Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy

According to the Frontier Airlines cancellation policy, when the passengers miss the flight or fail to cancel the scheduled tickets before the departure date, the entire amount will be charged as No Show fee. Passengers can request a refund by filling out the Online Refund Request Form.

Frontier cancellation policy states that if your flight is canceled by the airline then make sure to fill-up the form online or offline for refund. For saving service fees, cancel tickets online.

No cancellation fee will be charged from passengers if they are canceling tickets within 24 hours of booking as per the Frontier cancellation policy. After 24 hours of booking, the airline will charge a cancellation fee as per the cancellation time frame. The passengers need to pay $79 to $129 according to the cancellation time frame.

When passengers cancel tickets two months before departure, the airline will not charge any cancellation fee. The policy is slightly different for award tickets. After the risk-free period, passengers are not eligible for any refund.

Frontier Cancellation Fee

The airline will not impose any Frontier Cancellation Fee, if the scheduled ticket is canceled within 24 hours of booking. For canceling tickets you can use numerous platforms like Official Website, customer service or mobile app as per convenience.

When you cancel tickets, within 90 days before the departure of a particular flight then you need to pay $0 as the Frontier Cancellation Fee. For canceling tickets between four weeks to two weeks before departure, passengers need to pay $79. If the booking is made within seven days of the travel date, then for canceling tickets  $119 will be imposed as the Frontier Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee.

When passengers purchase The Works Bundle with the standard ticket, they are eligible for a full refund, no Frontier Airlines Cancellation Fee will be charged from them. For purchasing The Works Bundle, you need to pay $49 to $69 for direct flights and $57 to $83 for connecting flights, for safeguarding your refund always purchase The Works Bundle while booking standard tickets.

Frontier Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

According to Frontier Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, when a passenger cancels tickets within seven days or 168 hours before the departure of flights, they will receive a full refund.

The airline will not charge any cancellation fee when the passenger is canceling tickets within the same day of booking and the departure date is one week away from the booking date as per Frontier Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.

For a full refund, the passenger needs to fill-up the online Refund Form or contact the Frontier Airlines cancellation number on +1-877-311-7484. Passengers can make any changes in the flight  itinerary  in an efficient way. All the ticket types are eligible for a full refund, when the passenger cancels the scheduled tickets within the same day of booking as per the Frontier 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.

Frontier Airlines Ticket, Name & Itinerary Change

If the passenger is performing some necessary changes in tickets within 60 days before the departure of a specific flight, then the passenger needs to pay $0 as the change fee. $79 is charged as the change fee if you desire some rectification in tickets like- Name and Itinerary, after exceeding 60 days of booking. If you executed changes within 24 hours of booking, Frontier airlines will not charge any change fee. While booking mistakenly wrote the incorrect name or type wrong destinations, it can easily be modified by logging to official websites So, always keep in mind that after booking tickets always review it thrice before proceeding to the payment process.

Frontier Airlines Cancellation FAQs

Is Itinerary Changes available after 24 hours of purchase ticket?

The Frontier Airlines permits itinerary changes after booking tickets. You can change till 24 hours before departure of the flight by paying itinerary changing fees. If you made changes in the flight tickets between four weeks to two weeks prior to departure you need to pay $79 and if the changes have been made between 13 days to departure day, then  the passenger requires paying $119 as itinerary change fee. So always double-check before proceeding to the payment of tickets.

 What to do when I fail to board the flight?

The passenger requires to keep in mind that, if they failed to board on the flight they can request a seat on the next flight, and if possible the airline will provide a seat on the next available flights to their destination without charging an additional fee for it. But if the airline does not offer you a seat, you are not eligible for any refund, the whole amount will be forfeited by the airline.

Can I cancel the first flight of the round trip?

No, when you cancel the first flight of the round trip the other flight is automatically canceled by the airline. Canceling one leg ticket is not possible in the Frontier Airlines.

How to Cancel Frontier Flight?

Canceling a ticket is similar to the booking process. Follow the below steps to find  an answer to “how to Cancel Frontier Flight” question:-

Visit the Official website of Frontier Airlines.
Click on the Home Page.
At the top of the website  is the Travel tab. Click it. 
Click on My Trips under the option Travel.
Click on Manage Booking.
Under the Manage Booking.
Review your booking.
Under the option My Trip.
Click on My Trip.
Select Cancel ticket options.

Frontier Airlines allows passengers to cancel tickets from several options like an online mode, offline mode, counter at the terminal, Ticketing office, Mobile app. Preserve your time and utilize it in the most positive way with family. When you cancel tickets at the airport counter, you need to pay service fees extra excluding the cancellation fees.

Will the airline inform me in advance if my flight is delayed or canceled?

Frontier Airlines will inform the passengers in advance if they are planning to delay or cancel the scheduled flight. The airline will send you mail to inform you about the delay or cancellation of the flight. When your scheduled flight is delayed for more than five hours, you are eligible for a full refund with free accommodation and meals.

When can I expect my refund value?

The refund will be calculated by deducting Frontier Airlines Cancellation Fee. The refund amount will be transferred within 20  business days but for some instances, the airline may take more days for processing your refund. When passengers use the credit card to pay the ticket fare, they will receive the refund amount within one week.

What amount will I receive when I cancel my flight after the risk-free period?

Frontier Airlines will not charge any amount if you are canceling tickets 60 days before departure.
Elite members will receive a full refund.
When passengers cancel tickets 60+ days before departure, they will get the refund amount after deducting $79 from the total ticket fare.
$119 is charged as the Frontier Airlines Cancellation Fee, when you are canceling tickets that are booked within seven days of departure.

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Valued Frontier Customer,
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