Thai Airways Cancellation Policy

Thai Airways Cancellation Policy

Thai Airways allows you to cancel tickets 12 hours before departure of flights. In Thai Airways you will have to pay a cancellation fee if you cancel tickets after 24 hours of booking. If a flight is canceled or delayed for more than 5 hours you can demand a refund by raising complain, and the airline will provide delicious food with drinks. If necessary they will provide accommodation like transportation or hotel rooms. Your family member died or you are suffering from any severe diseases you may cancel your tickets without paying cancellation fees by requesting Thai Airways.

Thai Airways Ticket Cancellation Fee

Thai Airways charge cancelation fees if you cancel tickets after 24 hours of purchase. The Flexi saver fare passenger will have a minimum charge of $200 to a maximum of $250 as cancellation fees. For Flexi Saver Plus Fare passengers, they need to pay $100 as Thai Airways Ticket Cancellation fees. If you are a passenger of Full Flex Fare and Royal Silk Plus Fare then you need to pay $100 as cancellation fees to Thai Airways. For Flexi Fare passengers, you need to pay $200. If your journey commences than no refund will be issued to you by airlines. For cancellation, you need to visit official websites with your login id or you can contact Thai Airways Reservation directly. The ticket cancellation fee of Thai Airways depends on the routes and class with considering fare paid by you and the duration of time. 

Thai Airways Cancellation Contact number

You need to cancel tickets before 12 hours of departure if you want to get a refund. You can directly contact the Thai Airlines cancellation team over the call or you can visit office Thai Airlines in the U.S.

C/O Anjuna, LLC
Suite #1280, 2321 Rosecrans Avenue, El Segundo, CA 90245, U.S.A.
Phone: (800) 767-3598), Dial 711 on your telephone if you or co-passenger are hearing and speech impaired. Telephone 8007673598. You can directly contact Thai Airlines by; with this Email id, the Thai Airlines offer both Flight Reservations and cancellations in the U.S.
Telephone: 66(0) 2356 1111
Fax: 66(0) 2545 3300.
You need to keep in mind that the Email process takes a longer time as comparing the official website, mobile app, and telephone medium for canceling your tickets. 

Thai Airways 24 Hour Cancellation

Thai Airways 24 Hour Cancellation

You will not be charged with cancellation fees if you cancel tickets within 24 hours from the date of purchase of tickets. You can cancel tickets with a full refund for both refundable and non-refundable tickets of any prices with respecting any classes of services. According to the U.S. Department of Transport, if you cancel your tickets inside 24 hours of booking with seven or more days before the departure of flights you can claim a full refund without paying cancellation fees. Thai Airlines will have no right to charge any cancellation fee on you if you are canceling tickets in 24 hours of booking.

How to Cancel Thai Airways Ticket Online?

You can cancel tickets anytime till 12 hours before the departure of flights. Encountering problems in canceling tickets online, you can call the Thai Airlines Reservation they will cancel your tickets on your behalf. Cancel your tickets on the official mobile app, or visiting airport and Thai Airlines ticket offices. You can save more if you cancel your tickets two weeks before the departure date.

Below are the easy steps to cancel Thai Airways ticket

  • Go to Thai Airways official website
  • Visit Manage my accounts
  • Click on View all booking
  • Search the flight you want to cancel
  • Click on Manage My Booking
  • Click on Manage My Booking
  • Scroll down the page
  • Click Cancel options for booking
  • Read the consent page carefully
  • Click on Continue
  • Confirm your identity
  • Examine your selection
  • Calculate the Refund amount
  • Submit your selection

Thai Airways Cancellation Refund Policy

If you have booked your ticket from third parties you need to contact them directly. If you cancel tickets within 24 hours of purchase you will get a full refund. In case of emergency, you requested in advance to Thai Airways with valid documents for cancellation of tickets, you can claim a full refund after 24 hours of booking. All the refunds will be transferred to the original form(it may be a bank account or eVoucher for future trips) within 20 business days. You require filling up an online form for the refund process from Thai Airways websites. You cancel tickets after 24 hours of purchase, then you will get a Subtracted amount after deduction of cancellation fees from total fare. The refund must be claimed before 90 days of ticket expiry.

