Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your tickets in Turkish Airlines till one hour before the departure of flights by paying cancelation fees. Turkish Airlines Cancellation policy states that passenger needs to pay cancellation fees if they cancel tickets after 24 hours of the original booking. The cancellation fee is depending on the routes and class of passengers with considering time. Deduction of tickets depends on the types of ticket purchases by the passenger.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation as per types of Tickets

For a Refundable ticket, the passenger will get an amount after the deduction of cancellation fees from the original tickets fare.
But Non-Refundable ticket is not eligible for a refund, in some cases, passenger can get some amount (taxes) from non-refundable ticket but mostly the passenger who booked the non-refundable ticket will not get any refund.

Turkish Airlines Cancel within 24 Hours

The passenger cancels their tickets within 24 hours of purchase they are eligible for a full refund. Why pay, when you can cancel flight tickets without paying a single penny. Turkish Airlines provide a better facility to all users you can easily ticket with grabbing a full refund if your ticket is not published. The Passenger needs to cancel tickets within 24 hours of the booking and the ticket must be seven days or more before the scheduled departure of the flight. Both Non-Refundable tickets and Refundable ticket passengers can cancel tickets with a full refund within 24 hours of departure. You can directly contact the customer service agent for assisting you in canceling the Turkish Airlines booking.

Turkish Airlines Ticket Cancellation Charges

Turkish Airlines prepared a sheet for cancellation charges as per your fare. Economy Promotion fare tickets are non-refundable if you have economy promotion fare tickets you are not eligible for any refund after cancellation. No refund is allotted against cancellation to passengers who have Economy Restricted Fare ticket, Economy Flexible Fare ticket and Business Promotion tickets. For passengers with a Business Restricted fare ticket, they need to pay $400 for the cancellation of tickets. Passenger with Flexible Fare ticket, you are lucky no cancellation is charged against you by Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines Cancel Flight Refund

The refund amount after cancellation is depending on the route and class of passengers. If flight changes its scheduled time, you can claim a refund from Turkish Airlines or you can change flight without paying any additional fees. No penalty will be charged if you cancel your tickets within 24 hours of purchase. The flight must be canceled 7 or more days before departure. You have non-refundable tickets than you get tax portion of total fare if you cancel within 24 hours of original purchase. All the refunds will be transferred to your account within 20 business days.

Does Turkish Airlines Cancels Flight?

No, Turkish Airlines never cancel flights. But if Airlines cancel flights they provide you the accommodation until the next flight and will provide benevolence like transport between the airport and hotels. You can claim a full refund as compensation.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Compensation

Turkish Airlines cancel flights for natural disasters like- Floods, Earth Quake, cyclones, etc then you will not get any compensation by the airlines. The flight is delayed or canceled without informing, you will get compensation from airlines as eVoucher for future purchase or complimentary drinks and meals. 

How to Cancel Turkish Airlines Ticket?

You can cancel your tickets in several forms like- on website, offline, mobile app, airport counter, or through the ticketing office, etc. If you are thinking of canceling your flight than keep this in mind that as soon you cancel as much you save.

Follow these simple steps to cancel your flight ticket-

  • Open Web browser
  • Open Turkish Airlines Official website and login to your account.
  • Click Plan and Book
  • Visit Manage Booking
  • Fill up reservation code or ticket number with Your surname
  • Click on proceed
  • Select Cancel booking
  • Review your selection
  • Submit your selection
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 35 reviews
by Ya Ida DRAMMEH on Reservations Number
Refund request

Reservation code UWUSUB
We have bought this ticket in May to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Banjul the Gambia . The flight was cancelled several and we end buying another ticket to Thies Dakar from Kuala Lumpur (Reservation code RSY5VN)

