Lot Polish Airlines Cancellation Policy

Canceling travel plans can be a tedious job as you need to go through many steps. In case you just made Lot Polish Airlines and now, due to some problems, you need to cancel Lot Polish Airlines flight then you can do it without much hassle as the airline offers multiple ways to perform Lot Polish Airlines Flight cancellations. It does not matter whether you are ill, do not wish to travel, you have an emergency or anything unavoidable–you will have the facility to cancel your ticket in a jiffy. The airline also provides a time frame to all the passengers to avoid paying any Lot Polish Airlines cancellation fee.  

Lot Polish Airlines Ticket Cancellation

As per the Lot Polish Airlines Ticket Cancellation rules the passenger can cancel the reservations within a time frame of initial 24 hours after the ticket has been purchased. In case you just made a mistake while making the reservation and now you wish to rebook properly then you need to cancel the Lot Polish Airlines Ticket and rebook with an applicable cancellation fee. However if the cancellation of the ticket is done within a day (24 hours), you will not have to pay any cancellation fee for the same. As soon as you miss this deadline, the applicable cancellation fee will be charged by the airline. 

Please note that the cancellation fee will be based on various factors such as the fare type bought by the passenger, the number of tickets selected for cancellation, the origin of the flight, the destination of the flight, the time of cancellation, the duration between the cancellation and departure of the flight, the tome of cancellation (off-season or peak season), the number of tickets picked for cancellation among others. To know more about the Lot Polish Airlines Flight Cancellations, you must visit the official website of the airline. 

Lot Polish Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation

In case the flight has been canceled by the Lot Polish Airlines then you will get the compensation from the airline. Just keep in mind that the airline will never cancel the flight for a petty issue. The cancellation will be done in case of a sudden flight mechanical issue or due to some natural calamity such as a tornado etc. 

The US Department of Transportation imposes this rule that all airlines that will sell tickets within, to or from the US must enable all patrons to get a full refund in case they are canceling their journey within the initial 24 hours of purchase as mentioned above. Please note that the passengers that have booked the nonrefundable tickets with Lot Polish will have to pay the cancellation charges for Lot Polish Airlines Flight Cancelation. 

Methods to cancel Lot Polish ticket

Many clients that get confused with the Lot Polish Airlines Flight cancellations because of several reasons. Maybe the customer is not familiar with the process, there is a connection issue, the site is down or any such problem. You can go for any method mentioned below to perform the Lot Polish ticket cancellation efficiently:

  • The easiest way for Lot Polish cancellations is by proceeding to the official website of Lot Polish Airlines. Once you land on the official website of Lot Polish Airlines, you are required to cancel Lot Polish flight by entering the Manage bookings tab at the homepage itself.
  • In case you are not sure about making the cancellation yourself and would like any assistant, then you can reach a trust-worthy TVA (Travel Agent or Travel Agency). Please note that you can only choose this method if the booking of your ticket was also done with the help of a TVA. You need to contact the same travel agency that made your reservations to avoid any confusion or issue. 
  • If you are using Lot Polish Cancellation Phone Number to make the cancellation you need to ensure the following: you will have to go to the Appstore in case you are using an Apple device or Playstore in case you are an Android phone user to download and install the Lot Polish application to perform the cancellation in a jiffy. The brownie point is that you can make the cancellation of your ticket and also make a reservation on the app. 
  • We understand if you are new to such applications or technical procedures as you can also contact the customer service of Lot Polish to cancel the booking that you want to. 
  • One more easy of performing the cancellation is by visiting the nearest airport and cancel the Lot Polish flight ticket on the kiosk easily.
  • Please note that the aforementioned list is not exhaustive.

How to cancel the Lot Polish Flight?

In case you just chose to cancel the Lot Polish ticket by visiting the official website but you are not sure how to  do it, then you can follow the steps mentioned below to avoid any sort of confusion and problem:

  • On the web browser, you need to type Lot Polish Airlines in the space provided in the search bar of the browser and hit the enter button. Now choose the official website of Lot Polish from the list of pages opened in front of you. 
  • After you select the official website of Lot Polish airline you will land on the homepage of the website.
  • It is good if you already have a Lot Polish account already as it will help you cancel Lot Polish tickets without any hassle. Simply log in to your account to begin the process. 

In case you do not have the account with the airline, then execute the steps mentioned below:

  • Search the option of “My Purchases” or “Manage reservations” and once you spot it, select it to open.
  • Once the aforementioned tab opens up you will be able to see the past and present booking that you have made with the Lot Polish airlines so far. From this list, you need to choose the one that you wish to cancel 
  • A window will pop up with a message “Are you sure you want to cancel the selected booking?” 
  • There will be two options: “Yes” or “No”.
  • Once you hit the option of “YES”, you will have to cancel the Lot Polish reservations officially. Keep in mind that once the reservation is canceled the action cannot be undone. So make a selection carefully. 
  • If you are making the selection on the option of “No” then the entire process will vanish and no cancellation will be done. You will have to begin the process again in case you wish to cancel again. 
  • Once your cancellation request has been fulfilled you will get an SMS or an email from Lot Polish Airlines. This will be the confirmation message that the airline will send. 
  • After this, an amount (not in case there is no refund to be credited) will flash on the desktop, which will be your refund amount that can be credited into the account once you fill-up the refund form.
  • If there is an amount difference then it is an indication that the Lot Polish cancellation fee has been deducted from your refund value.
  • The refund amount will be initiated in the same bank account by which the reservation was made in a period of five to seven business days. 
  • The refund value will only be credited after the deduction of the cancellation fee (if it applies in your case).

In case you are looking for more information on the Lot Polish Airlines Cancellation Policy then visit the official website for the same.