China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Policy

You booked a ticket on China Eastern Airlines, But need to cancel it now? For saving some amount in a cancellation fee, a smart buyer always studies the China Eastern Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy thoroughly. When passengers cancel tickets they have a lot of questions regarding the policies of the airline. So, go through the below-mentioned guide and complete the cancellation process conveniently.

China Eastern Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

As per the China Eastern Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy, the passengers do not require to pay any cancellation charges, when they cancel the tickets within the allotted time frame. After the completion of the 24 hours window, the airline will charge a certain amount as cancellation fees.

All the passengers have 24 hours to rectify the mistakes and save their cancellation fees.

According to the China Eastern Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy, the airline will charge a cancellation fee according to the number of passengers. The cancellation fee is calculated on the number of passengers instead of the ticket number. Passengers are required to pay 100% of the ticket fare charged as the cancellation fee if the departure date and booking date is the same.

If the passenger is canceling the scheduled ticket for state emergencies, bad weather, health issue of passenger then the airline will waive off the cancellation fee and the passenger is eligible for the full refund. The refund will be processed after the deduction. Cancel the Flight of China Eastern Airlines before 24-hour lapses and save your money from the cancellation charges.

China Eastern Airlines 24 hour Cancellation Policy

China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Policy 24 Hours allows the passenger to save the full amount of the flight fare from cancellation fees. No cancellation fee is charged to them by the airline.

China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Policy 24 Hours will not be applied to those tickets which are purchased within seven days from the departure date. The airline will charge some value as the cancellation fee.

Both refundable and non-refundable ticket holders are qualified for the full refund under this policy. The only condition associated with this policy is that the departure date must be at least one week away from the reservation date.

When a passenger cancels flight after the 24 hours window, they are not eligible for the full refund, the passenger needs to pay some amount as the cancellation fee for securing a refund. The passenger requires you to apply for the cancellation request at least 24 hours before the departure time. After that the whole amount is treated as No show fees, no refund is granted to them.

China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Policy 24 Hours permits passengers to cancel or modify the listed trip for free of cost. This policy offers flexibility to each passenger for rectifying the mistakes done while booking.

China Eastern Cancelled Flights Rules

  1. The China Eastern Cancelled Flights rules depend on the reason for cancellation.
  2. When the flight is canceled for Natural Calamities, no refund is initiated.
  3. The China Eastern Cancelled Flights due to corporate reasons, the full refund is initiated.
  4. In some cases, the airline will offer eVouchers. The value vouchers will be the same as the ticket fare.
  5. Generally, the airline offers compensation but only if the airline cancels the flight for controllable reasons.
  6. When the airline is offering seats from the same departure point to the same destination, then no refund is initiated. 
  7. The refunded amount will be transferred to the passenger account within 3 weeks.

The passengers with the non-refundable ticket will only receive the tax portion as the refund as per the China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Policy.

China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Fee

The passenger requires to pay the cancellation fee after the lapse of 24 hours Window. The China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Fee depends on the tier of service employed by the passenger. The class of tickets plays a vital role in calculating the value of the cancellation fee.

  • Passengers traveling in First Class or Business Class requires to pay 5% on total ticket fare as the China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Fee, if they cancel the tickets inside six hours or after the departure period.
  • No cancellation fee is charged to First Class or Business Class passengers when they cancel the trip at least six hours before departure.
  • The China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Fee structure is the same for passengers traveling in Economy Class or Y Class.
  • The passengers who booked ticket by grabbing 10% to 40% discounts on Economy ticket, they require to pay 20% of total fare as a cancellation, if the ticket is canceled 6 hours before departure time and when the ticket is canceled after the departure time then the airline will charge 30% of fare charged as cancellation fees.
  • The ticket must be canceled 24 hours before the departure of the flight. All the passengers who booked the Economy ticket with 45% to 60% discounts will need to pay 40% of ticket fare as cancellation charges. The airline will charge 50% of ticket fare as the China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Fee, when the passenger is canceling tickets after the departure.
  • Passenger with more than 60% discounts is not permitted to cancel the tickets. Even if they cancel the tickets, they will not receive any amount as a refund.

FAQs related to the China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel the flight of China Eastern Airlines?

The passenger has multiple ways to cancel the flight of China  Eastern Airlines. All the ways are simple but many passengers prefer online methods to cancel their trip. The online method helps passengers to save money and effort. When passengers choose online portals for canceling tickets, they are saving themselves from unnecessary workload. China Eastern Airlines offers cancellation at the airport counter and at the ticketing office. The passenger also can cancel tickets by calling the customer service team.

What are the steps required for obtaining a refund?

For a refund, the passenger requires to cancel the trip within the allotted time and they need to fill the refund request form which is available on both platforms online and offline. The passenger may take the help of the customer service agent for completing the cancellation process.

What happens if the flight is rescheduled by China Eastern Airlines?

When the airline is rescheduling the flight, the passenger will receive a full refund if they are not opting for the trip. The refund is allotted to the passenger account within 20 business days.

How to contact China Eastern Airlines Customer Service?

Sometimes, the passenger may have some queries. For solutions, the passenger needs to contact the China Eastern Airlines Customer Service team by calling on +1-877-311-7484. The helpdesk is open 24 x 7 and in multiple languages.

How to cancel the China Eastern Airlines flight ticket on the official Website?

The airline offers two ways for canceling tickets online:- Website and mobile app. For canceling tickets online the passenger must have stable Internet Connectivity.

Below are the steps which help passengers to initiate the cancellation process:-
1. Passenger need to open a web browser and search the official website of China Eastern Airlines
2. Complete the login process by filling the required field with the user ID and password
3. Click on the Manage My Trip option, the  My Trip tab is positioned on the right side of Book tab
4. Enter the booking code and Select the ticket whom passenger wish to cancel
5. Review the selection and mark the refund value 
6. Finish the cancellation process by selecting the proceed tab 
7. The refund will be transferred to the passenger account within seven days if they use the Credit card for the payment process.

How to use travel Vouchers?

The travel vouchers can be used for booking tickets, renting a car, and in many more ways. But the validity of travel vouchers is only one year from the date of issue. Passengers must redeem the points within the allotted period as they can not extend the validity of eVouchers.

Is Cancellation available at the airport counter?

Yes, the cancellation process available at the airport counter. You need to pay additional service fees for canceling tickets at the ticket window. For canceling tickets at the airport counter the passenger needs to invest more time compared to other processes.

How to cancel the China Eastern Airlines flight ticket offline?

The China Eastern Airlines allows passengers to cancel their ticket offline, but the offline process consumes more time compared to the online process. Passengers need to call the customer service team to cancel their scheduled tickets. The process is mild, passengers just require to offer last name and booking code. If required the passenger needs to pay the cancellation fee.

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