We are therefore requesting for refund for the intial ticket bought online with reservation code UWUSUB

by Mary Catherine on Reservations Number
The customer agent helped a lot

I planned to travel with the Turkish 77W Business class from Chicago to Istanbul. Due to some unfortunate reasons, I had to cancel the flight 48 hours before onboarding it. According to its cancellation policy, one can cancel one’s tickets 24 hours before the scheduled departure by submitting the cancellation fees and avail refund easily. However, this was not the exact cause. I experienced a lot of problems and didn’t get a refund for months. Then, I got to know about the reservationsnumber.org website. I contacted them and the customer executive was supportive and understood my problem. Depending upon my ticket, they have raised a refund for me. All the process is done by them. I just waited for a few days and got a refund from Turkish Airlines. After a few months, I booked a Turkish Airlines flight for my mom from reservationsnumber.org. The customer agent helped a lot in finding out the best flight at great deals.

by Johnson Mathew on Reservations Number
Great Service

Once, I booked a Turkish Airlines ticket for London to Istanbul in the Economy class through reservationsnumber.org. The executive guided me with the best services and deals on the flight. However, the flight got canceled due to Covid-19 and I was unable to onboard the flight. I was worried that all my money would be gone as Turkish Airlines usually doesn't cancel its flights. I contacted the people at reservationsnumber.org and they helped me with the refund process. Since it's them who canceled the flight, the executive told me that I can get accommodation until the next flight and transport between the airport and hotel. The executive also suggested that I can also raise a refund as compensation. It's a little risky to travel during the Covid-19 times so I raised a refund from Turkish Airlines. And guess what, they refunded my money within a few days. I want to thank reservationsnumber.org that has helped me a lot during this process and advised me of the best solution.

by Demolon Liliane on Reservations Number
Cancel change ticket

Hi,Ihave to cancel flylondon gatwick to Mugla dalamanreservation RXWD41 because of Covid and age 77!
Could i get some refund or transfer for later ?

by Melody Yong on Reservations Number
Cancelled flight in July and waitng for Refund

"I am still awaiting refund for my cancelled flight in July. According to your policy, we are entitled to receive a full refund if cancellation is made 24hours before departure. My flight has been cancelled more than a month before departure.

Below are my flight details. Let me know what information you need from me.

03-Jul-20 Auckland International Apt - Kuala Lumpur TK4802 00:15 07:40
03-Jul-20 Kuala Lumpur - Istanbul TK63 11:30 17:05
03-Jul-20 Istanbul - Amsterdam TK1955 19:10 21:45
01-Aug-20 Istanbul - Singapore Changi Apt TK54 02:00 17:50
02-Aug-20 Singapore Changi Apt - Auckland International Apt TK8873 08:50 22:25

Melody Yong

by Gizel Nakla on Reservations Number
refund required please

I am requesting a refund for my clients for a travel Jun 19th that did not occur due to Covid-19 , my customers are Mina Youssef and Miriam Iskander ticket numbers needs to be refunded

2.TE 2357481186332**-AT YOUSS/M D1T0*AGN 2111/25DEC

3.TE 2357481186333**-AT ISKAN/M D1T0*AGN 2111/25DEC

please let me know if I can proceed in the system with a refund or you are refunding it for me, and if their is a code I need to add when I refund for waiving penalities please send it to me. appreciated your help. thanks

by Darion on Reservations Number
No refund after over 4 months

I have been waiting for a refund for exactly 4 months and 10 days now. Funny thing is, on 14 Apr 2020 I received an email confirming they had issued the agreed refund. I have been following-up on a regular basis since then: through their web forms (around 10 times) and by calling the call centre.

I wonder if I will ever receive it, actually. What I do know for sure is that I will never purchase tickets from this airline.

by Ali on Reservations Number
The worst airline

Who said Turkish airlines does not cancel flights? They cancelled my flight several times and it took four months for them to refund the damn flight. The cash refund option in their website is inactive and they do not honnor EC261 which is applicable to ALL THE flights departing EU cities. According to that law, if the airline cancells the flight, the refund must be paid in 7 days.

