Iberia Airlines 24 hour Cancellation Policy

Traveling through airlines has become one of the basic needs of every human as it is the most convenient and fastest way of transportation in the present day and age. Iberia Airlines has been looking to offer these services to its customers for more than 90 years now. Being in the airline industry for so many years has made Iberia Airlines one of the leaders in its respective business niche.

In order to satisfy the needs and demands of the customers, the airline offers Iberia 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. People often need to cancel and reschedule their plans due to certain unavoidable emergencies. This is why Iberia Airlines has come up with these strategies so that passengers can effectively cancel and reschedule their tickets at their convenience.

Iberia Cancellation Policy

If a passenger has made the purchase of a ticket from the official website of Iberia Express, then the concerned individual is allowed to make changes as per the schedule. With the help of Cancel Iberia Flight Within the 24-hour policy, you can now book the tickets and shift the days of your travel according to your convenience. Additional services related to hotel booking and baggage carried must also be updated as per the changes made in the travel program. However, if you wish to cancel your flight tickets entirely within 24 hours of your initial booking then no Iberia Cancellation Fee will be charged. However, the passenger might be charged the adjustment at fair prices during the time of cancellation.

It is also to be noted that no Iberia Airlines Cancellation Fee will be charged if the flight tickets were booked 7 days prior to the day of departure. The cancellation also has to be made within 24 hours from the day of the booking. These cases can only be applied for refundable Iberia flight tickets. If you have any doubts regarding the procedure of flight cancellation when you can dial the customer care number +1-877-311-7484 for immediate solutions.

The customer care department of Iberia is present on a 24/7 basis so that all the queries and issues faced by the passengers can be addressed effectively.

Iberia Airlines Cancellation Policy

Procedure of Cancellation

The procedure of ticket cancellation is very straight forward. Cancellation of the ticket can be initiated by visiting the official website of Iberia Airlines. All you need to do is log in [if you have an account] or simply just search for your flight reservation by filling in the details in the search box. Track down your booking details and either reschedule your flight or make the cancellation by availing the option.

You could also initiate the cancellation procedure by downloading the official mobile application of Iberia Airlines. You could also call the customer care service department to finalize your cancellation plans. Iberia Airlines is at the forefront of the airline industry as it continues to help its passengers to avail of the best deals at most affordable prices.

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 5 reviews
by Miloslava Konradova on Reservations Number

Dear Partners, I made two reservation for the same flight, for the same destination and for the same name GRUNDLOCH/JIRI MR by mistake - LQCLVI and LPKVGS. Only one was pay with succesful - with confirmation from your company. But you withdraw the money twice from my credit card. I request a refund for the money, because the second payment wasn´t justified. Thank you for your answer.

by Sarah on Reservations Number
Bad Experience - Fee

Bad experience with Iberia... despite trying to cancel 2 hours after booking I've been charged with a £30 fee for cancelling. Bad customer experience and incorrect info on the website.

by Diane on Reservations Number
Unable to Complete before 24 hours

I purchased a flight and within 24 hours of purchase realized I had a prior obligation. According to their policy there would be a service charge- ok by me. However when I reached a rep they charged my credit card the service fee but never completed the actual cancellation. Every time I called this service, no one had record of me calling, however they charged my card. I would use caution!!

by Austin Johnson on Reservations Number
Iberia Airlines 24 hour Cancellation

Anybody can face an emergency situation where he/she needs to cancel the flight booking with an airline. The same situation happened to me, I did not even had the knowledge that iberia airlines has any cancellation service or not. I called up on the customer service number of iberia airlines and nobody picked up but then i tried second time and a representative picked up the call this time, I was angry because of the late call pick so, I started shouting at the representative over the call. The representative apologized for the late phone answer and then addressed my query, he helped and explained me the procedure for getting my tickets cancelled online. I followed the process told by the representative and my tickets were cancelled online. In the end, I took a breath of peace and was happy with the services of iberia airlines.

by Bobby Turner on Reservations Number
Iberia Airlines cancellation

Iberia Airlines made a department who work 24/7 basis so that all the doubts and concerns encountered by the travelers regarding cancellation process can be addressed efficiently.