Etihad Flight Ticket Cancellation Policy

Etihad Flight Ticket Cancellation Policy

Etihad airlines understand the various circumstances where an individual might have to cancel or change their travel plans. Hence, a regulated set of rules and policies have been laid down for the convenience of the passengers. This includes cancellation policies, refunds, and penalties.

It is advisable for customers to thoroughly read through the terms and conditions of the ticket before the final payment has been done. Individuals could also ring up the customer care services that have been provided by the air network in case of any issues or doubts. Given below are a few of the most important terms and conditions that have been imposed by the Etihad airlines.

  • The contract between Etihad and the customer is established on the agreement of the terms and conditions that have been put down by the airline authorities. The best way to go about with cancellations or any kind of changes that are to be made to the ticket is to use the ‘Manage My Booking’ feature on the official Etihad site. This allows customers to directly get in touch with the airline personnel who are responsible for the changes that are to be made to the reservation.

  • Etihad cancellation policy clearly defines the need for the ticket to be under the refundable category in order to process the cancellation and the refund money. The refunds that have been requested follow the fare terms and conditions that have been mentioned on the purchased ticket. The cost of a ticket is usually highly dependent on the various rules and policies of the ticket.

  • Etihad airways ticket cancellation procedure is designed to be very simple and convenient for the customers. In case of any change or cancellation within 96 hours of the flight being set to take off, an additional 10% of the ticket cost would be deducted as cancellation fee. The airways don’t charge for the cancellation of tickets in case of a situation such as the death of a family member, although the required documentation needs to be provided for verification.

  • The fare that is applied to multiple tickets could be quite restrictive in nature. Customers who face any sort of issue with the transaction of the refund money could immediately contact the airlines’ authority to solve the issue at hand at the earliest possible time. A time period of 14 to 30 days is taken for the refund amount to be reflected in the bank statement and the bank account.

  • The Etihad flight cancellation fee would vary in accordance with the region of travel and the terms and conditions that have been defined on the purchase of the particular ticket. Prior to approaching the higher authorities with any kind of grievances, it is important for the customers to have detailed knowledge about the rules and regulations that are followed by the air network. On satisfying these conditions, the management would be more than willing to go through with the refunds, cancelations, and changes to the ticket.

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 11 reviews
by Babu Kunchandi on Reservations Number
Cancellation Policy

I got terminated from the Company. In this case can I get full charges of the ticket reimbursed.

by Betty Montano on Reservations Number
HRLNLG / Husain

EY locator:VJKNKQ / Pax purchased business tkt 6077463285320 for 2875.25 on his business AX card. He made a change tkt 6077475185817 and charged the 56.70 to his personal MC. Refundable tkt. He had to cancel his trip. We as an agency can only refund all the monies to the credit card on the last tkt. He will have a problem with the full refund going to his personal CA. Is it possible to EY to refund the ticket and split the refund to the credit cards that were charged each amount?

by Ghulam Shabbir on Reservations Number
Ticket refund

Booking Reference : AJARKT


EY 244 Lahore to Abu dhabi

11 FEB 2020

My family bording pass was issued and immigration stamped, later on offloaded, due to objection of 6 month entry policy in UAE .Let me informed about Ticket refund ,Policy and money. thanks

by Raja Vanitha on Reservations Number
Plz Cancel My Flight

Kindly cancel My flight from Chennai to abudhabi due to personnel reson

Booking number CP****P

by Anna Kirstine Ernst Gregersen on Reservations Number
How to apply for refund of ticket

I am trying to figure out how to apply for refund of ticket, since I was delayed 16 hours.

My pnr was: IN***H

fly number from colombo the 9th of january: E***67 to Abu dhabi.

I was delayed 2,5 hour, so my flight in Abu Dhabi was departed already.

Therefor we got a new flight, 13 hours after arrival to Abu Dhabi.

I was staying at a hotel, until the new flight.

But, I was still 16 hours delayed, and I would like to apply for refund of the ticket.

As a result of the delay I could not make it to a job interview, with is very very unfortunate.

Anna Kirstine Ernst Gregersen

by somsak choosuwan on Reservations Number

Because coronary disease is now spreading across Asia while traveling to Thailand Afraid to have such a disease And when flying back to Switzerland it is not allowed to enter Switzerland Therefore postponing the flight When the disease has stopped spreading Will inform the flight Date and time

by Mohammad A. Mirza on Reservations Number
Refund of unused coupon

My agent says that there can be no refund for this


E-TICKET: 6073374340416c2


by Keith Bailey on Reservations Number
To cancel a flight on behalf of my father


Sorry for the inconvenience but I am trying to cancel a flight on behalf of my father.

The flight was scheduled for departure from Brisbane (BNE) this Saturday 25th January 2020 at 10:15pm to Abu Dhabi (AUH), Flight 485.

He is unfortunately unable to make this trip due to an unforeseen medical emergency in our immediate family and I was hoping there might be some way to cancel the flight without losing the entire fare.

Thank you in advance for your time and sorry again.

by Shivaranjani Venkataramani on Reservations Number
cancellation / rescheduling of return leg due loss of passport

My booking reference is is UGCZHN. I have to reschedule my return journey due to loss of my passport. I find that my travel agent GOIBIBO is charging me excessively for rescheduling / cancelling my ticket

by Ella Aiden on Reservations Number
Etihad Air Cancellation

I booked my tickets with etihad airlines but wanted to cancel because of some emergency situation. I searched online for the cancellation with the etihad airlines but, did not find any helpful process. I managed to get the etihad reservation department number online and gave a ring on it, the representative of etihad airlines picked my call after the second ring. I told my situation and demand for ticket cancellation, the representative was really helpful and I was lucky to get my ticket cancelled within the 24-hour window without any fee or penalty.

by Joshua Collins on Reservations Number
Etihad airline

I just had to pay 10% cancellation fees. Thank you Etihad airline for making the cancelation process easy with Economical.