Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Policy

You booked a ticket on Malaysia Airlines and due to illness wish to cancel the ongoing trip? The first thing that should strike your mind now is the cancellation procedure and ways to save money. The official site does not shed light on the cancellation policy in detail. This is why we bring to you this guide that explains Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Policy clearly in an easy-to-understand language. 

Owing to its first-class services, Malaysia Airlines is considered one of the best airlines in the world. Its cancellation policies help passengers save on refund value. Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Policy offers a 24-hour window in which the passenger can cancel the booking without incurring any cancellation fee and also reschedule the ticket for free of cost. 

The Guide To Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Policy

Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Policy offers flexibility to each passenger. It allows you to cancel the ticket without any problem and save money. Main highlights of the Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Policy:

1- Full refund if the ticket is canceled for involuntary reasons.

2- Passengers are required to pay the cancellation fee if the ticket is canceled for voluntary reasons.

3- According to the Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Policy, the passenger is not required to pay a cancellation fee if the ticket is canceled within 24 hours of booking.

4- After 24 hours, Malaysia Airlines will charge a cancellation fee according to the duration of flight and type of tickets.

5- Malaysia Airlines will offer a full refund if passengers cancel the ticket for the following reasons:

  • Natural Calamities: Earthquake, landslides, hurricanes, flood, cloud striking, Heavy Rain, and many more.
  • Corporate factors: Strike, crew member unavailability, Pilot issue.

6- After the allotted time, the airline will not refund any amount to passengers holding non-refundable tickets.

7-  As per the Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Policy, the airline will charge the administration fee if the ticket is canceled at the airport or at the other offline platforms.

8- The airline will waive off the cancellation fee if the ticket is canceled by the passenger due to bereavement, illness, expiration of legal paper. 

Benefits of Malaysia Airline Ticket Cancellation policy:

  • Full refund for involuntary cancellation.
  • Refund if the ticket cancellation date is the same as the flight reservation date.
  • Malaysia Airlines Ticket Cancellation policy allows passengers to secure a refund by paying some amount as a cancellation fee.
  • When tickets are canceled due to illness and safety of passengers then no cancellation fee is charged by the airline.
  • According to the Malaysia Airline Ticket Cancellation policy, the airline offers a full day for modification of scheduled tickets without imposing charges. 

What is the Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Refund Policy?

When the flight is canceled, the airline offers a refund as per the Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Refund Policy.

Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Refund Policy

No refund to the passenger with a basic fare ticket, non-refundable ticket or business promotional ticket.

  • Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Refund Policy offers a chance to each passenger to claim a refund.
  • Full refund is given to passengers if the ticket is canceled within the same day of booking and the cancellation date is seven or more days prior to the departure date. Even if the passenger holds a basic fare ticket, non-refundable ticket or business promotional ticket.
  • As per the Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Refund Policy, the refund amount is calculated by calculating the fare class preferred by the passenger, the duration(days) between the cancellation time and the departure period, the time of cancellation, mode of cancellation.
  • According to the refund policy, the airline will take 20 business days to process the refund. However, if the payment mode is credit card then refund will be initiated within seven business days.
  • Malaysia airlines will not offer a refund when a non-refundable ticket is canceled within three days before the departure of the flight.
  • If cancellation is done on official offline portals, then the refund is calculated by deducting both administration fee and cancellation fee.
  • As per the Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Refund Policy, no cancellation fee is charged to passengers who cancel tickets for the following reasons:
  • Bereavement 
  • Health Issues
  • Government or Military orders
  • Judiciary law

Malaysia Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation policy

  • Under the Malaysia Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, the airline will offer a full refund if the cancellation date is the same as the booking date.
  • When you cancel the ticket within the first 24 hours of booking but the departure date is the same as the booking date then you will not gain a full refund from the airline.
  • The airline will deduct cancellation from your ticket fare if the cancellation is done outside the risk-free period.
  • A full refund is allotted to all the passengers if they all hold non-refundable or basic fare tickets.

Condition: The flight must depart seven or more days from the cancellation date. After the stipulated time frame, the airline will charge Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Fee.  

What Malaysia Airlines Flight Cancellation Compensation?

When the flight is delayed or canceled by the airline for unforeseen circumstances, then some bonus is offered to each passenger under the Malaysia Airlines Flight Cancellation Compensation rules:

1- Under the article 7EC number 261/2004, it is mentioned that the airline will offer compensation if the flight is delayed for more than three hours. The compensation may be monetary or non-monetary benefits.

2- Flight got delayed for more than 5 hours, full refund with a travel voucher and one time free rescheduling is offered as the Malaysia Airlines Flight Cancellation Compensation.

3- The following benefit is offered to each passenger when the flight canceled by Malaysia Airlines for corporate factors: 

  • Free premium drinks.
  • Free Meals.
  • Free accommodation.
  • Travel voucher (value equals to ticket fare).
  • Full refund within 20 to 30 business days.
  • Transport facility from the Airport to the hotel.

