Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Flight Cancellation Offer

Spirit Airlines Cancellation policy is updated to offer more satisfaction to each passenger. The future is uncertain, we do not have knowledge of the future act. You may need to cancel your ongoing trip, the condition may be personal. For such a situation you must have the knowledge of the cancellation policy of the airline. You will require to pay the cancellation fee when you cancel tickets after the time period allowed ( 24 hours ).

If you are not confident about the journey cancel the ticket as soon as possible since the airline does not allow a full refund. Whether you bought a Flight Flex ticket, Award ticket, or standard ticket, your ticket does not qualify for a full refund or credit points as per the Spirit Airlines Cancellation policy. All the ticket fees will be exempted if you fail to board the flight, and the airline does not support the same-day cancellation process.

Spirit 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

The Airlines obey the U.S. Department of Transportation law which states that the travelers who cancel the ticket within 24 hours of purchase no cancellation fee will be charged against them. All refund values are subordinated to the policies of Spirit Airlines.

Spirit 24 hour cancellation policy is similar for each category, you have 24 hours for preserving your money from the cancellation fee. If your ticket Cancellation prices are lesser than booking ticket price $10 voucher is issued per way which can be utilized for future bookings. Spirit Airlines credits expire in 60 days from the issued day.

Spirit 24 hour cancellation policy is the bonus venture for all those who are not sure about the journey, you can easily cancel tickets from multiple mediums. Such as- Website, Offline, At the airport, Mobile App, etc. 

Spirit Cancellation Fee

Canceling a ticket is the real pain, so always think twice if you desire to do so. Review fare rules strictly which help you to save more money and time. If travelers miss boarding in flight the fare amount will forfeit by Spirit Airlines. Spirit Airlines imposes a cancellation fee of $90 to Standard and Flight Flex ticket type passengers who booked their tickets from the online medium which includes Official websites and Smartphone apps. $100 is charged to offline passengers who booked tickets by calling Spirit Airlines Reservations or at the booking counter in Airport. They charge $110 to those passengers whose ticket is awarded by airlines. If Group tickets reservation is canceled than passenger needs to pay $50 as the Spirit cancellation fee.

The tickets are not fully refundable and booking the Flight Flex add-on is also not suitable if the passenger wants to cancel it. Flight Flex add-on is only useful only in the case of a modification of tickets. Spirit cancellation fee depends on the tier of service and tickets group, always prefer the online method for the benefit of time and money. Spirit Airlines does not provide options for settling the cancellation fees.

Spirit airlines refund policy

Following are the Spirit airlines refund policy as per the types of tickets.

  • Standard Ticket- The passenger needs to pay $90 for an online method and $100 for the offline method if they are willing for any refund as per Spirit airlines refund policy.
  • Flight Flex Ticket– For grabbing a refund, the passengers need to cancel tickets within 24 hours of booking and if the time limit expires the passengers required to pay $90 as a spirit cancellation fee.
  • Award Ticket– According to Spirit airlines refund policy, if the passenger holding an award ticket, if they cancel the scheduled journey $110 is charged to them as a cancellation fee.

Spirit Airlines Change Flight

Spirit airline Change flight

The passengers are allowed to change once until 24 hours prior to the departure of flights. Passengers will yet be accountable for any variation in airfare. Only Flight Flex passenger is allowed to do so. One chance is provided by Spirit Airlines to modify tickets one day before the date of departure of flights. The passenger requires to pay $35 to $45 per ticket depends on their Itinerary at the time of booking. If a passenger wants to change flight or modify tickets on the same day they need to pay $99 per person.

For a passenger who booked standard tickets for modification in itinerary, they need to pay $90 in an online process and $ 100 for the offline process. The passenger who bought tickets after converting miles they need to pay $ 110 for making changes of names, destinations, dates, time, etc.

You may be eligible for free changes if your tickets need minor corrections like spelling, Passenger needs to contact Spirit Airlines Reservations at least one week before departure.  For changing name or birth date, the passenger needs to pay and need to submit authenticate documents for verifications by airlines. Group Booking Itinerary Modification is done for $50.

Spirit Airlines Frequently Asked Questions about Flight Cancellation

How to Cancel Spirit Flight?

The Spirit Airlines Cancellation process is easy to understand. Below is the process for canceling Spirit flight tickets.

  • Search the spirit airlines official website in your web browser
  • Find and click on Manage Flights option
  • Enter the booking id
  • Select your flight which you want to cancel
  • Confirm your selection by clicking on Enter tab
  • The refund amount will be calculated automatically
  • Once you confirm the selection click on proceed tab

After following these processes you will able to cancel the Spirit Airline flight ticket in a quick time without depending on another person. When Cancellation is approved you will get your refund as a credit for later use. When you follow all the above steps mentioned you will get rid of the question “How to cancel spirit Flight”. The refund amount will be transferred back to your initial form (PayPal wallets, Master card, Credit card, Visa Card, etc) within 20 business days from the request date. 

How often do spirit airlines cancel flights?

Spirit Airlines is one of the leading airlines in the world. They never cancel their flights. If the flight is delayed or canceled due to weather the airline will provide accommodation on the next flight available without any extra charge.

If Spirit airlines cancel flight they need to inform the passengers in advance and if the flight is canceled for the unavoidable conditions, the passenger is not eligible for any refunds.

The airlines growing goodwill and trust of the passenger by providing non-stop services. Spirit airlines cancel flight only when the situation is against passenger safety. Spirit airlines is trustworthy, and serving smiles from many decades.

Can I cancel my ticket on the same day of departure?

Spirit Airlines do not any class passenger to cancel tickets on the same day of departure. If you wish to cancel tickets for gaining a refund, you must need to cancel the ticket at least 24 before the departure of the flight. In some situations, like- health issues, family members in the hospital, etc. the airline may waive out your cancellation fee. Is the cancellation process available at the ticket counter?

The spirit airline offers a cancellation counter at the airport for executing the cancellation process offline. You need to pay $100 for cancelling the ticket and the refund amount will be transferred to the initial form of booking. For safeguarding your savings and time choose the online platform (website, mobile app).

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