EasyJet Flight Cancellation Policy

It’s so much fun when your travelling date is just around the corner and you’ve packed all your bags. You may be all set to catch your EasyJet flight to your dreamland; but as the date approaches nearer, bad weather strikes too. Then the real question is, should you be travelling during bad weather? Your EasyJet flight tickets have already been booked. Is it possible to get them cancelled now? You’ll be absolutely relaxed to know that the EasyJet flight cancellation policy can assist you here. The EasyJet flight cancellations 24 hours allows you to cancel your ticket with ease. So, it will be helpful to learn how the EasyJet cancellation policy can benefit you when bad weather affects your travel plans.  Let’s read more about it. 

What is EasyJet Cancellation Policy?

The budget-friendly EasyJet Airline has made planning trips much easier with its EasyJet cancellation policy. Not only does this policy allow you to cancel your flight tickets but it also gives you the flexibility of making changes to your seat reservation. You’ll be glad to know that the EasyJet cancellation policy also entitles you to get a refund for cancellation, in case you are eligible for it. 

In the following sections, we have explained how you can cancel your EasyJet flight tickets, make changes to the reservation, what is the EasyJet cancellation fee and how you can get a refund.

How to Cancel EasyJet Flight Tickets?

Online Method

You can follow these steps to cancel your flight reservation online:

  • Visit the official website of Easyjet Airline.
  • Then go to the “Manage Bookings” section. Fill in your details to log in. 
  • Next, select the flight reservation you want to cancel.
  • Now, hit the “Cancel” button.
  • In case you are prompted to pay the EasyJet cancellation fee, then pay it using a suitable payment method.
  • Your ticket will have been cancelled now.

Offline Method

To cancel your flight reservation online, it will be helpful to contact the EasyJet Customer Service. You can dial +1-877-311-7484 to connect with the helpline. Their agents are helpful and will guide you through the offline cancellation procedure. 

Tip: It will be a great idea to keep your EasyJet ticket details ready with you. You will definitely need these to perform the cancellation procedure. 

How to make changes to your booking?

Under the EasyJet 24 hour cancellation policy, you can change your current booking to get a flight that suits your travel plan. So, when the weather obstructs your trip, you can also consider this option.

To change your EasyJet flight booking, follow the steps given here:

  • Visit the official website of EasyJet Airline and then log in to your booking account.
  • Go to the option of “Manage Booking”.
  • Here you will find the options to modify changes in seat, dates, as well as name change.
  • To change your booking, fill in the flight booking reference number and your surname. 
  • The next step is to select the flight you wish to make a change to.
  • Next, tap the change button. 
  • Make the changes to the booking and then pay the applicable charges, if any.
  • Once the process is complete, you will receive a message of confirmation along with the new details of the booking. 

As goes the name of this airline, EasyJet allows you to make changes to your flight without any problem. All you have to do is settle the difference in fares, in case there is any. By paying the name change fee, you can also change the passenger’s name to another.

What is EasyJet Cancellation Fee?

As per the norms of the EasyJet cancellation policy, you can cancel your flight tickets within 24 hours. You will be charged the EasyJet cancellation fee. This fee will be deducted from the flight ticket value and the remaining amount will be refunded to you. Under the EasyJet 24 hour cancellation policy, £30 is usually charged when the cancellation is made online. For cancellations mode offline through their call centre, the usual charge is £35.

What is EasyJet Cancellation Fee Refund?

You are entitled to a refund when you cancel your EasyJet flight tickets within 24 hours of booking. You will be charged a cancellation fee for each ticket you cancel. When the cancellations are made after 24 hours, you may not be provided with any EasyJet cancellation fee refund.

In case the flight cancellation has been made due to bereavement reasons, we will suggest you to get in touch with the Customer Services Team of EasyJet Airline. Simply dial +1-877-311-7484. They will understand your situation and may even provide flight vouchers worth the value of your flight tickets. These vouchers can be utilized within six months. 

EasyJet Flight Delays and Compensation

EasyJet cancellation policy covers passenger rights when your flight gets cancelled or delayed by the airline. In case of operational issues, political issues and strikes, adverse conditions of weather, health and safety reasons, etc., there may be changes in flight schedules. You may be given the flexibility to take another EasyJet flight to the same destination. Alternatively, you may also get a refund. Depending on the kind of circumstance, you may even be provided with overnight accommodation and compensation as a part of the EasyJet 24 hour cancellation policy.

Apart from this, there are certain other conditions as well under which your booking may be cancelled. In case you fail to produce your identity and necessary travel documents to board the flight or there are medical conditions, special assistance and safety issues or even when your behaviour is not in accordance with the law, you may be denied boarding. Also, if your age is below sixteen and you wish to travel alone, your Easyjet booking may be cancelled. In these cases, you may not be given any EasyJet cancellation fee refund or compensation.


In this guide, we discussed with you everything about the EasyJet cancellation policy and how it can help you in planning your trips better. By following simple procedures, you can cancel your flight, claim the EasyJet cancellation fee refund, change the flight and still use your ticket effortlessly.
We hope you liked reading this guide. We wish you clear days ahead and memorable trips with EasyJet 24 hour cancellation policy!

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Whenever I book my tickets, I always read the cancellation and refund policy. This habit helped me save a significant amount as well as time on the EasyJet cancellation fee. Anyone who wants to know what is EasyJet cancellation fee, how to cancel EasyJet flight, or how to save on flight cancellation should read the policies while or before booking their tickets.

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I didn’t have to face any challenges while performing the EasyJet flight cancellation process. Easy, quick, and step-by-step guide that leaves no stone unturned to help you do avail whatever benefits you qualify for.


I can not change the date because I have a visa only until 03.10.2020 for this reason I have to cancel this ticket No. K1V4VNV DT. 22.09.2020.

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