Alitalia Ticket Cancellation Policy

Nowadays, most of the people are relatively more inclined towards traveling through flights due to the various word-class amenities and luxurious traveling experience provided by elite airline companies. People prefer flights over various other modes of transportation because airplanes are equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art built-in entertainment system.

Another advantage that makes this option a popular choice among people is that flights have a greater chance of being on time as compared to trains or cars. The old saying that flights are the most secure and protected way to travel holds true even today. They have a wide network and are known to serve numerous destinations all over the world. Thus, there is an endless list of reasons to prefer traveling via flights.

At present, airline companies are constantly striving to a large extent due to the rapidly changing demands of the customers. Alitalia Airlines is a well-known and reputed company that is determined to provide its customers with an enriching and memorable travel experience. The company has managed to flourish expeditiously by earning the trust of its customers through its best-in-class and customer-friendly services. Let us know more about the cancellation as well as refund policies and procedures of Alitalia airlines.

Alitalia Airlines Cancellation Policy

If you have purchased your ticket in the USA through the website of Alitalia Airlines, or from ticket counters or call centers in the US airport, then you don’t have to pay any service charges.

You can go to the company’s website and purchase the ticket through one of the following payment methods- Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard.

When a passenger books his/her reservation via Alitalia U.S. call center (+1-877-311-7484) or through an Alitalia ticket reservation counter, the company will permit him/her to hold the mentioned charges without payment for a minimum of 24 hours, provided that the reservation is made before one week or more from the departure of the flight.  

According to the Alitalia 24 hour cancellation policy, booking a ticket from Alitalia’s U.S. website will entitle you to cancel the reservation without any penalty or Alitalia cancellation fee and receive the entire refund if you cancel within 24 hours after your purchase and when the booking is done one week or more before the flight’s scheduled departure.

Cancellation and refund for allowable website reservations and purchases made through the call center can be applied for by calling +1-877-311-7484.

Alitalia Flight Cancellation Compensation

In case of complete or partial ticket refund requests, for reservations canceled by the customers, a fee of $20.00 for each ticket as an administration charge is applicable. If penalties are collected as per the Alitalia ticket cancellation policy’s airfare rules, then the handling charges of $20.00 doesn’t apply. Security taxes, as well as airport taxes, can be compensated for all the tariffs including the handling charges. If the compensated amount is less than the administration charges, no amount will be repaid.

Therefore, Alitalia Airlines offer first-class customer services through its cost-effective cancellation and refund policies which makes it the most preferred airline among people.

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 11 reviews
by Lim Beng Kim Lulu on Reservations Number
Refund for Ticket No. 0552351324438 cancelled

Flight AZ1268 06:55 to Athens Eleftherios Venizelos (Ath) departing on 21 Sep 202 from Naples Capodichino (NAP)
I checked into Naples Capodichino (NAP) Airport on 21 Sep. I was informed that Singapore Passport cannot enter Athens. Therefore, I did not board the flight. I request for the complete /partial ticket refund less administration charges if applicable. Thank you very much.

by Bondarevsky Ernesto on Reservations Number

Please my flight was cancelled because of the corona epidemicI ask for full refund .Our flight was the 5/11/20 from TLV to Rome. Booking reference RTIPVE

by Bondarevsky Marta on Reservations Number

My flight was cancelled because of corona epidemic for the 5/11/20.Please refund the all ticket,Booking reference RTIPVE

by ROBIN RANDOLPH on Reservations Number
Travel Cancellation

Pertaining to our flight to and from Italy May 1st and May 11, 2020, we need to cancel our reservations. My physician advises that due to the Coronovirus, traveling there would be strongly discouraged with my physical disabilities. Please email me at in ref. to our refund. I have been asked to rate your company, but seeing as I've never traveled via Alitalia, I can't authentically provide one. It was only placed so this cancellation could be sent.

by Kathleen Bowen on Reservations Number

I have called 4X and waited over 60 minutes each time to understand my options on round trip flights LAX to Rome.
It is unacceptable to not be able to contact anyone in customer service through any method.

by Aseem Agrawal on Reservations Number
Cancellation in case of Coronavirus

Hi Team

I have a flight from Athens to Delhi with Halt in Rome on 29th April 2020. I am travelling with my wife and i am type 1 diabetic. As there are raising numbers of coronavirus , i am planning to cancel this ticket. Could you please help if i can get refund. my PNR is YNVVDD.
Awaiting for your response. Please help

by Rohit on Reservations Number
want full amount if cancelling ticket Reason Corona virus

"I book a ticket from Milan (Bergamo) - Stockholm Skavst and reservation number is B6NG4T.
I request you to will you return full amount if I cancel the flight the reason is Corona Virus.
please suggest.

by Vladimir Chernomorsky on Reservations Number

Because of coronavirus, my travel agency canceled my wife's and my trip to Italy, and as a result we got not ability to complete additional self planned journey to Egypt. For that journey we in advance round tickets from Rome to Cairo with dates 03.10.20 and 03,17.20. As soon as I had found out about cancellation of our flight to Italy (02.28.20) I called to Alitaly and asked to cancel round trip to Egypt and refund because of situation of emergency . They refused to give me any refund, despite all airlines all around the world are doing this now.

by mary reinert on Reservations Number

I purchased tickets that I cannot use and I am getting charged 200 more to get a refund? Is this legitimate and if so then why does it say above $20 fee?

by mary reinert on Reservations Number
Canceled trip because of coronavirus

I think I canceled my flight from Rome to Sicily.
Am I able to get a refund.
I just called an held for over an hour and then got hung up on..
thank you for you help

by Samuel Ward on Reservations Number
Alitalia Ticket cancellation

I was scared because the canceling ticket is a troublesome job. I got all the money back thanks to Alitalia Ticket cancellation Policies which is simple and easily understandable.