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 37 reviews
by Bertrand Kreider on Reservations Number
Refund of cancelled flight

I would like to cancel my flight from Manila Philippines to Bangkok Thailand on Jun 10, 2020 @ 7:45 pm (Booking No.: QVVWPC) due to the Pandemic situation and the Covid-19 restrictions have canceled my travel.

by yasodha khadka on Reservations Number

I wanted to know about the refund policy regarding a flight that was cancelled due to Corona virus.

by Edromar Undag on Reservations Number
Cancelled Flights

I am inquiring about your refund policy regarding a flight that was cancelled due to COVID-19.

by TIMOTHY SCHAEFER on Reservations Number
TG 432 cancelled

my wife and i booked a flight from denpasar to bangkok for march 28th. thai airways cancelled the flight and left us stranded in bali. We would like our money back as soon as possible.

by Melanie Gavan on Reservations Number
Cancel flight- Covid-19

I need to cancel my flight from Delhi to Tokyo on Jun 20, 2020 @ 3:20am (confirmation: Q5XSOK) as the Covid-19 restrictions have canceled my travel plans. I would like a full refund, as these plans changed due to the pandemic and are not within my control.
Thank you,

by Naruemol Ketjaran on Reservations Number
Ticket refund

Hi i am enquiring about a refund for my cancelled flight TG491 from Bangkok to New Zealand on march 23 .

by PARK KEON WOO on Reservations Number
Cancellation Confirmation

"Your website said cancelling within 24hours there is no fee, but when I called Thai airways they said they are going to charge me 3000thb. I made this reservation only this morning. Could you confirm my cancellation as soon as possible? Please help me.

Ticket Number: 217 ******7545
Booking ref: VF***5

by Mariko Nakamura on Reservations Number
Request For Cancellaing The Flight

"Ticket Numbers: 217 23******02 & 217 *******601
Cancellation Request ID: 8946
Booking Ref #: Q***ZL
One-way tickets for two from Rome to Bangkok.

The reasons for cancellation request:
COVID 19 situation is not likely to be resolved in time for our trip.
We want to go to Rome and not Germany. We do not want to go to Munich.
We want to postpone our trip until it is safe to go to Europe especially Rome.
I will be 66 this month. For the safety of other people and myself, I think it is my responsibility to cancel this trip.
I would like to request refund.

Much appreciated if you would assist us on this. We really want to go to both Rome and Bangkok we think we should wait until COVID 19 situation is resolved.

Kind Regards,

Mariko Nakamura
Phone Number: 614******360"

by Chiui on Reservations Number
Please do not cancel my ticket

I was just trying your website, please do not cancel my ticket,
Ignore the request, thanks.


by Jordan on Reservations Number
Refund for cancelation

May I kindly ask to to cancel my flight for tomorrow?
OQURI9 Hong Kong to Bangkok
I highly appreciate an answer.

Thank you very much

by Virgil Titeu on Reservations Number
24 hours

I submitted my cancelation request yesterday and not even an acknowledgement.
Not good enough

by deepak kumar on Reservations Number
refund for cancelation

i booked my flight 10 april 2020 perth to delhi but due to covid-19 i want to cancel can someone help

by sandun on Reservations Number

pls don't cancel my ticket its just click to check

by Ronak Adeshara on Reservations Number
Cancellation flights

I have booked flight ahemdabad to perth as the your website detail (TG 483) on 31 march has been cancelled due to COVID-19. Please provide me the 100% refund for the same . or contact me on my contact details

by Ronak Adeshara on Reservations Number
Do not cancel

I hit cancel by mistake please contact me then cancel the ticket of this E-ticket number: 217-233278****.

by Trang Nguyen on Reservations Number

I accidentally submit a cancel request with Thai Airways on this website. Please IGNORE it, don't proceed with the request.

by Tayeeb Ilyas Javed on Reservations Number
do not proced my cancelation

I was just trying your website and entered my ticket nr, and the case was umbited, please dont cancel my ticket.
ignore my cancelation:
Request ID 4401

Best Regards

by Tayeeb Ilyas Javed on Reservations Number

Hello i was just trying your website and added my ticket nr. but can you please ignore my request
request ID nr: 4401

Best regards

by Rhona Watson on Reservations Number
request ID7564

I want to cancel my flight from Denpasar to Frankfurt on the 16th of march 2000.
Ticket number 21723*****178
booking ref WL***3

by Melinda on Reservations Number

I bouth a ticket and tryd to cancel after 17 uhr due to corona Virus COVID-19, its not possible, they carged me 150 Dollar.

by Mariko Nakamura on Reservations Number
Help needed for cancellation

I have requested online to cancel my flight from Rome to Bangkok. Message on the screen tells me to Call Now: +1-877-311-7484. I tried 66 1 855-635-3038, 66 1 855-635-3038 and 1 855-635-3038. Invalid number and cannot get through. I'm calling from Australia. Would someone has an advice or know any other way to contact Thai Airway? Hope someone can help.

by Senjuti Adhikary on Reservations Number
Refund request

"Attached is my ticket that I had booked from Can I please get a refund for this?

Please let me know and check the pdf.

Thank you
Senjuti Adhikary"

by Dipal Patel on Reservations Number
Ignore Cancellation Request Ticket Number: TBXEC4

"Due to ""mistake"", using the following website (link given), a cancellation request may have been made for thai airways international flight using the following details:

Ticket Number: TBXEC4
From Airport: Mumbai

Please note that if any cancellation request is received, kindly ignore it. And DO NOT proceed with the cancellation.

Also, please note that the flight was booked from India.

