Justfly Flight Cancellation Policy

The Justfly flight cancellation policy offers a number of benefits to passengers travelling from one part of the world to another. However, even the slightest of difficulty in comprehending it can prevent you all from the savings that you can otherwise bless yourself with. 


This is why we bring to you this complete guide on the Justfly cancellation policy. It covers all you should know to make your trip smart and unforgettable. So here we go: 

Justfly Flight Cancellation Policy 

Before making any bookings with Justfly, passengers need to understand that Justfly creates a bridge between the travellers and the best air deals ever. The Justfly cancellation policy depends on the airline that a passenger has chosen. Different airlines tend to have different cancellation policies. Sometimes, even the same airline has different cancellation policies depending on the ticket. 

Justfly flight cancellation policy does not include reimbursement of non-refundable flights. Therefore, all the passengers are advised to look into the details and flight cancellation policy of that particular airline before booking their flights. However, Justfly thrives to offer cheaper airfares than any other place on the internet. They also try their best to display the booking terms and conditions on their website. The world-class services pamper its passengers with all the necessities, from minute to the major ones while the top-notch listing makes it easy for people to choose the most budget-friendly airline with Justfly. 

Justfly Cancellation Insurance 

Change in plans is unavoidable and no one gets it better than Justfly. From last-minute change to a well-planned change, the passengers can now enjoy free cancellation in any airline after taking the Justfly cancellation insurance. If you have booked a refundable flight then there is nothing to worry about. However, if you are cancelling or making any modifications to your ticket before the day of departure, you might not get any refund from Justfly as per the airline’s policies. 

If you are a Justfly insurance holder, you will get the best offers and assistance during an emergency. Justfly cancellation charges are to its minimal when a passenger has already taken the precaution of the insurance. When you cancel the ticket, you will be provided with a cancellation number and booking number. the passenger can get in touch with the customer support executive of Justfly and explain their reason for cancellation. After looking into the matter, the passenger would be given the leverage to use his/her ticket for the next flight of his/her desired date. Now cancel flight Justfly without any hassle and enjoy a reminiscing flight ahead with the exclusive extended cancellation policy Justfly. 

The passengers can book their next flight from the refund they received in the form of “Justfly Travel Credit”. The insurance can be bought for a price as low as 19.99 USD. Click here for Justfly Cheap Flights Tickets Booking

Justfly Cancellation Policy After 24 Hours 

Justfly’s cancellation policies vary from one airline to another, although all the airlines have the 24-hour cancellation policy which requires the passenger to cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking to receive a 100% refund. But some airlines listed on Justfly have a strictly no-refund policy, even if a passenger cancels their tickets within the free cancellation period, they would be charged with a certain amount that will be deducted while the refund is processed. 

If a passenger has taken Justfly cancellation insurance, they might be able to receive the refund but if they have not, they simply will have to bear the loss. Make sure to run through the policies of that specific airline before booking a ticket with them. Justfly only displays the best flights for the need of the passenger. However, compensation from the airline’s side does not fall in Justfly’s policy. If you wish to have in-depth information regarding the cancellation fee, you can connect with the customer service of the airline anytime you want (Visit their official website). 

Justfly Cancellation Charges 

As mentioned above, Justfly cancellation charges significantly depend on the cancellation charges of the airline that you are flying with. Justfly does not charge anything to cancel the ticket. Cancellation charges depend on many things such as the airline booked, the 24-hour cancellation policy, class in which the passenger is travelling. 

Usually, the cancellation charges differ with airlines and its respective classes but some airlines have a mandatory no-refund policy that is displayed on the screen during the time of booking. If you have secured your trip by buying travel insurance on your ticket, Justfly will send you the travel credits which can be used for the next desired flight. (The travel credits come with certain rules and regulations that the passenger needs to go through before taking the insurance policy. Even after opting for the policy, you might be charged with a small fee that is entirely from the airline’s side) 

How to cancel a flight on Justfly? 

Cancel a Flight Online with Justfly

One can simply cancel a flight ticket with Justfly online. Follow these simple steps to cancel your ticket without any hassle. 

  • Visit the official website of Justfly
  • You will find a section for cancellation on the main page, enter your booking number, phone number and email address
  • Click on the submit button to cancel your ticket
  • On that page, the passengers can click on “Check my cancel request status” to track your cancellation and for the refund, make sure to check the Justfly refund policy on your ticket
  • Now that the cancellation is completed, you would receive an email or SMS on your registered mail ID or contact number about the cancellation

Cancel Flight with Justfly Via Calling 

If you do not wish to cancel your flight online, you can even cancel your ticket simply by calling the number +1-877-311-7484. A professional team is hired especially to address various questions of the passenger, you can dial the provided number and explain the reason for cancellation to the executive assigned to you. The executives will then go through the Justfly flight cancellation policy and will inform you about the same before proceeding with cancellation. 

Justfly Flight Change Policy 

Justfly flight change policy is as simple as its cancellation policy. If a passenger wishes to change their flight, they will have to check the airline’s policies to do so. Whether you want to change the date, time or schedule of the flight, you can only proceed with it if your airline has given you the liberty as per your ticket, time of change window etc. 

Most of the airlines allow free flight change if you make the desired changes within a day, however, some other airlines do not entertain changes at all. We recommend you check it before making any bookings via the airline. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Justfly Flight Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel a Justfly Flight and get a refund?

Yes, you can cancel a Flybe flight and seek a refund but there are many things that have to be taken into consideration which are the type of ticket bought, the airline and the class. Some airlines give the leverage to cancel your ticket for free within 24-hours while some flights would charge you even if you cancel the ticket within the cancellation policy window.

If you are a holder of Justfly travel insurance, you can request for 100% refund without having to go through the tedious processes of going through the airline’s policies and acting accordingly.

How can I cancel my Justfly Flight?

A Justfly change booking or cancellation can only be done either online or by calling the customer service number +1-877-311-7484. Call on the service centre of Justfly and request them to cancel or change your ticket.

Can I change my flight with Justfly?

Changing your flight with Justfly would be very difficult as Justfly is a third-party helping you and the airlines come together. A passenger can change a ticket in Justfly but he/she must be prepared for all the hassle of contacting Justfly continuously. Change in the flight ticket is only possible if the airline allows the passengers to make any changes, if not, the passenger simply will have to cancel his/her flight.

What is Justfly extended cancellation policy?

If a person makes any cancellation after the free cancellation window, he would be charged for it. Well, not when they have insured it with Justfly extended cancellation policy. With this policy, a passenger has insured his/her flight by paying a small fee, even if a passenger wishes to cancel their ticket, they can do so without having to worry about the cancellation charges. (A small fee might be charged at the time)

How to claim my flight delay compensation from Justfly?

Claiming for a delay compensation is not going to be fruitful as Justfly would not be able to help the passenger in any way. If you still wish to apply for a refund compensation, you can do so after reaching your destination and contacting the customer support executive of that specific airline.

However, the refund or compensation shall only be generated if the flight hasn’t been delayed due to some extraordinary circumstances.

Are Justfly tickets refundable?

Justfly refund policy depends on the refund policy of the airline you are deciding to sly with. If the airline allows a 100% refund, Justfly would pass it to the passenger. A passenger can opt for the insurance policy of Justfly to secure their rides in times of emergency.

How to get a refund from Justfly?

Seeking a refund in Justfly is really easy, as soon as the passengers can cancel their tickets and apply for the refund at the same time but the refund would only be initiated if the airline has approved of it. The money will then reflect in your source account within 7-10 business days.

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