can rebook but only through the AVA.

Where can I book my flight tickets if I am unable to do so via customer service number?

You can book your tickets through two different yet convenient online modes – the official website and mobile app. Another great option is Reservation Number as you can also grab the best deals like up to 30% off on all flight bookings with us.

Will the airline provide me with compensation if they cancel my ticket?

If the airline cancels your flight ticket due to internal or climatic conditions, then you are eligible to get the compensation. You can either ask them to book your ticket on the next flight available or get a refund for the cancelled flight. To learn more about the same, you can call the airline or simply connect with us.

Where can I get the list of cancelled flights AirAsia?

You can get all these details on the official website of the airline. On the homepage, you can view the list of cancelled flights. In case, you are unable to find the details online, you can call them to get clear information.

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AirAsia Cancellation Policy
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For through passengers like CCU-DEL-SXR-DEL-CCU if one under one PNR can a change in travel date for CCU-DEL be preponed. At what cost?

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Airasia Credit Account to bank account?

I booked a flight for my dad, but due to the pandemic, it was cancelled. I requested for a refund after cancelling and apparently it was refunded to my Airasia account instead of my bank account. Please do help me, I've been trying to reach out through your live chat but up until now there's still no response.

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Entire process was way easier

Can I cancel my flight AirAsia? All right! This is what I was literally asking the airline a few days back on my mind considering my lack of knowledge for the same. But I didn’t give up and tried to cancel the AirAsia ticket online through this guide right here. The entire process was way easier than I had ever imagined. Saved a few bucks too!

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i have just tried to cancel my flight due to covid .it tells you to call this number +18773117484
and give my ID i got through but thay know nothing about it and they hang up .please help

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Wanted to cancel the AirAsia ticket online

I wanted to cancel the AirAsia ticket online due to some reasons recently but was not sure how to go about it. So I referred to this guide here and bingo! In a matter of a few seconds or so, it all started looking like a walk in the park while making some bucks also in the guise of the AirAsia flight refund. What else can you expect out of your trip, huh!

I want to refund my 3 bookings flight

Hi airasia

I want to request for a refund for my 3 bookings due to covid 19 outbreak my booking route is manila-bacolod and and return,,how can we refund the costumer service keep us waiting for the info then go back again,,,where is your office so that we can settle to your main office.thanks;looking forward for the response

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