by Amit Ghodke on Reservations Number

+241 6634**86

by KHALIL RAHMAN on Reservations Number




by Abdul Hakim on Reservations Number

Dear Turkish Air liner,
you have cancelled all the flights for the month of August and Sep 2020 out of IAH George Bush international Airport for unsatisfied reason, incase you cancel or change the flight date you have to refund the passenger because its your problem OR
not issue dam tickets to the passenger to waste their time and schedule, people need to pay their bills on time or be called a deal broker.
if my flight date change I will sue the Airline in court for my compensation and time wasting.

by Andrzej Federski on Reservations Number

I received information about the cancellation of my flight: RKK**** (TK)

ANDRZEJ FEDERSKI 235-374852****
EWA FEDERSKA 235-374852****


PLATINUM help package


PL05 1870 1045 **** 9021 0001 PLZ
PL75 1870 1045 2078 1210 **** Euro

L3MWC0 [eTrackNr:44985915] case number 4498****

by Shayne on Reservations Number

Good day,

I would like to know if ticket no. 2357*******52 is cancel flight or not. Please email me right away as the flight will be on July 4,2020.

Thank you

by Inva Braha on Reservations Number

I need to cancel my flight, i bought less than an hour ago. The website says that there is a technical error and I cannot cancel it myself

TIBMRH is my confirmation number

by kiana on Reservations Number

this ticket is for my 15 years old daughter who is going to travel to Vancouver on her own but due to Corona virus , I wanna to cancel her flights.
please help me to do this task and how much is the cancellation fee.
kind regards

by daryoush on Reservations Number
cancel ticket of turkish airlines

Hi,this is Daryoush with ticketnumber235***2528*51,i want to cancel my ticket.

by Maria Burnham on Reservations Number
Want to access free cancelation within the 24 hour period

"To whom it may concern,

I have a flight for 2 people flying from Delhi, India to Boston, USA (with one layover in Istanbul). The booking reference number is S7***W.

I would like information regarding how to cancel this flight utilizing the 24 hr free cancelation policy, as we are making this request within the 24 hr period since booking. I have tried many many many times to call your customer care numbers including the Delhi ticket sales number, the US customer care number, and the reservation number written on your website. However, the phone line will not pick up.

Could you please contact us regarding this process ASAP so we can access the free cancelation within the 24 hour period.

thank you kindly,

Maria Burnham

by Bridget McHugh on Reservations Number
Need to cancel my Flight

"I am Calling regarding a recent flight that I made And need to cancel. All of the phones numbers listed are just saying that they are busy.

My name is Clare McHugh
Flight confirmation #S7***C

From Istanbul to Chicago

Thank you
Bridget McHugh

by Catalina Ontaneda on Reservations Number

Hello, I need a refund from the ticket I bought, the number of reservation is SFX4PA. Since it is impossible to travel at this difficult moments we are living because of the Covid-19
Please, I need your help to make sure I can be able to get my refund and hopefully travel later on.

booking cancellation

my flight to the UK from lagos on 19th march 2020 with turkish airline was changed by the airline authorities to may 16th 2020.

by SAEEDULLAH Khan on Reservations Number
Cancel cause

I think the method explain here is very simple and understandable. I have to cancel my flight because the borders between France and Spain are closed due to CORONA VIRUS. So i can not go from Bayonne (France) to Bilbao (Spain). I booked flight before the present situation raised. I am thankful to Turkish Airline as well.

by Zeon on Reservations Number
This site not related to Turkish Airlines

Stop writing your concerns to Turkish Airlines here because this website is not related to the company!!
Official page where you can file your claims or provide feedback to Turkish Airline is here https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-us/any-questions/get-in-touch/

by Petr on Reservations Number

Dear Turkish Airline,

I'm suppose to fly from Prague to Delhi on 13.3. However, due to the Corona Virus the Indian government decided to cancel the visa. How should I proceed?

