Latam Cancellation Policy

If you made Latam Airlines reservations in a dicey situation and now you are sure to cancel Latam flight then you must go to the official website of Latam Airlines. It is good to know the Latam Cancellation Policy to avoid the last-minute disappointments and surprises before taking the action. Once you know the rules and regulations mentioned in the Latam Cancellation Policy you will be able to know the procedure, the cancelation fee and much more. The good news is that the passengers can cancel their reservations without much hassle and the airline provides maximum flexibility to the passengers who wish to cancel the reservations with Latam Airlines. There is some stipulated time frame offered by the airline to cancel the reservations without having to pay a huge Latam Airlines Cancellation Fee.

Latam Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation

As mentioned above the airline offered a stipulated time frame to the passengers to cancel flight. According to the Latam cancellation policy, the passenger can drop off the bookings within the set standard time frame of 24 hours in order to avoid any kind of cancellation fee.

If you are unwell or have faced some kind of unavoidable situation then you are free to make the changes or even cancel the reservations within 24 hours and not even pay the Latam cancellation fee.  There are times when the passengers drop the idea of travel due to change of mood or situation, such passengers are free to perform cancellation within the initial 24 hours of the booking and avoid the Latam cancellation fee at the same time. It has been noticed that passengers make a mistake while making a reservation and then want to make the changes in the existing booking but for that they have to cancel the first booking and rebook accurately. The brownie point here is that Latam Airlines will not charge any cancellation fee if the passenger wishes to rebook properly if the airline is canceling the ticket within the first 24 hours. However, the passengers that will cancel Latam flight after a day (the first 24 hours) of the booking will need to pay the Latam cancellation fee. 

Latam Cancellation Fee

If the passenger is performing Latam cancellation beyond the fixed time frame offered by the airline then the cancellation fee has to be paid by the passenger. Most of the passengers believe that the cancellation fee is only based on the fare type purchased by the passenger which is a myth. But the Latam cancellation fee depends on multiple particulars like the number of tickets selected for cancellation, the destination of the flight, the duration between the cancellation and the departure of the flight, the time of the cancellation (peak season or off-season), and also the type of fare purchased by the passenger. Once the passengers cancel Latam flight, the fee will be applied for the action based on the abovementioned factors. The fee will be deducted from the refund amount and the remaining value will be refunded to the passenger in the same bank account.

Highlights of Latam cancellation policy

  • As per the Latam cancellation policy, not all the passengers are eligible for the Latam refund.  The policy says that the adult passengers of Latam Airlines are allowed for a refund on performing the Latam cancellation. 
  • If you are looking for a Latam Airlines refund for your young ones then you will have to get in touch with the Contact Center of Latam Airlines.   
  • The airline will not give a refund to the passengers that have used the ticket already. But the partially unused tickets are eligible for a refund as per the Latam cancellation policy.
  • As mentioned above, not all the passengers are eligible for a refund but the passengers that have made the reservations with the help of the sales office of Latam Airlines, on the official website of the airline or by getting in touch with the Contact Center of Latam Airlines will surely get a refund on the cancellations.
  • The passengers must get in touch with the same Travel Agent or Agency by which the reservation was made for getting a refund on making the cancellation. 
  • If the passenger has made the reservation with the help of TVA (Travel Agency or Agent) then they need to be sure that the cancellations can only be made by contacting the same TVA. The airline will not be able to help the passenger with the cancellation in this case.
  • There are times when the passenger asks for a refund of the ticket which is already expired. No refund will be initiated in such a case. In most cases, the airline will only be able to provide the tax and the applicable fee of cancellation to the passenger.
  • Once the cancellation has been made and the refund has been applied the refund value will be initiated in the same bank account of the passenger. The refund value will be credited only once the cancellation fee is reduced from the refund value (if there is any cancellation fee applicable).
  • The passenger has to be sure that the cancellation is being done before the departure of the flight even if the passenger has checked in. They can get a refund for the unused ticket.

Important guidelines as per Latam cancellation policy

According to the Latam cancellation policy, only the passengers that have bought the tickets from Brazil and Columbia will be given the facility to cancel Latam flight. The rules and laws of each country may vary and are subject to a cancellation fee that might be imposed by the government.

If you have purchased the ticket from Columbia or Brazil and due to some issue you wish to cancel your booking then you cannot do it unless you get in touch with the Contact Center of Latam Airlines.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a refund of the cancellation made then please note that there are different sets of rules and regulations applied to the cancellation made on the purchase made in Brazil and Columbia. Most of the refund will be initiated as per the type of ticket owned by the passenger. We suggest you go to the official website of the airline and look for the Manage booking section to know the rule applied to the ticket purchased by you on making the cancellation.

Latam Refund Policy

Once the passenger has made the cancellation of the ticket, s/he has the full right to claim for a refund but as per the Latam Refund Policy, the airline will only give the refund only after subtracting the cancellation fee for the cancellation. The airline will ask the passenger to provide the ticket which is asked by 14 CFR 374.3 and 12 CFR Part 226 if the reservation was made with the help of a credit card. The passengers will get the refund amount within approx. ten business days on claiming for the refund.

In case you choose cash or check method for payment then the airline will give you a refund on making the cancellation in your account over a period of 20 business days.

The airline suggests the passengers to choose the refundable tickets while making the reservation as both refundable and nonrefundable tickets are available on the website. The passengers that have the non-refundable ticket will not be given any refund.

In case you need some kind of help in the situation of the death of the passenger, itinerary changes,  lost ticket cases, duplicate tickets, cancellation because of airport closures then reach LATAM Sales Office or the Contact Center

How to make Latam cancellations? 

If you are unaware of the Latam cancellations process then you can follow the steps mentioned below to cancel flight without any problem:

  • Go to the web browser and look for the official website of Latam Airlines
  • Now, look for the tab that says “Manage Bookings” or “Manage Reservation” or “Manage Flights”. Most probably it will be on the homepage of the website itself.
  • Make a selection on it once you see the options mentioned above. 
  • A list of previous and current bookings will be listed in this tab and you need to select the one that you wish to cancel. 
  • Now you need to enter the Booking ID in space available. 
  • Select the option of Cancel once you are sure of canceling the selected reservations.
  • Now that your reservations have been canceled officially, the refund value will be visible on the screen. 
  • The amount will only be credited into the respective bank account only after the deduction of the Latam cancellation fee from the amount within 10 business days. 

If you want more information about the Latam cancellation policy then please go to the official website of Latam Airlines. You will also be able to locate the refund policy along with the Latam cancellation fee.

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