Porter Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

When there is an unavoidable circumstance and cancelling your ticket is the only option, then you can do it by heading off the official website of Porter Airlines. When you are unsure about your trip or you are someone who always has uncertain plans, then you will get 24 hours to think and think again about your trip with Porter Airlines. The airline follows the cancellation policy rules prepared by the concerned department. For instance, if you have purchased a refundable ticket, then you will be provided with a full refund as per the policy. Some people usually purchase a non-refundable ticket, but it is always a good idea to invest in a refundable ticket as you will always get your full money back in case of Porter Airlines cancellation.

Porter Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Keeping several aspects in mind, the airline has designed its cancellation policy so that more and more people can trust them. This is one of the reasons why the Porter Airlines cancellation policy is considered the most flexible one. But to avail of the benefits of these flexible policies, you will need to keep the following points in your mind:

  • Just like any other airline, you can also submit your cancellation request within 24 hours of the booking to avoid Porter Airlines cancellation fees
  • To get a full refund of your ticket, it is suggested to purchase a refundable ticket
  • Cancellation request can be submitted online or via other modes

Porter Airlines Cancellation within 24 Hours

The airline offers easy and flexible policies to its passengers. And to learn more about the porter airlines cancellation within 24 hours, check out the following points:

  • All tickets i.e. Basic, Standard, Flexible, and Freedom are fully refundable if you cancel your booking within 24 hours of the purchase
  • Refunds will only be provided in the form of payment you have chosen while buying the ticket
  • Tickets that are not eligible for a refund online will partially or fully be paid using flight credits, gift certificates, etc.
  • If you have booked your flight tickets through an agency or a third-party booking platform, then you will require contacting them directly in case of flight cancellation and refunds

Porter Airlines Cancellation Fees

Porter Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

If you are cancelling your tickets, then a certain amount will be charged as cancellation fees. However, the cancellation charges depend on the type of tickets purchased. So, look at the table below to learn more about the Porter Airlines flight cancellation policy charges:

Fare FeatureBasicStandardFlexibleFreedom
Refundable within 24 hours of booking
Refundable up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure of your flightNo refund or Porter Airlines cancellation creditNo refundNo refundRefundable
Flight changes or cancellations within 45 days of the scheduled departure along with any fare difference$100-$115$50-$57.50
Flight changes or cancellations after 45 days of departure and any fare difference$25-$28.75checked
Flight changes or cancellations for ‘VIPorter Points’ redemptions and any fare differenceNA$50-$57.50$25-$28.75
Same-day flights changes on day of scheduled departure$150-$172.50$75-$86.25
Same-day flight changes for direct flights between Toronto and Newark – New York; or between Toronto and Montréal or Ottawa$100-$115$75-$86.25
Same-day flight change to earlier flights between Toronto and Newark – New York
Same-day changes to earlier flight at the airport between Toronto and Montréal or Ottawa (YOW)

To learn more about the policy and cancellation charges, you are suggested to get in touch with the airlines by calling them on Porter Airlines customer service number and their representative will tell you everything related to the airline and its policies.

How to Cancel or Change Your Porter Airlines Flight Online?

The airline provides its passengers with different modes for flight cancellation. And for online cancellation, you will need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website of Porter Airlines
  • Use your credentials like user ID and password to log in to your account
  • Now, choose the options that you are searching for
  • Click on the “Management Tab” to change or cancel your flight
  • But before that, you will need to enter the details requested
  • Once you are done with the details, you will need to make the payment

When your flight is cancelled, you will be notified through an email or SMS on your registered mail ID or contact number

How to Porter Airlines Cancel Flight by Phone?

Apart from online flight cancellation, you can also cancel your flight by calling on the Porter Airlines phone number +1-877-311-7484. Once you are connected with the airline, the representative will ask you to provide them with some necessary details. And after validating the details, they will initiate the cancellation on our behalf.

How to Porter Airlines Cancel Flight at the Airport?

In case you are not able to cancel your flight ticket online or via a phone call, Porter Airlines cancellation can also be done at the airport counter. However, you will need to locate the Porter Airlines ticket counter. The representative will ask you to provide them with your ticket and other related details. You may also need to pay the cancellation fee for the process.

Denial of Boarding or Cancellation

Porter Airlines has a flexible denial of boarding policy for its passenger to make sure that the airline will provide them with fair treatment and adequate compensation. For instance, if you are denied boarding due to the situations within the control of the airline, you will be entitled to the following:

  • If the airline is unable to accommodate you on another flight within 9 hours, then they will surely arrange your seat in a different flight within 48 hours of your actual departure time
  • If the alternative options are not suitable or appropriate for your precise needs, you can submit a request for the refund of your unused ticket or portion of the ticket
  • Similarly, the airline has different policies for different conditions or situations that you can know by calling on the Porter Airlines customer service number.

Flight Delays and Compensation

The compensation paid by the airline for delays is based on the length of the delay. This compensation is paid by them within 48 hours by cheque or cash. For more details, look at the table given below:

Length of DelayCompensation
0-6 HoursCAD 900
6-9 HoursCAD 1800
9 or More HoursCAD 2400

Porter Airlines Refund Policy

Refunds can be requested for the tickets which are not used due to travel delays because of the airline or related issues. However, you must keep in mind that not all refunds are assured. All refund requests are checked and managed based on the tariffs & regulations and terms & conditions of the booked flight ticket.

Porter Airlines Rebooking Policy and Fees

The airline has different policies for rebooking. They will help you rebook your flight at no extra cost if there is a disruption that delays your journey by 3 or more hours. In this case, they will rebook your tickets for the next flight within 48 hours. If you are unhappy with the alternative arrangements or they are not suitable, you can further request a refund. Call Porter Airlines for more details.

Rebook Your Porter Airlines to Change the Flight

To rebook your flight with Porter Airlines, you will need to visit their official website or call them. On the website, you will need to go to the ‘Manage My Booking’ to make the necessary changes. In case of a doubt, you can directly call the airline on Porter Airlines customer service number for the right assistance and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Porter Airlines Cancellation Policy

Some of the frequently asked questions about Porter Airlines and its policies have been answered here:

Will the airline waive off the change fees before impending bad weather?

The airline will not waive off any fees because of this reason unless there is any special travel advisory is posted on the official website of the airline stating that change fees will be waived off for a particular flight. Get in touch with the airline to learn more about the Porter Airlines weather cancellation policy.

What booking details can be changed online?

With the ‘My Bookings’ option, you will be provided with an easy mode to change or update the following:
1. Flight Time
2. Fare Type
3. Travel Date
In addition to this, you can also edit certain details (if your ticket is eligible to do so). And these include:
1. Change or add your seat selection
2. Add special service requests
3. Add checked baggage
4. Buy travel insurance
5. Update travel documents or passport details
6. Add VIPorter membership details
7. Add car rental services
8. Reserve your parking spot (only for Toronto departures)

Can I make changes on the same day as my flight’s scheduled departure?

 Your tickets are eligible for this if you have directly purchased your tickets from the official website of Porter Airlines. In case you are unable to get this option, you can call on the customer service number of the airline and they will process the same on your behalf. 

Can I cancel or change my flight if I have checked-in already?

Yes, you can do it but as a part of the “Online Flight Modification Process”. While doing this, you will be asked to confirm that you want to cancel the check-in registration. However, you will not be eligible to avail of the benefits of this facility if your checked baggage has already been dropped off at the airport.

Can I add my infant to my current booking?

Yes, you can add your child but he or she should be a lap infant. This can be done up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure of your flight by calling on the Porter Airlines phone number +1-877-311-7484.  

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