Scoot Air Ticket Cancellation Policy

Passengers can cancel the flight for a number of reasons which are not in their control. The airline will charge you some amount as a cancellation fee as per Scoot Air Ticket Cancellation Policy in such a situation. The refund amount is calculated after the deduction of the cancellation fee and will be refunded to your account within 30 business days.

According to the Scoot Air Ticket Cancellation Policy, the airline will not refund any amount after the 24 hours window. If you wish to cancel the trip after the allotted window, the total ticket fare will be forfeited by the airline. 

If Scoot Air cancels the flight for any controllable factors mentioned below, then you will get a full refund.

  • Strike
  • Pilots issues
  • Technical issues in the flight
  • Cabin crew issues

The airline will not allow any refund after the 24-hour window as all the tickets of Scoot Airlines are non-refundable. If you have booked the ticket with the help of a third-party travel agent, then you can’t cancel the booking online.

When you fail to cancel the trip within the allotted time or unable to board on time, then you will need to pay a cancellation fee.

According to the Scoot Air Ticket Cancellation Policy, no cancellation is charged, if you cancel the trip for the following reasons:-

  • Death of Family members
  • Serious injury of the family members
  • Military orders
  • Government influence
  • Theft of Passport or Visa
Scoot Air Ticket Cancellation Policy

Scoot 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Like other airlines, the Scoot Air also follows the law approved by the U.S. Transport Department. The law is helpful for passengers who are not sure about the journey or made mistakes while booking tickets. 

The Scoot 24-hour cancellation policy states that all the passengers will receive a full refund if they cancel tickets within the 24 hours window. The only condition linked to this policy is that the flight must be one week away from the reservation date.

According to the policy, if the traveler cancels the tickets within 24 hours of booking, the airline will abandon the cancellation fee against them. All the ticket fare will be refunded by the airline within 30 business days.

The Scoot 24-hour cancellation policy offers a 24 hours window to each passenger for saving their hard-earned money. In case passengers are unsure about the trip, they can cancel the booking within the risk-free period and obtain a full refund. 

When you cancel tickets at the airport counter, you need to pay an extra amount as service charges excluding the cancellation fees. To claim the full refund, the passengers must cancel the ticket within 24 hours of reservation as the airline does not allow cancellation after 24 hours.

Scoot Refund Policy

For saving some amount on the cancellation fee, a passenger must book a ticket with airline partner When a passenger book tickets with the airline partner, they will receive some amount after the completion of 24 hours booking period as per Scoot Refund Policy. The airline will offer a travel voucher instead of money, the validity of this voucher is one year from the date of issue. 

According to the Scoot Refund Policy, the passenger will not get any amount as a refund, if the booking and departure date of the flight is the same. 

No refund is allotted to passengers when they are canceling the flight after 24 hours of booking. All the tickets do not qualify for any refund as per the Scoot Refund Policy.

Under the Scoot Refund Policy, The tickets that are purchased from the third party travel agent do not qualify for a refund. The passenger needs to contact the travel agent directly. The refund amount will be transferred within four weeks.

Scoot Flight Cancellation Fee

  1. The Scoot flight cancellation fee is calculated after overviewing the tier of services utilized by the airline.  
  2. Scoot Air will not deduct any amount from the total ticket fare if the passenger is canceling the ticket within the 24 hours of booking.
  3. All the ticket fare will be charged as a Scoot flight cancellation fee if the passenger fails to complete the cancellation process in time.
  4. When the passenger is canceling the ticket on the same day of booking but the booking and departure date is the same, then the whole ticket fare will be charged as the Scoot flight cancellation fee. No refund is awarded to them.
  5. The airline will offer the unused part as a refund after the deduction of the cancellation fee when the passenger booked the ticket from the website of Change your flight.

Scoot Air Ticket Cancellation FAQS

How to cancel the flight of Scoot Air offline?

The passenger needs to pay the administration fee should they wish to cancel the flight of Scoot Air Offline. To cancel a flight offline, you need to call on the customer service number +1-877-311-7484 or you can visit the airport counter or ticketing office. The process is easy but requires more effort than online and the refund is calculated after deducting both the fees (cancellation fee and administration fee).

How to cancel the scoot flight tickets online?

The online canceling process saves more time and money than offline methods. Many passengers prefer online methods to cancel the scheduled booking. To cancel Scoot Flight tickets online, you need to follow below mention steps:-.
Open the web browser and search the official site
Visit Manage My Booking section.
Enter the six-digit Scoot Booking reference code.
Fill the blank box with the passenger’s first and last name, departure, and destination city.
Click on the Manage My booking Tab.
Choose the tickets number whom you wish to cancel.
Confirm the selection by clicking on the proceed tab.
The refund amount will be displayed, compare the refund amount with your calculated amount.

How often does the Scoot cancel booking?

The Scoot Air never canceled the booking. If the airline cancels booking for controllable reasons they will offer:-
Rebooking options for free of cost.
Free accommodation from the Airport to the hotel.
Two calls and fax.
The flight which is rebooked must be within 14 days from the departure date.
A full refund or Travel vouchers.

The seats depend on the availability and in some cases, the refund is calculated after deducting 
the admin fee.

Can I cancel my scheduled tickets for the Scoot flight?

Yes. Anyone can cancel Scoot Flight. But after the completion of the risk-free period, the airline did not grant any amount as a refund. All the ticket value will be forfeited by the airline. To claim a refund, the passenger must book tickets from the airline partner to Change your flight.

Are you capable of extending the validity of my voucher?

No. The validity of my voucher cannot be extended. You must redeem the points within one year from the date of issue. The voucher can be used for future travel.

What happens when I do not take my flight. Can I get a refund?

When you do not take the flight, the refund value directly depends on the cancellation policies of Scoot Air. If the flight wishes, you may receive some tax portion as the refund amount. But generally, the Scoot Air does not offer any refund after completing the risk-free period.

What happens when the flight is canceled or delayed by the Scoot Air?

When the flight is canceled or delayed by the Scoot Air for no controllable reasons, such as  EarthQuake, Cyclone, Worse Climatic conditions, etc. No compensation is offered by the airline. If the flight is delayed for more than four hours, then the airline will compensate by providing travel vouchers for future travel.

In how many days will my refund be processed to my account?

The refund amount is calculated after the deduction of the cancellation, service, and administration fees. The refund amount will reflect in your account within one to four weeks depending on the mode of payment. Sometimes, the airline may offer you travel vouchers instead of money as a refund. The validity of travel vouchers will be one year from the date of issue.

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