Requesting a quick reply.

Thanks & Regards
Dipal Patel"

by Chan on Reservations Number

As all arrivals from HK to Thailand require self-quarantine for 14 days, I cannot but cancel the trip for the sake of safety of myself and the community. I hope that Thai Airways can be responsive to the affected customers' inquiries and arrange a refund to us, and be caring and sympathetic as well.
Thank you!

by SERGIO TEZZO on Reservations Number


by Ms Tammy Wong on Reservations Number
Cancellation to my flight tickets

I tried a lot of ways to cancel my flight tickets and requested for a refund, but seems no any response is given. I really want to cancel my flight tickets due to this world outbreak of Coronavirus, this is totally out of our planning. Hope that Thai Airways can understand our worry and reply us as soon as possible. Thank you!

by Catherine Chu on Reservations Number
Cancellation Request

"Hi Thai Airline,

Please cancel the above cancellation request.

I was checking the cancellation fee / refund policy of the flight ticket no. 217 2332348585 under the passenger name Hutchison Elizabeth Tracy, flying from Hong Kong to Thailand.

Attached is the cap. screen of the cancellation request for your reference.

Please kindly confirm the flight reservation is being reinstated.

Is possible to advise in case of any cancellation may occur later, what is the cancellation fee for this flight ticket under Class V?

by Sunitha Vyala on Reservations Number
Cancel Ticket and want refund

"Dear Sir,

I want to cancel the e-ticket. I don't want to be quarantined.
I have seen the notice on Thai Airways website, that there is a cancellation of flight from Bangkok to Chengdu.
So, I request you to cancel the e-ticket and refund the amount to credit card.

by Harley Abadi on Reservations Number

I want to cancel my trip from jakarta to bangkok on april 7th 2020 and from bangkok to jakarta on 14th april 2020. I already contact thai airways office in Jakarta, but no one picked up my call. Can you give me information how to refund or reschedule my flight. We did this because of Corona virus.

by uwannee Mungprasert on Reservations Number
Want to cancel flight ticket due to coronavirus

"To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to cancel the booking WTS6VY. It is the flight of Bangkok (DMK) - Manila (MNL) - Bangkok (DMK). Ms. Lauren Pasquazzi, a teacher in Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok planned to attend the SENIA conference which is held by the International School Manila on February 21-23, 2020, but now it was CANCELLED because of the Coronavirus situation.

Could you please advise if this ticket can be refunded? Attached please find the Official Cancellation Letter.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you very much.

by Richa Sharma on Reservations Number
Dont Want to cancel the ticket

"Please DO NOT CANCEL the eticket 217-2331629203 as my kid accidently hit the cancel button while we were visiting your website to know more about cancellation charges of Thai airways. I also wanted to pass on the feedback that we had an extremely bad experience with Thai contact centre as they do not speak English . Who do we contact if we need to get in touch with someone after business hours from our country.

by TSUI YU TING on Reservations Number
Cancel & Refund tickets

Booking no.: UST46Y
Request ID: 2598 &5966

by sovann nuon on Reservations Number
cancellation flight

Hi sir/madam
i want to cancel my my flight from Melbourne to paris on 17 april 2020. my ticket number is 217 2332712990

by Chin K H on Reservations Number

If want to cancel ticket how much the charges and transfer name is allowed or not?

by Mrs Sumita Banerjee on Reservations Number
Please waive off the cancellation charges for our trip

I had booked a trip to Bangkok and Phuket from London for my 60 birthday with my husband and daughter by Thai Airways but due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, my doctor has advised me to cancel the trip as I am immunosuppressive day and have lung problems and my husband is 71 and I am 60 and are at risk as cases have been reported in Thailand.

I had booked via Southall Travel London flying from Heathrow on 25 January to Bangkok, Bangkok to Phuket on 30 January, Phuket to Bangkok on 3 February and Bangkok to London on 4 February 2020. Southall travel have been advised by our doctors to cancel our flights but say there is cancellation charges for us three passengers. Please can you waive off the cancellation charges for our trip and we shall plan this trip later in the year.

Hope you will be sympathetic and not charge the cancellation fee for this booking.

Mrs Sumita Banerjee

Mr Shanti Banerjee

Ms Shikha Banerjee

by Bhavya Ramesh Bolar on Reservations Number
Want to know the cancelation charges

I wanted to know the cancelation charges of mumbai bankok round trip ticket.

The PNR number is LHK**1.

Dated: 3rd feb 2020 mumbai bankok

Return dated: 8th feb 2020.

Name : Bhavya Ramesh Bolar

Please do the needful.

Thanks & Regards

by stanner on Reservations Number

As I love doing my every stuff online so I was thinking to cancel Thai airways tickets online. For understanding the process I took the help of the Customer service team. The process was easy and the instruction provided by them is so clear. Thank you Thai Reservation I Appreciate Your effort and determination.