ANA Airlines Cancellation Policy

ANA Airlines Cancellation Policy

Presently, a large number of people prefer traveling via flights as compared to other modes of transportation. The increasingly fast-paced and busy life inclines them to opt for this luxurious traveling option irrespective of the duration of the flight. Also, flights have relatively greater chances of being on time.

Airplanes are equipped with the latest built-in entertainment systems. The old saying that flying is the safest way to travel continues to be relevant even today. For international travelers, flying helps to open up a wide range of possibilities in order to visit unique places and faraway destinations. Therefore, there is not one but many reasons to prefer traveling via flights.

Therefore, airline companies are thriving to a greater extent because of the rapidly increasing demands of travelers. ANA airline is one of the most renowned and eminent companies that has been striving hard to serve the needs of its customers. The airline is known for its best-in-class and customer-friendly services. Let us know more about the cancellation and refund policy of ANA airlines.

ANA Airlines Cancellation Policy

According to the cancellation and refund policy of ANA airlines, the website of the airline cannot be used to make cancellation and refunds for the following types of reservations.

1) The reservations which are made through a travel agency

2) If the reservations are made through a Mexican website.

3) If the reservation involves multiple names, in case only part of the customer to the cancellation or refund.

4) Procured reservations via cash with non-AMC members.

5) A Reservation which comprises of an upgraded flight.

If in case you are not able to cancel or refund your reservation through the airline’s website, then you can contact ANA by telephone.

ANA 24-hour Cancellation Policy

The deadline for the refund depends on the fare rule. Grace period for cancellation or refund is until 24-hours before the departure of the coveted flight.

 A reservation made through ANA SKY WEB U.S. ANA ticketing counter or customer service center at airports in the US served by the airline can be canceled without any penalty within 24-hours of issuing of the tickets, excluding the reservations that have been made within a week of departure.

ANA Airlines Cancellation Fee

A particular fee will be charged for the refunds to tickets that were purchased.

  1. Cancellation charges don’t apply if the reservation is canceled until 55 days before the departure.
  2. Approximately 30 percent of the fair is charged if the reservation is canceled 54 to 45 days before the departure.
  3. Approximately 50 percent of the fair is charged if you cancel your reservation 27 to 14 days before the departure.
  4. If you cancel the reservation after the departure, then 100 percent of the fare amount will be charged.

ANA Award Ticket Cancelation Policy and ANA Award Ticket Cancellation Fee

Customers who wish to cancel the reservation for an award ticket and request a mileage refund can do so if all the sectors haven’t been used. After a specific amount is deducted as a refund charge, the miles will be repaid to the mileage account. 

Fee and Taxes for unused awards will be returned. Therefore, ANA Airlines offer world-class customer services through its cost-effective cancellation and refund policies which makes it a popular choice among people.