Ryanair Cancellation Policy

Ryanair Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your tickets anytime from anywhere in the world. For canceling tickets you do not need to contact Ryanair. The tickets are non-refundable; if you cancel tickets within 1 month before departure you may receive a refund. The refund amount you receive is similar to the value of Government Tax. For a refund, you need to pay administration fees of $19 to $22 to depend on your routes. You need to communicate with the Ryanair cancellation team for resolving your query about the cancellation policy

Ryanair Booking Cancellation Fees

Canceling tickets is a heartbreaking job if the airline does not allow doing so. Ryanair permit passenger to change flight but no refund is issued by them. All fare total is treated as cancellation fees by Ryanair. If you cancel your tickets within 1 month of the date of departure, you may receive a refund amount from Government tax. For obtaining Government tax as a refund you need to pay an administration fee of $19 to $22. All tickets are not refundable and Ryanair does not follow 24-hour policy.

How to Claim Compensation from Ryanair for Cancelled Flight?

Compensation is granted by Ryanair when the airline canceled the flight for personal reasons. If the flight is canceled by Ryanair for reason beyond control like Earthquake, Security risks, flight safety problems, Metrological conditions, etc, for those conditions no compensation is provided to passengers. For claiming you need to contact the Ryanair booking team, they will assist with compensation. You can directly visit Ryanair websites and manage your claim. Below is the Compensation value as per the distance of Ryanair Flight.  If your flight is delayed or got cancel than you will $277 as compensation for flight covering less than 1500 km. For flight covering from 1500 km to 3500 km, you will get $442. 

                KM      Compensation
Less than 1500 km$277
1500 km to 3500 km$442

In Ryanair, if you demanded alternative flight which does not exceed the scheduled arrival time by 2 hours for flights that cover less than 1500 km and 3 hours for flights that cover 1500 km to 3500 km, the compensation value will reduce to 50%. You will get notified by Ryanair through e-mail, text message on the register number.

Ryanair Cancellation Refund Policy

Ryanair cancellation refund policy is simple as pre-school rhymes. You need to pay $19 to $22 per ticket as an administration fee for obtaining your government tax. The ticket must be canceled one month before the departure date, for applying for refunds. No refund is an offer by Ryanair if you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of purchase as they do not follow 24 hours cancellation policy.

How to Cancel A Ryanair Flight Due To Illness?

You can cancel tickets in many ways online, offline, at the airport, or visiting ticketing office. If you are so sick that you cannot fly in Ryanair, you just need to contact the customer service team with a health certificate. The Airline may consider your illness and refund you your total amount as a refund.

By following below easy steps for canceling tickets

  • Open web browser
  • Search https: //www.ryanair.com/us/en/
  • Visit Manage my accounts
  • Click on View all booking
  • Search the flight you want to cancel
  • Click on Manage My Booking
  • Scroll below in the page
  • Click Cancel options for booking
  • Read the consent page briefly
  • Click on Proceed
  • Confirm your identification
  • Submit your health certificate
  • Review your selection
  • Calculate the Refund amount
  • Submit preference

How to Check If a Ryanair Flight has been canceled?

Ryanair keeps updated to each passenger by mailing them after each change. You can easily find more information regarding your flights got canceled or not, on official websites.

  • Visit https: //www.ryanair.com/us/en/
  • Log in with your MyRyanair account
  • Click on my booking
  • Check your flight status

You can get information about canceled flights by calling Ryanair Cancellation number.

Ryanair Free 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

Ryanair is one of the airlines that do not follow 24 hours cancellation policy of the U.S. Government of Transport. As they do not follow 24 hours cancellation policy it means if you cancel Ryanair flight you will not get any refund from Ryanair. You need to pay an administration fee of $19 to $22 as administration fees for obtaining Government tax as a refund. The tickets must be canceled within 1 month before the departure of the flight.

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 27 reviews
by Albert Ford on Reservations Number
Gain a full refund

I gained a full refund, however, I owned a non-refundable ticket. You might be wondering how. No need to be concerned; according to the Ryanair refund policy, a flight canceled during the lockdown would not incur cancellation fees.

by Ricky V. Perrone on Reservations Number
Incredible plans to save more

I used to fly with Ryanair more often, and I've never had to postpone a scheduled flight. The in-flight services they provide are absolutely amazing; but, due to COVID, I was searching for Ryanair cancellation policy this time. This website was very helpful to me; thanks to it, I was able to more effectively comprehend the policies and save some money on the total sum.

by Keith C. Fitzgerald on Reservations Number
Ryanair refund policy has been designed to help

I can confidently say that the Ryanair refund policy has been designed to help the passengers; unlike other airlines that keep fleecing you off your hard-earned money in the name of cancellation charges.

