United Airlines Cancellation Policy

Airlines have shrunk this world, giving its people an opportunity to explore lands tucked away somewhere in our dreams and enabling faster movement of goods. But the lengthy and tedious process of flight cancellation kills all the excitement. So to keep the thrill alive, book a flight ticket with United Airlines always and experience a never-seen world of lightning fast flight cancellations. The United Airlines Cancellation Policy gives air travelers a reason to smile and cheer as they no longer have to pay any cancellation fee.

Regarded as the third largest airline in the world, United Airlines is one of the most popular Airlines headquartered at the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. It commands a strong presence all over  the world  including the Asia-Pacific region. 

United Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

United Airlines Cancellation Policy is divided into two segments: Refundable and Non-refundable tickets. 

  • The airline will charge a cancellation fee if the passengers are canceling flight after the allotted time.
  • For international routes, the airline will charge more compared to domestic routes passengers. 
  • The airline serves almost every location of the globe but they maintain the same cancellation policy for every passenger. 
  • Passengers do not require to pay a cancellation fee if they are canceling the flight within a risk-free period as per United Airlines Cancellation Policy.
  • The airline will not refund any amount to passengers who hold a non-refundable ticket after the allowed period. 
  • The refundable tickets are costlier than the non-refundable tickets, but refundable tickets offer more peace to the soul. 
  • Always prefer to purchase refundable tickets instead of non-refundable ones. 
  • Passengers who are canceling tickets on the same day of departure need to pay a cancellation fee whether they bought a refundable or non-refundable ticket according to the United Airlines flight cancellation policy. 
  • The airline will not refund any amount if the passenger fails to complete the check-in process in time. 

United Airlines Cancellation Fee

United Airlines Cancellation Fee depends on the type of ticket that has been purchased by the passengers. During the process of cancellation, air travelers may get a full refund, partial refund or no refund at all. Before buying a ticket read the disclaimer mentioned in order to avoid any loss of money. 

  • The passenger holding a non-refundable ticket should pay $200 as United Airlines Cancellation Fee after completing the risk-free period. 
  • United Airlines will charge $25 to $125 for award tickets.
  • The basic economy ticket holder is not allowed to cancel their booking. 
  • The refundable ticket holder does not need to pay the United Airlines Cancellation Fee. 
  • They can cancel the scheduled tickets any time till the departure date without paying the cancellation fee.

United Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

According to United Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, the passenger does not require to pay the cancellation fee when they are canceling tickets within the appointed time. The airline is bound to offer a full refund if cancellation takes place within the same day of booking. All the refund amount will be transferred to the initial form of payment within three weeks.

United Airlines allows you a 24-hour flexible booking window, this means if you cancel or change your ticket 24 hours within your scheduled departure time then you will get a full refund of your ticket in your original payment mode without any cancellation charges. After the completion of 24 hours of booking, passengers need to pay the cancellation fee as per United Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.

United Refund For The Cancelled Flight – Refundable Ticket

If you want to travel anywhere in this world just close your eyes and book your flight ticket with United Airlines. Our interactive kiosks are always updated with our new and upcoming discount offers and also make you aware of your current credits, rewards and any other information needed for travel and booking. In case, if you plan a tentative trip and wish to cancel the flight ticket then you don’t have to worry about paying a huge cancellation fee.  United Airlines cancellation fee is very less compared with any other airline in America.

Buying a Refundable ticket is what you need to ensure the guaranteed refund of your flight ticket. Purchasing a refundable ticket with United Airlines offers many advantages such as no cancellation fee and the original amount of the flight ticket will be refunded back to your original payment mode within seven working days, according to U.S refund policy. 

The United refund for the cancelled flight depends on the situation why the flight was cancelled. When the airline cancels flights for the uncontrollable reason, the passenger will not gain any refund but if the flight is delayed for a controllable reason, then the passenger will get the benefit mentioned below:-

  1. Free meals, calls, Emails
  2. Vouchers for future use
  3. Full refund or seat on the next flight to passenger destination
  4. Free Accommodation to the hotel from the airport, etc.