4- 530 EURO is offered as Malaysia Airlines Flight Cancellation Compensation to the passenger account if the long route flight(covering distance more than 3,500 kilometers or flying for more than six hours) gets canceled by the airline. 

The Malaysia Airlines Flight Cancellation Compensation policy grants numerous benefits to each passenger. Compensation is mandatory if the airline is canceling or delaying the flight for corporate reasons. If the flight is canceled by the airline for natural calamities, then the compensation directly depends on the policies of Malaysia Airlines.

What are the factors involved in deciding the Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Fee?

The factors that decide the Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Fee are:

  1. Duration of the flight.
  2. Fare type of passengers.
  3. Class of service.
  4. Gap (days) between the cancellation date and departure date.

What is the Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Fee according to the fare type?

Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Fee for Refundable ticket:

1- After the risk-free window, the airline will charge 150 USD to 350 USD  as Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Fee. 

2- Passenger will get a full refund, when they cancel the ticket for the following reasons:

  • Bereavement
  • Theft of the legal travel papers (Passport or Visa).
  • Health Issue of immediate family members or the passenger.
  • Military or Government orders.
  • Strike or Natural disasters.

3- When the passenger cancels the scheduled ticket within 24 hours of booking then no Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Fee is charged against them.

4- No refund is offered to those tickets that are purchased from the unauthorized platforms–even if the ticket is a refundable ticket.

5- When ticket cancellation is executed at the airport counter then the airline will charge both administration fee and Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Fee.

6- The total ticket fare is treated as a cancellation fee, if the ticket falls under the promotional tickets or award tickets categories. 

Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Fee for Non-refundable ticket:

  • No Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Fee is charged if the ticket is canceled within the 24 hour window.
  • If a ticket is canceled 72 hours prior to departure only the government tax part is refunded to the passenger.
  • Full refund if the cancellation reasons come under the involuntary cancellation rules, even if the ticket is a non-refundable ticket.
  • The Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Fee is charged to all the passengers if they cancel the tickets on the flight departure date.

FAQs related to the Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Policy

What are the various methods to cancel the Malaysia Airlines Flight offline?

1- By calling in the Malaysia Airlines reservations number.
2- At the airport counter.
3- By visiting the official ticketing office.
4- Through KIOSK tower.

How to connect with the Malaysia Airlines customer service team?

Dial toll-free tel +1-877-311-7484 and choose the preferred language. You will connect to the travel agent.

How to cancel the ticket at the airport counter due to a health issue?

To cancel the ticket at the airport counter you need to follow below instructions:
1- Visit the counter and offer your reservation code with the passenger’s full name.
2- Present health certificate and follow the instruction provided by the airline member. 
3- If the health certificate is accepted by the airline then you will get a full refund. But, if they reject the certificate then you need to pay Malaysia Airlines cancellation fee according to the cancellation policy.

What is the benefit of Malaysia Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation policy?

The key benefits of Malaysia Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation policy are :
     1- Full refund. 
     2- and no schedule fee.

How To Cancel Flight Ticket Malaysia Airlines through reservation number?

Dial +1-877-311-7484, and connect to the Malaysia Airlines reservation team.
Choose the language as per the availability.
Offer the reservation code and last name.
Select the ticket and choose the cancellation reasons.
The agent will perform the cancellation on behalf of you.
After cancellation, the airline will send you mail on your registered credentials.
The refund will be processed within 20 business days.

How To Cancel Flight Ticket Malaysia Airlines online?

Step 1- Open the web browser and search for the Malaysia Airlines official website.
Step 2- For login use your user name or user ID and password.
Step 3- Visit the Manage my trip section and write down the reservation code and passenger last name.
Step 4- Select the tickets and choose cancellation reasons.
Step 5- Fill the required field related to passenger details and click on the submit tab.
Step 6- After submitting the refund form, note down the refund request number.
Step 7- Within a few minutes, the airline will send a confirmation mail on the passenger’s registered phone number and email.

How to gain a refund for my non-refundable ticket?

To gain a refund for your non-refundable ticket, you need to meet the following conditions:
1- For the full refund passenger needs to cancel within 24 hours of purchase.
2- For the partial refund passengers need to pay a cancellation fee according to the route and fare type. Only the government tax portion is offered as a refund.

The aforementioned guide will help you cancel your Malaysia Airlines ticket. For more information, contact our experts today. 

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 18 reviews
 by Carolina Bond
You cancelled part of my flight and won’t refund me!

Cancelled  Flight Kuala Lumpur - Phuket -  Booking 55QWYK
Flight is Colombo to Kuala Lumpur to Phuket with the second flight being cancelled.

Passenger. Carolina Bond
Ticket #232 2463388686
Jemima Clemett
Ticket #232 2463388687

We have been informed that our  flight from Kuala Lumpur Flight no MH786   scheduled departure 19th of March 9.10 am  has been cancelled  by Malaysian airlines and replaced by Flight no MH786 scheduled departure from Kuala Lumpur on 28th of March 9.10 am, ie 9 days after  we would arrive in Kuala Lumpur at 6.40 am on the 19th of March.