by Neil L. Wilson on Reservations Number
it was quite a good experience

Canceling an airline booking can be a nightmare. But, fortunately for me, it was quite a good experience as the Ryanair cancellation policy was quite easy to understand. I saved myself from shelling out cancellation charges by canceling the booking on time.

by Perry Wilson on Reservations Number
The customer agent was very nice

I canceled my Ryanair Airline ticket through reservationsnumber.org. And, it was the first time. I felt so accepted while canceling the flight, there was no fuss, the customer agent was very nice and supportive. So, in hospitality, the airline is at its finest. They helped me a lot to understand the cancellation and refund policy of Ryanair Air. The best part about reservationsnumber.org is that they do all the required steps by themselves and you just need to wait for the refund, if applicable. Unfortunately, in my case, the refund was not applicable as I canceled the flight 36 hours before the departure time. Nevertheless, I am very happy with reservationsnumber.org’s customer executives who helped me understand the process and did all the formalities on my behalf. They assisted me with the best solution and I am very happy. I am looking forward to booking tickets via this website.

by Logan Martha on Reservations Number
The customer executive was very cooperative

During Covid-19, I booked Ryanair Airlines flight 737-800 from Budapest to Milan from. However, I had to cancel my flight because I was not feeling safe while traveling with the flight during COVID. I again contacted reservationsnumber.org customer executive and they understood my situation. They suggested some of the existing solutions based on the Ryanair Cancellation Policy. Ryanair Airline doesn't follow 24-hour cancellation policy. If you want a refund, you must cancel the flight 30 days before the departure schedule. However, there is no refund if you cancel the flight 1 day before the schedule. As I canceled the flight 40 days before the schedule, they helped me get a refund by paying a small amount of cancellation fee. The customer executive was very cooperative and handled the problem very well. I would suggest you all contact reservationsnumber.org for any issues related to Ryanair Airlines and they will surely help you in the best way possible.

by Mary B Fitzgerald on Reservations Number
Did'nt received refund for Cx flight

"I tried going on line as I did not receive my refund for this Cx flight. Your record showed I received the refund, but I have not. Since I booked the flight the credit card it was billed to was hacked, so I got a different credit card. The new number is Mastercard 5524860413218002. Exp. 4/24. Can this refund get redirected ?

Mary B Fitzgerald

by malcolm shiner on Reservations Number

Hi. I have been trying to cancel bookings for my wife and me, because of Covid19, for some time now but with no luck. I understand that there will be no refund but i should like an email acknowledging my cancellation for insurance purposes. Tickets-G5***M Flt 2269 DUB-Boh July24 and return July 31 Flt2268. Book # 66****82. Thank you.

by Stephen Bailey on Reservations Number

I would like to cancel all flights, due to illness & COVID19 my booking. Reservations no.C7J9MT. Our flights are checked in, East Midlands airport 8th July 2020 FR3701 & 22nd July 2020 FR3702

by Claes-Göran Feinbaum on Reservations Number

Plerase cancel this ticket and refund, I don't want to fly anymore due to coronavirus,

by Uladzislau on Reservations Number
Cancelation Due To Coronavirus

Have been looking for a way to cancel my booking am not sure if am in the right place, have plan to travel at Italy(Milan) 21/05/20 and return 28/05/20, but due to the risk of c oronavirus I would like to cancel my booking. Reservations no. OYPUHX

by Idris Suleiman on Reservations Number

Have been looking for a way to cancel my booking am not sure if am in the right place, have plan to travel with my son for a tournament at Barcelona Spain 09/04/20 and return 13/04/20 but unfortunately do to the corona-virus the game as been cancel so in that case i will like to cancel my booking. Reservations no. U94K8Q

by arphaphon chanpirak on Reservations Number

From¨'Flight change fee removed from 13th March until 31st March' https://www.ryanair.com/ie/en/useful-info/disruptions-and-refunds/coronavirus-covid-19/flight-change-fee-removed
Due to the corona virus risk, I decided from NEWS of DEnmark goverment that I do not flight to out off contry.
I don't get Email from Ryanair about Flight change fee removed from 13th March until 31st . I lose this opponity.
Will I get the refund or rebook?.

by Peter Muchai on Reservations Number

Hi can you please advise me on this. I am looking to cancel our flights to Eindhoven booked for the 23rd March due to the corona virus risk involved as we have a toddler.
Will I get the refund or what is the new policy regarding cancellation related to corona virus.