United Refund For Cancelled Flight – Non-Refundable Ticket

Every year, 33.5 million passengers fly through Houston with  United Airlines, which means 91,000 passengers fly through the sky of Houston every day. If you are traveling with a non-refundable ticket in the United States, then you may not get a refund for your canceled ticket. The amount refunded will be in the form of an e-credit which can be put in use towards the purchase of another plane ticket, but you have to pay a minimum amount of money ranging between $50 to $150 depending on the itinerary you have decided to follow or the changes you have made in the flight ticket.

In case of certain unplanned events such as the death of a companion or immediate family, court hearing or judicial callings, etc. United Airlines will stand beside you giving you a helping hand. According to United Airlines Refund Policy, you can claim a refund by typing an application form and sending it to our official website. We will respond back as soon as we get your mail and your refund will be issued within seven working days, but you will be charged a minimum cancellation fee of $50 at the time of publication.

How To Cancel United Flight?

Canceling tickets is not a tough job as the airline is offering a variety of services through various portals. Most of the airlines charge high fees just to cancel your already booked flight but that’s not the case with United Airlines. You just have to follow some easy steps mentioned below and you will find the answer to your “how to cancel United flight” question.

Steps to Cancel Flight Ticket Online

  • Click on the “My Reservations” option on the airlines’ website or the portal that you are using for booking. Enter the six-digit ticket number and the last name on the reservation.
  • Select the “Cancel” option and accept the requests given by the airline for confirmation. This is how you cancel a flight ticket with United Airlines. Follow the refund instructions mentioned on the airlines’ website or the portal that you are using if your ticket was refundable.

Cancel Flight By Visiting Nearby United Airlines Office

  • You just have to Google the address of your nearby United Airlines office. And visit our office.
  • Our interactive kiosks are available there 24/7 in order to help you with all the airlines’ related queries and doubts.
  • Inform them about the ticket cancellation and they will guide you further.

United Airlines gives you the most comfortable journey with fresh and tasty food alongside delicious mouth watery beverages. We also offer a luxurious lounge with 5-star experience and 93 years of trust. Making it the best choice for you because we care too much for our customers and we will take any possible steps to serve them in the best way possible.

United Airlines Flight Cancellation FAQs:-

How To Cancel United Flight By Phone?

To cancel United flight tickets over the call, passengers need to communicate with the airline Customer service team. Provide the six-digit confirmation code and inform them about the ticket cancellation. The travel agent will assist you with the cancellation process and also inform you about refund related information. If the passenger has more concerns about the policies they can discuss it with travel agents until they are not satisfied with the outcome.

Can I Cancel A United Flight Ticket Within 24 Hours Of Booking?

Yes. Anyone can cancel a United flight ticket within 24 hours of booking. But if the booking date is similar to the departure date, then the airline will not permit you to cancel your booking. 

When a passenger cancels tickets on the day of the departure the whole amount is charged as No show fee.

What if United  Airlines Cancel My Flight?

When the flight is canceled by the airline for natural calamities, no compensation or refund is mandatory. But when the flight is canceled for corporate reasons, the airline will offer a full refund with some free services. The airline needs to inform each passenger in advance if they are going to cancel the flight.

How Can I Obtain A Refund For My Refundable Tickets?

You have various methods for requesting a refund. Airlines offer cancellation process through both mediums (online and offline). For canceling tickets on an online portal, you do need to pay service charges. Whereas in offline modes, you need to pay an extra service fee for gaining a full refund. 

What To Do When United  Airlines Cancel Flights?

When United Airlines cancels flights without informing passengers in advance, the ticket fare will be refunded within 20 business days. For requesting a refund, the passenger needs to contact the customer service team or they can use online portals. When the flight is canceled by the airline, all the passengers will get a travel voucher with the validity of one year.

Know About United Airlines

United Airlines has gained a tremendous amount of fame owing to its services and affordable tickets in all categories. It has seven hubs situated in the places visited by the maximum number of passengers. Chicago-O’Hare is United Airline’s largest hub in terms of passengers carried and the number of departures. United airlines have provided employment to about 86,000 people.

36 million passengers travel every year through O’Hare with United Airlines. This means 99,000 people fly every day with United airlines making them the bulkiest airline at the airport.