Due to the current COVID regulations only being able to transit Kuala Lumpur within 24 hours of arriving, we are not able to travel from Columbo, Sri Lanka  on the 19th of March on this booking as it would mean a transit of 9 days which is not allowed. In addition Kuala Lumpur is not currently accepting British nationals in to the country which Jemima Clemett is so she is unable to enter the country. This alternative is completely unviable and not an acceptable replacement for our flight. Flight rearrangements for our cancelled a flight would not have been a problem if changed by less than a day but to not agree to refund a ticket in full where the schedule change is so significant and totals 9 days is completely unacceptable and it can not be possible that we will not receive compensation. To add to this rebooking flights has incurred a significant cost for us as having to book new tickets on such last minute has been very costly. Contacting your team has been impossible. Phone calls have been cut off and response from the team have been non existent.

We therefore ask you to please cancel our complete Booking 55QWYK as we have had  to book new flights from Columbo, Sri Lanka - Bangkok on the 17th of March via Kuala Lumpur - Booking no 5YNDGS.

We would appreciate I you can cancel our complete booking 55QWYK due to the reasons mentioned above   and refund us as soon as possible to the credit card used for the booking -  USD 168.00 per ticket excluding tax - a total of USD 336.00 excluding tax. We want the refund in full for the fare and tax.

We have been informed we can only get an open ticket valid until 31/12/22 from Columbo, Sri Lanka - Phuket. We live in the UK and we do not intend to come back to Sri Lanka anytime soon so we cannot use an open ticket.

My mother have been on the phone with customer Service in London twice today and been cut off every time when they put her On hold. Not a good customer Service experience

We were first trying to get a hold of Malaysian Air in Kuala Lumpur via telephone after we found out about the cancelled flights but we could not get through because of long waiting time and cost of calling from Sri Lanka .
We tried to rebook online “Manage my booking” but there were no other flights to Phuket. The prices on your website increased by the minute and we saw no other possibility than booking new flights - booking no mentioned above .

This is totally unacceptable

It can’t be possible that if you buy a non Refundable ticket with Malaysian Air that you have the right to cancel and reschedule a ticket causing passengers
a 9 day transit rather than 2.5 hours. If it was within 24 hours it would have been absolutely fine. Can you pls explain this.

We kindly ask you to look into this matter and refund us this Booking
for both of us

I look forward to hear from you shortly .

Yours sincerely
Carolina Bond
Jemima Clemett

 by Pla
Cancellation fee is defraud.

Hi, we booked the flight from Bangkok to Kathmandu, Nepal since last September, 2021 under booking number : 5x37KT. Unfortunately our flight was called by Malaysian airline and had no any refund from them even thought it was not my fault. It made me dissappinted and no need to book via this airline anymore. Contact urgently to me is required ASAP.

 by Pushpa Vida
Refund of flight cancelled by MH

Very inadequate support for a flight cancelled by MH - very disappointed after having bought a BC ticket, the flight scheduled for Dec 11, 2021 has been cancelled by the airline and I am expected to 'pay' to be entitled for a refund! All my previous experiences with MH have been good - this is the first time that I am feeling 'let down'!

 by Amber Mottram

I booked flight tickets for me and my family ( total members- 6). Due to my older parent’s issues, we had to make modifications to our tickets and cancel them. The airline had well spoken representatives who helped me throughout. I only had to cancel 3 tickets but I was afraid that I was gonna lose the entire amount. Well, the airline just charges for the cancelled tickets and not on the entire amount. Got a refund for 3. So happy to book with Malaysia Airlines.

 by Vijay Bangalore Venkatesh & Susheela Karanika Ajjavara

Sir, can I request to refund the amount, due to the cancellation of the FLIGHT, FROM SYDNEY to Bangalore on 18th March 2020 for both myself and my Wife.

 by Regina M. De ausen
request full refund

Hi, can I request for a full refund of my flight with a booking reference 6WPTG5. Thank you.

 by Oliver Wright
Simple and pocket friendly procedure

I make the Malaysia Airlines refund request online to save money on cancellation fees. It assisted me in conserving assets and allowing me to cancel the booking at home.

 by Jeffery A. Rodriguez
Very easy to understand

When you want to submit your Malaysia Airlines refund request, it is good to go through the Malaysia Airlines refund policy to make a wise decision. This policy is very easy to understand.

 by Ray I. Stewart
the whole process was quite easy

Due to climatic issues, my flight was delayed so I called on the Malaysia Airlines contact number to request the Malaysia Airlines delay compensation. They immediately addressed my query and provided me with adequate solutions. Honestly speaking, the whole process was quite easy and I wasn’t expecting this.

 by Donald J. Lorenz
Simple and easy to understand

I’ve had no problem going through the Malaysian Airlines refund policy. Simple and easy to understand, I got the refund on time as explained there without stressing over anything. What else would ask for!

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