Kind regards

by Gabriela Nuñez on Reservations Number
Refund Request

"My husband received a cancellation email from Ryanair and it stated that he will be receiving a full refund. When he tried to claim it online it wouldn’t allow him, it kept saying error. I don’t know how to get in contact with the airline but I would like to know when and how can he receive his refund. Please and thank you.

by Anastasiia on Reservations Number
Cancelation Due To Coronavirus

Dear Sir/Madam,
I booked a ticket from Lappeenranta, Finland to Berlin, Germany on 30 March 2020. Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus and lots of cases in Germany, I want to cancel this flight. Will I get the refund of the ticket? If not then can I change the departure and arrival station without any change fee or extra cost?
Thank you in advance!


by FAHAD ANWAR on Reservations Number
Need Refund of the ticket

"Dear Sir/Madam,
I have purchased a one way ticket in online from Rome Ciampino to Athens on 11 April 2020. My flt reservation no is R1J9XL. Due to the recent outbreak of Corona Virus in Italy, I want to cancel this flight. Will I get the refund of the ticket? If not then can I change the departure and arrival station without any change fee or extra cost? Like,now I want to travel from Vienna to Athens on 09 April 2020.

Please give me the suggestions in this regard.
Thanks for your Cooperation.

by Tal Kadoshi on Reservations Number
Need cancellation approval

"i tried to cancel our booking for the flight from TLV to Rome and return on flight no FR7091 & FR7090.
the name of the reservations are Yael Falk and Tal Kadoshi.
i tried on this link but did not get any comment:

please assist us. we need the cancellation approval.

by Lee Hao Hui on Reservations Number
Cancelation Due To Coronavirus

Dear Ryanair,
I would like to cancel my flight ticket from London to Porto and Barcelona to London. This is due to the seriousness of Corona Virus. As there is now 120 cases of corona virus detected in Spain, I would like to cancel my trip to Spain and Portugal. Moreover, I'm having my final exam of my university after the trip, I would not want to risk my life and have a bad experience while travelling in Spain and Portugal if I get infected by corona virus. My family are also very worry for me when Spain and Portugal is now seriously overwhelmed with corona virus. I am here to request refund for the flight cancellation because most of the airlines issue refund to their customer when the destination is a country seriously affected by corona virus. As the number of corona virus cases keep on increasing in Spain, it is not a good idea to have a trip there during this easter month. Attached is my flight information for me and my friend with reservation number K92Y9Q and S7WDJW. I really hope Ryanair will issue refund for my flight cancellation.
Thank you.

Best regards,
Lee Hao Hui.

by tal on Reservations Number
Cancellation Of The Ticket

please inform us how can we get an approval for the calculation of the flight?

by Lilit Papikyan on Reservations Number
Cancellation of the ticket

Dear Ryanair,
I have a booked plan on March 14 and the departure will be on March 21 from Yerevan to Rome. My reservation code is LZY79L. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus spreading now to South could I request a cancellation?

by Makrina Dionyssopoulou on Reservations Number
Cancelation due to coronavirus

Dear Sir / Dear Madam,

I would to ask you if i could cancel my flight due to coronavirus. If it is not possible could I change the dates?

Kind regards,

Makrina Dionyssopoulou

by Atir Hussain on Reservations Number
Cancelling the ticket

Regarding Reservation number: OBV38U in the name of Atir Hussain from London Stansted to Milan Bergamo today 18.02.2020 at 13:00 departure. Due to some unavoidable circumstances i could not fly today so you are requested to cancel my reservation as mentioned above and i request you to please refund the amount to me.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks & Regards,

Atir Hussain

by Abdullah Shakoor on Reservations Number
Do not cancel my reservation

Dear Team,

Please do not cancel the below reservation if you have received any request.

Reservation number: O9***A

Tbilisi to Milan Bergamo

Sun 23 Feb 23:00 - 00:10 FR 3920

by Vikrant Kumar on Reservations Number
To get any refund amount

My wife and I booked tickets from Rome Ciampino to Athens for 11th April 2020 (Reservation number: T53P** & D9S***). Email used for the bookings: vikrantwise@gmail.com

Due to change in my onward flight from Athens to Singapore, I had to book another tickets from Rome Ciampino to Athens for 10th April 2020 (Reservation number: VY4**Q & I3JD**).

Is there any way to get any refund amount out of these flight on 11th April 2020 as I had some add-on with the flights. Please suggest.

Please consider for any refund from the bookings : (T53P** & D9S***)

by rosa on Reservations Number

Refundable tickets are usually beneficial as they safeguard the refund value. But my pocket does not allow me to book refundable tickets, so I booked a non-refundable ticket but received a full refund in my wallet. Wondering why? Because I canceled my flight within the same day of booking, So as per 24 hour cancellation policy Ryanair awarded me a full refund.

by Nora Dylan on Reservations Number
Ryanair Cancellation

Hi everyone, I want to share my experience of flight cancelling with ryanair. If anyone asks me to rate then, I would rate 4 out of 5 stars for the ryanair services. I was satisfied with the guidance and information provided by the ryanair, the online cancellation process was not that difficult and I easily managed to get my tickets cancelled. Though, I had to pay the cancellation fee as per the terms and conditions as I did not cancel my ticket within the free 24-hour window.