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United Airlines Cancellation Policy
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by Jonathan Davis on United Airlines Cancellation Policy
Simple and clear

Many think that the United airlines. Its cancellation policy is a quite complicated one but I know the policy is simple and clear. The airline offers various ways to save passengers from cancellation charges. I am happy with the clauses mentioned in the United airlines cancellation policy.

by Rajesh on United Airlines Cancellation Policy
Need Information Regarding Booking

"To & Fro tickets for Mr. Asish Kothari & Ms. Surbhi Nopany for Mumbai/Newark sector scheduled on 23.05.2020 and Newark/Mumbai sector scheduled on 14.06.2020 having Confirmation No. F7SV8X are booked.

In the present scenario of COVID19 virus, their trip may be cancelled. Please inform the cancellation policy towards the above booking, in case, if the tickets are cancelled.


by Linda Marie Trudeau on United Airlines Cancellation Policy
rescheduled my next flight

"Hello: My United Confirmation # is NJFXXX - I am in Nicaragua and due to the virus I would like to leave for home in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada in the next few days – I have booked this flight through Flight Hub but they will charge me to rebook - I would appreciate if my flight could be rescheduled in the next few days. Your attention to this is much appreciated. I can be reached at this email address.

My concern is that Canada will close International borders and I will get stranded here – I am very concerned.

Thank you.

Linda Marie Trudeau (United Mileage Plus Account # VBB2XXXX)"

by Elijah Lee on United Airlines Cancellation Policy
How can i cancel united flight

I am standing on the JFK airport my flight is delayed for 3 hours, but i have to fly urgently to Chicago, so want to cancel my flight adn will book another one, can you please let me know how can i cancel united flight to get the full refund?

by Edgar on United Airlines Cancellation Policy
connecting flight from Santa Barbara to LAX

I live in Santa Barbara and plan to visit Santa Cruz, CA from July 12 -15, 2019.

I understand there is no direct flight from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz, so i have to fly from LAX airport to go to San Jose Airport which is the closest to Santa Cruz. Am i right? Is there a connecting flight from Santa Barbara to LAX ?

With so many telephone numbers on your website, please email me the number directly that i can talk to a “human” agent.

by johnson on United Airlines Cancellation Policy

Why wait in long queues when you can cancel tickets by spending a few minutes online. The united airlines offer cancellation services through two mediums online and offline. I opened the official website, the interface is user-friendly. I have to invest just 3 minutes to cancel United flight, the online procedure saves my effort and energy.

by Riley Nelson on United Airlines Cancellation Policy

I wanted to cancel my flight with the united airlines so, i checked online for the help. I visited the official website of united airlines but the website was very confusing for me and i did not know how to get my tickets cancelled. Somehow i managed to get the number of united airlines reservation department and dialled it. I kept waiting for at least 5 mins to get connected to a representative and i was irritated due to the late response. when the call got connected, representative helped and guided me with all the steps to cancel the flight online through their website. I easily cancelled my flight tickets with the united airlines by following the told steps, the call with the representative turned out to be really helpful for me. The services and facilities of united airlines were not that great but you will be satisfied as they provide all the necessary services.

by Levi Jones on United Airlines Cancellation Policy

Due to a personal emergency situation, i wanted to cancel my flight booking with united airlines. So, i visited the official website of united airlines for the cancellation process but there were lots of options and functionalities which made me confused. Then, i decided to call on the united airlines reservation number, my call was picked up after the second ring and i explained my situation over the call to the representative of the united airlines. The representative understood my situation and guided me for the online cancellation process as it was easy and convenient; he cleared all my doubts and confusions. After the call, i was clear about all the steps for the ticket cancellation process with united airlines, i followed the told steps and easily got my tickets cancelled without any charge or penalty. i cancelled the tickets within the 24 hours of booking so, the united airlines did not levy any charges or penalties.

by Alecia Cooper on United Airlines Cancellation Policy
United Airlines Cancellation

I requested United Airlines reservations number to cancel my ticket and I was genuinely convinced with the way they acknowledged. Thank you United Airlines for providing resolution.