Egyptair Ticket Cancellation policy

Did you book the ticket with Egyptair? Now due to some changes in the existing plan you wish to cancel it? If yes, then you must know the  Egyptair Flight Cancellation Policy. It will help you to go through the cancellation process comfortably and save money. 

Egyptair is one of the renowned airlines in Egypt. They offer one of the best passenger-friendly cancellation policies. The airline offers a stipulated time frame in which passengers can cancel the ticket and gain more portion on the total ticket fare as a refund. 

Egyptair Flight Cancellation Policy

  • According to the Egyptair Flight Cancellation Policy, you will be eligible for a refund when you purchase a refundable ticket. 
  • When you cancel the scheduled journey within 24 hours then you will gain a full refund from the airline.
  • When the 24 hours risk period lapses, you are required to pay the cancellation fee for securing a refund.
  • According to the Egyptair Flight Cancellation Policy, the cancellation fees are decided after reviewing the destination city, fare type, reason for cancellation, and the number of tickets canceled. 
  • No refund is allotted to passengers if the tickets come under the category of unauthorized tickets.

The Egyptair will grant monetary benefits along with non-monetary benefits to the passenger when the flight canceled for the following reasons:

  • Bereavement of passenger or family member.
  • Illness.
  • Natural calamities.
  • Judiciary laws.
  • Government or military orders.
  • In Egyptair Flight Cancellation Policy, it is mentioned that when a ticket is canceled on the departure date then you will not secure a refund. All the amounts will be forfeited as cancellation fees.
  • When you do not succeed to catch a flight within the specified time then your whole ticket fare is treated as No-Show fees.

Egyptair Ticket Cancellation policy for non-refundable tickets

  1. After the stipulated time frame, the airline will charge full ticket fare as a cancellation fee for non-refundable tickets.
  2. Under the Egyptair Ticket Cancellation policy, you are not required to pay a cancellation fee if you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking.
  3. If the cancellation date is within 3 days of departure, then you need to pay full ticket fare as the cancellation.
  4. In the Egyptair Ticket Cancellation policy, it is mentioned that if the ticket is canceled by the airline then you will gain a full refund. The nature of the ticket does have a role in deciding the value of the refund.

Note- The non-refundable tickets are cheaper but do not offer after the risk-free period. For gaining a refund always go with refundable tickets.

Egyptair 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

  1. As per the policy, the passenger will be required to pay cancellation if the ticket is canceled after the risk-free period.
  2. Egyptair will offer a full refund when the passenger is canceling a ticket within the same day of booking. For the full refund, the passenger ticket date must be one week before departure.
  3. According to the Egyptair 24 Hour Cancellation policy, passengers can rectify the mistakes and gain a full refund. But they need to cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking.
  4. When the passengers fail to satisfy the conditions then he or she is required to pay the Egyptair Cancellation Fee.
  5. In case the passenger booked the ticket from the third party travel agent they will be unable to secure a refund as per the Egyptair 24 Hour Cancellation policy.
  6. Under this policy, no additional fees charged to passengers if he or she succeeds to re-book the unsure journey within the stipulated time frame.

Note: The Egyptair 24 Hour Cancellation helps passengers to gain a full refund without encountering any hidden terms and conditions. Passengers are able to secure a full refund against their unsure journey.

Egyptair Cancellation Fee

  1. The airline will not charge cancellation fees to those passengers who canceled the journey for the death of an immediate family member, law enforcement by the government, military order or expiry of legal travel documents. 
  2. In some circumstances, the airline may waive off Egyptair Cancellation Fee if the ticket is canceled by the airline for corporate reasons.
  3. After the 24 hours of booking you need to pay a cancellation fee to Egyptair for securing a refund.
  4. The airline will charge 100 USD as Egyptair Cancellation Fee for passengers booked an International route ticket. For the local passenger, the airline will charge 40 USD as the Egyptair Cancellation Fee.

What is the Egyptair Cancellation Fee for No-show state?

The Egyptair Cancellation Fee is divided into three sections for the No-Show state:

  1. 75% of total ticket fare is charged if the passenger fails to complete the boarding process within advance check-in timing.
  2. 175% of total ticket fare is charged if the ticket cancels outside the advance allotted timing.
  3. All the ticket fare is charged as Egyptair Cancellation Fee if the passenger decides to cancel the ticket after the departure of flight or the passenger fails to board.

What are the various Egyptair Booking Cancellation methods?

1- The Egyptair Booking Cancellation can be performed through various methods such as: 

  • Official Web page.
  • Official Mobile App.
  • Cancellation toll-free number.
  • Airport counter.
  • Egyptair Ticketing office.

2- The most comfortable method to cancel a ticket of Egyptair is the official online cancellation method. As the online cancellation method helps passengers to secure administration and service fees.

How to cancel an Egyptair ticket online?

To cancel flight Egyptair online, passengers need to follow the below instructions:

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Visit the official website by clicking on the link            
  3. Click on the login and use the user ID with a password.
  4. Select the country and preferred language. Egyptair Booking Cancellation
  5. Click on the My trip section.
  6. Use the reservation code with the passenger’s family name.
  7. Fill the refund form by entering the Flight date, Flight number, E-ticket number, Departure City, and Destination City with Selecting the cancellation reason.
  8. For contact details, you need to fill the passenger detail box with the Name of the passenger, E-mail address and contact number. All the passenger or purchaser details must be filled as per the passport documents.
  9. Pay the Egyptair Cancel Flight Fee and submit the refund request application.
  10. The airline will send you a confirmation mail on your registered mobile number and Email ID when you complete the cancellation process.

