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Are you scratching your head because you just made Avianca reservations in a dicey condition and do not know the consequences of performing the cancellations? Well, stop worrying as we have got you covered. You will get to know everything related to the Avianca Cancellation Policy once you are done reading the below-mentioned information. 

Avianca Flight Cancellation Policy Guide

You do not have to worry about the Avianca flight cancellation procedure as well the rules and regulations attached to it, as the airline claims to provide maximum facility to its passengers when it comes to the Avianca cancellations. There are times when you do not have any other option other than to drop your plans that include travel, it might be because of an unpleasant situation or a cheerful moment but the cancellation can be a bit confusing and time-consuming. Trust us, it is just not like this when it comes to Avianca Cancellations. 

Different methods to cancel Avianca ticket

There are many clients that get entangled with the Avianca cancellations because of several reasons. Maybe the customer is not familiar with the process, there is a connection issue, the site is down or any such problem. You can go for any other method which is mentioned below in order to perform the Avianca  ticket cancellation:

  • The easiest way of working Avianca cancellations is by merely proceeding to the official website of Avianca Airlines. Once you are landed on the official website of Avianca  Airlines you require to cancel Avianca flight in by entering the Manage bookings tab at the homepage itself.
  • In case you are not positive about making the cancellation yourself and would like any assistant then you can reach a trust-worthy TVA (Travel Agent or Travel Agency). Please note that you can only choose this method if the booking of your ticket was also done with the help of a TVA. You need to contact the same travel agency that made your reservations in order to avoid any confusion or issue. 
  • If you are using your phone to make the cancellation you will have to go to the Appstore in case you are an apple product user otherwise you need to go to the Playstore in case you are an Android phone user in order to download and install the Avianca application to perform the cancellation in a jiffy. The brownie point is that you can make the cancellation of your ticket and also make a reservation on the app. 
  • We understand if you are new to such applications or technical procedures as you can also contact the customer service of Avianca to cancel the booking that you want to. 
  • One more easy way to perform the cancellation is by visiting the nearest airport to you and cancel the Avianca flight ticket on the kiosk easily.
  • Please note that the aforementioned list is not exhaustive.

The types of tickets eligible for Avianca flight cancellation

There are both refundable and nonrefundable tickets available on the official website of Avianca Airlines. The passengers are requested to choose wisely while making the reservation. In case your travel plan is a bit dicey then we suggest you pick a refundable ticket while making the reservation as you will get a refund from the airline without much hassle. In case you are sure you need to travel then you may also pick the non-refundable ticket to travel while booking the ticket. But there are times when we get in some unavoidable situation where there is no choice left other than canceling the flight ticket. In such a situation you will get a refund for the non-refundable ticket as well because the airline offers maximum flexibility to its passengers.  A cancellation fee might be applicable in most cases but if the cancellation is done within the stipulated time frame then no cancellation fee has to be paid. As mentioned above, no passenger has to pay any Avianca cancellation fee if the reservation is canceled within 24 hours of the purchase. The airline also gives the facility of cancellation to all the passengers prior to 72 hours from the take-off of the flight. One more thing that the passengers need to keep in mind is that there must be a week left (seven days) for the flight to take off otherwise the 24-hour rule will not be applicable. A cancellation will be applicable if there is less than a week left for the flight to take off even if the cancellation is made within the initial 24 hours.  

How to perform Avianca Cancellations?

  • Any passenger can merely begin the Avianca cancellation process by having an internet connection.
  • Simply go to the web browser on your phone of the system on which you are performing the process. 
  • After clicking on the web browser you need to type Avianca  Airlines in the space provided in the search bar of the browser and hit the enter button. Now choose the official website of Avianca from the list of pages opened in front of you. 
  • After you select the official website of Avianca airline you will be able to land on the homepage of the website straight away.
  • It is good if you already have an Avianca account already as it will help you cancel Avianca tickets without any hassle. Simply log in to your account to begin the process. In case you do not have the account with the airline then execute the steps mentioned below
  • Search the option of “My Purchases” or “Manage reservations” and once you spot it, select it to open
  • Once the aforementioned tab opens up you will be able to see the past and present booking that you have made with the Avianca airlines so far. From this list, you need to choose the one that you wish to cancel 
  • You will notice that a window will interrupt with a message displaying “Are you sure you want to cancel the selected booking?” and there will be two options underneath the question. Consisting of two options  “Yes” or “No”.
  • Once you hit the option of “YES” you will have to cancel the Avianca reservations officially but also keep in mind that once the reservation is canceled the action cannot be undone. So make a selection carefully. 
  • If you are making the selection on the option of “No” then the entire process will vanish and no cancellation will be done. You will have to begin the process again in case you wish to cancel again. 
  • Once your cancellation request has been fulfilled you will get an SMS or an email from Avianca  Airlines. This will be the confirmation message that will be sent from the airline. 
  • After this, an amount (not in case there is no refund to be credited) will flash on the desktop which will be your refund amount that can be credited into the account once you fill-up the refund form
  • If there is an amount difference then it is an indication that the Avianca cancellation fee has been deducted from your refund value.
  • The refund amount will be initiated in the same bank account by which the reservation was made in a period of five to seven business days. 
  • The refund value will only be credited after the deduction of the cancellation fee (if it applies in your case)

If you need some information on the Avianca Cancellation Policy then you must visit the official website or get in touch with the Avianca executive on the Avianca Cancellation number. 

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  • Jessie Bunn says:

    I would like to cancel my reservation to El Salvador due to the number of COVID infections increased recently.
    The El Salvador government has pass a law for 3 months restrictions due to this pandemic and the numbers a positive numbers goin up.
    At this time there`s no indication that these numbers are coming down.

    For the safety of my family, I have decide to cancel my trip. My reservation with your company was schedule directly from you
    my booking number assigned by you is 39VQ92 , I`m requesting a fully reimburse of my reservation

    Departing from San Francisco Ca, November 24, 2021 ( 12: 00 pm ) Returning December 9, 2021 ( 7: 50 am )

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