Thank you

by eba on Reservations Number

after trying too long to reach the customer service, three people hang up on . the fourth guy yelled at me and hung up. I only need to re-book my ticket. i just cancelled it by an accident

by MARIA TERESA RODRIGUEZ on Reservations Number

Dear Turkish Airline: I just came from a South American trip. I had and accident and also got sick to my country. My physician has prohibited traveling to any part of the world due to these health problems. Therefore, I need to cancell all trips. Best regards, Maria Teresa Rodriguez

by Mohammad Karami on Reservations Number
(E-Ticket 2353370397813)

Dear Turkish Airline,
I hope this email finds you well.
I had a flight on 29.02.2020 from Tehran to Stuttgart (E-Ticket 2353370397813) with Turkish Airline and unfortunately because of the Corona Virus problem the Turkish Airlines has stopped all flights and I was not able reach my work in Germany at time.
Today I found a flight to Germany and I paid too much for this connection myself.
Here I would like to write Turkish Airline whether it compensates me this amount.
Best Regards,
Passenger: Aitakin Habibi
Contact Person: Mohammad Karami

by Naubakhar Abdalieva on Reservations Number
Need to know about returning ticket

How can I return tickets from Tashkent to Pullman? Thank you in advance!

by Liliana Zavala on Reservations Number
Cancelling The Ticket due to coronavirus

"Whom It May Concern,

I been trying to reach customer service due to the following issue:

I purchased a ticket 4 days ago. I had planned a vacation to the Philippines before the corona virus outbreak. Sadly, this situation is getting out of control and recently was reported a case of said virus on the destination I am aheading. ONE case officially voiced but not known as of yet how many more people has come affected for that...in that area.

As a result of this world wide crisis I am cancelling any trips out my country (U.S.A). Which would be the responsible and ethical thing to do.

I purchased a ticket that seems to be non refundable. I am calling and e-mailing 19 days prior said trip. Unfortunately, I get a very poor response from customer service to acknowledge , have empathy nor offer a solution. I understand that there are policies. However, this is a case that everyone should participate to avoid becoming part of the problem.

I kindly like to request a full refund on this.

I would appreciate a proper response to this e-mail.With the outmost respect I thank thee for your attention to this matter and any help you can provide.

by Sugihara Yuta on Reservations Number
Need Exact day ticket Confirmation

"This is SUGIHARA Yuta, working and living in Bahrain.
I am going to travel on business.

I will book by travel agency. The airline is ""GF562"", it will departure at
Bahrain at 11:35 on Tuesday 24 MAR. and will arrive at Muscat at 11:35 on

If I get this ticket, when cancellation fee will be occur?
I need specific day.

I will wait for answer for replying this mail.

by Chiemi on Reservations Number
Can I Get The Full Refund While Cancelling the Ticket

"""I have a question.

Can we receive refund when we cancel the ticket?
We want to cancel the ticket because of Novel coronavirus. We will flight from Japan but in this time it is impossible to go travel..

Could you help us?

by Alessandro on Reservations Number
Refund Ticket

Hi, how do I get a refund for my ticket?

by Behzad Salmassian on Reservations Number
Ticket cancelation

Hi, I wanna cancel my ticket with ticket No. PO1074382-1 .
I'm Behzad Salmassian and I've bought a ticket for a flight Venice from Istanbul on March 07, 2020.
Does my paid cost come back to myself?

by Steven on Reservations Number

Hello i have just cancelled my ticket as unable to obtain travel visa to Ukraine.

i have tried to call 18556353039 but is USA. I need feed back on full refund. Regards steven UNKWB7

by Kelly on Reservations Number

Can’t make the days, I am not able to cancel the my truskish air booking from the website form. I tried cancelling it thrice. everytime the website gives me a new request id but nothing happened. can you please let me know how can I cancel my flight ticket?

I have read the full policy of Turkish Airlines and I Know now that I am eligible for free cancellation and I will get full refund. I am cancelling my ticket because I am sick and can't travel.

by Ms Liew on Reservations Number
Can I get the full refund


Due to unexpected conditions, it is necessary to cancel the trip.

May i check what do I need to do?

Can I get the full refund of air ticket?

Ticket no: 2353*******86

Booking code: QY***K

Thank you for your helpfulness and kindly revert.

Warmest regards.