How To Cancel Flight Egyptair offline?

You need to implement some basic step mentioned below to cancel your Egyptair flight ticket:-

  1. Call on the Egyptair toll-free number +1-877-311-7484.
  2. Select the country name and choose the language as per your preference.
  3. Within 5 minutes an agent will be assigned to you. 
  4. For identity confirmation, you need to present your user name, ticket number, arrival city in front of the official travel agent.
  5. Confirm the ticket number whom you wish to cancel.
  6. The agent will ask about the cancellation reason, confirm the reason and ask him to cancel the ticket on your behalf.
  7. If needed pay the Egyptair Cancellation Fee, for the payment you can use a debit card, credit card or other e-wallets(PayPal).
  8. In the end, the Egyptair will send a confirmation mail in the registered credentials (email ID and in mobile number).

FAQs related to Egyptair Flight Cancellation Policy

Do the Egyptair Cancel Flight?

Generally, Egyptair Cancel Flight only when the safety of passengers is compromised. The airline offers compensation and notifications to each passenger in advance if the flight is canceled by Egyptair.

In how many days the Egyptair will process the refund?

As per the Egyptair Flight Cancellation Policy, the airline will process the refund amount within 20 to business days. But the days may increase if your respective bank policies differ. For the credit card user, the airline offers a refund within 7 days.

Can I cancel my flight within 24 hours of booking?

Yes, you can cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking and for that, the airline will not impose any cancellation fee against you

What if I cancel my Egyptair ticket on the day of departure?

The full ticket fare will be forfeited as the Egyptair Cancellation Fee if you cancel the Egyptair ticket on the day of departure. For the aforementioned condition, no refund is issued by the airline.

What if I canceled my flight due to the bereavement of my uncle?

For a refund, you need to submit the death certificate of your uncle and inform the Egyptair in advance about the cancellation cause. The airline offers you a refund after endorsement.

How to gain a refund against my non-refundable ticket?

1- You need to cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking.
2- Always choose an online cancellation process to save service or administrative fees.
3- After the 24 hours of booking you will only get government surcharges or tax portion as a refund.

What to do when Egyptair cancels the flight?

According to the Egyptair Flight Cancellation Policy, you need to follow below instructions to secure refund:-

1- Ask the airline to offer an official mail with the cancellation reason.
2- Submit the claim form with a print of official mail.
3- Write down the request number for future purposes.

What are the benefits offered when Egyptair cancels flight?

According to the Egyptair Flight Cancellation Policy, the airline will offer free food, free drink, free accommodation, free transportation, a full refund, travel voucher, free calls, and fax.

When the compensation is offered by the Egyptair?

1- Flight canceled without informing passengers in advance.
2- Flight fails to complete the trip within a fixed time.
3- Flight arrived three hours late at the destination point.
4- When the Egyptair cancels your ticket due to overbooking.

What is the compensation offered by Egyptair?

1. 250 EURO for the flight covering a distance of up to 1,500 k.m.
2. 400 EURO for the flight covering a distance of up to 3,500 k.m.
3. 600 EURO for the flight covering a distance of more than 3,500 k.m.
Note:- The flight must be traveling to or from any European airport.

How to claim a refund for the unused portion?

Egyptair offers a refund for the unused ticket. You need to contact the customer service team of Egyptair. The agent will assist you to grab a refund for the unused portion of the ticket. You may need to pay the service fee additionally for that.

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 by Daniel Silva
cancel tickets

We decided to book a flight with Egyptian Airlines. However, things got a bit unpredictable and 2 of my friends had to cancel the booking. I was really scared at first, thinking we all would have to give up on the entire flight fare. But thankfully, we just had to cancel those tickets and the airline proceeded with the refund right away. The money was only deducted for the tickets that were cancelled and not for the entire ticket.

 by Abdelmoneim
Refund my ticket

I booked aticket for my wife and daughter to fly from Moscow to Egypt with Egyptair (Adult, Eslam Ahmed , E-ticket number 077-2436702519)-(Child, Roaa Elkhouly, E-ticket number 077-2436702520), reservation number : MRSC5A and were forced to cancel their flight on 29 April because my wife got pregnant and the doctor prevented her from traveling for fear of the fetus. I sent refund request through ONLINEREFUND- EGYPTAIR.COM. they sent me confirmation email and told me that request will take up to 21 working days. Till now No refund in over 5 months! This is completely illegal and a gross breach of CAA regulation. THIS IS TOALLY UNACCEPTABLE.
My Name : Abdelmoneim Elkhouly
My telephone number: +79858444271

 by Salah Alnatsheh
OMG thats the most ugly thing happened to me at all t

I wanted to cancel my flight ticket with Egyptair but the agent hanged the phone on me while i'm talking to him
and he was very rude OMG i never saw something like that.

 by Raymond I. Hill
Got the refund on time

I wanted to cancel the Egyptair flight lately but was Lil afraid of losing money in the process. But to my rescue came a friend who helped me understand how to cancel Egyptair ticket effectively to not get bogged down by its clauses. Got the refund on time too.

 by James K. Bailey
It was easy to understand, quick, and to the point.

Egyptair refund policy is quite helpful even for a person like me who just can't absorb technical language. It was easy to understand, quick, and to the point. I had thought initially that the entire Egyptair flight cancellation process will be a hell of lot of a task but it wasn't.

 by Roy Chavez
It's kinda easy and quite helpful

If you too are puzzled by the question "how to cancel Egyptair ticket?" then just don't let yourself be. It's kinda easy and quite helpful even if you are doing it for the first time. Explained in layman's terms, it just adds to things that make you fall in love with Egyptair.

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