Vietnam Airlines Cancellation Policy

Vietnam Airline is the state-owned enterprise and the flag carrier of Vietnam. This airline covers almost 64 destinations domestic as well as international. This airline has several subsidiaries as well such as Vietnam Air Service Company, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, Vietnam Airline Cargo, Vietnam Airlines Caterers, Vietnam Airlines Engineering Company, and Vietnam Air Services Company. If you have booked a flight with Vietnam Airlines and for some reason, you want to cancel the flight, you can check out certain Vietnam Airlines flight cancellation policy. Reservation Number has listed down some of the terms and conditions as well as the cancellation policy of the Vietnam Airlines.

Vietnam Airlines Cancellation policy

Vietnam Airlines Cancellation Policy

Vietnam Airlines has laid the cancellation policies for the passengers who want to cancel their flight reservations after the booking. There are some points you can keep in mind that can help you cancel your flights easily and in a hassle-free way.

Vietnam Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

Vietnam Airlines covers the 24 hours limit regarding the flight cancellation process. This means that you can cancel the booked flight tickets of Vietnam Airlines within 24 hours after the time of purchase. Moreover, the airline can make sure that you get the full refund if you have cancelled the flight scheduled for 7 days later or more. However, Vietnam Airlines has the right to change these rules whenever they want. 

How to cancel a Vietnam Airlines flight ticket?

To cancel the booked Vietnam Airlines flight ticket, you may visit the official website of Vietnam Airlines or you can directly contact Reservations Number to cancel flight ticket Vietnam Airlines. For this, you must withhold the copy of the booked ticket which you can use to fill in the details in the Vietnam Airlines cancellation form while canceling the flight booking. Keep in mind that the flights can be canceled within 24 hours after the booking has been done so that you can get the full refund. 

Refund policy of Vietnam Airlines Cancelled Flights

Vietnam Airlines has certain rules for refund of the canceled flights which is that these ticket refunds are only permissible when the tickets are booked online. If the ticket booking is done at the offices or through agents, you may encounter some trouble in processing the refund.

Vietnam Airlines Cancellation Fees

Vietnam Airlines offers ticket cancellation services for both international and domestic flights. However, there are some Vietnam Airlines cancellation charges included in the process. You may be required to pay $100 to $500 for the ticket cancellation in Vietnam Airlines, if the cancellation is done after 24 hours after the ticket confirmation. 

How to Cancel Vietnam Airlines Tickets?

The Vietnam Airlines Flight tickets can be canceled by two methods only. Either it will be canceled by Vietnam Airlines itself, or the passenger can do it. The Vietnam Airlines cancellation charges may not even apply if the cancellation is done very soon after the flight booking. Moreover, if you want a refund for the ticket cancellation, you have to make sure that the tickets have not exceeded the expiration date.  

Vietnam Airlines Cancel Flight Tickets Online

If you want to cancel the ticket, you can do that by simply visiting the official website of Vietnam Airlines and then visit the Vietnam Airlines cancellation web page. Type in the flight ticket confirmation number and other reservation details to go ahead with the process of canceling the ticket. The website will ask your permission to confirm the cancellation with a pop up before finally canceling the ticket. If the tickets are two-way, then the cancellation will be done for both the ways and not only one way. Moreover, if the tickets are refundable, you can check the “travel funds” to know whether the ticket is refundable or not and accordingly proceed with the refunding process.  

Cancel Flights by Phone

If you don’t want the hassle of canceling the tickets online, you can simply dial the customer care number +1-877-311-7484 to cancel the ticket. Once you are connected with Vietnam Airlines customer service, you can mention the flight ticket reservation number to proceed with the cancellation process.

Cancel Flights To The Ticket Office

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, you can always call the ticket office or the travel agent that can help you with the Vietnam Airlines ticket cancellation process.

Denial of Boarding or Cancellation

In cases if Vietnam Airlines does not provide assistance in boarding the flight or cancel the flight due to some reasons, Vietnam Airlines will contact you prior to the process and will arrange a ticket refund for you. The airline will keep you updated with all the changes in the flight schedule. 

In case of Delayed Flights

The passenger is entitled to assistance if the Vietnam Airline flight is delayed by more than 4 hours.

Vietnam Airlines Refund Policy

To check whether the ticket is refundable or not, you can check the status of “Travel funds” before proceeding with the process of cancelling the flight ticket. If the ticket is refundable, you can check the refund status on the website itself. Certain regulations surrounding Vietnam Airline cancellation refund include denial in the refund if the tickets are discounted, and higher refund fee if the request is made right after the scheduled ticketed flight. Alternatively, you can call customer care for more assistance on the refund status of the booked ticket. 

How to Do Vietnam Airlines Rebooking Online?

If you are looking for ways to rebook Vietnam Airlines Tickets online, you can do that either by visiting the official website of Vietnam Airlines or call the Vietnam Airline reservation number for official assistance for the rebooking process. You may have to follow similar steps to rebook the flight cancelled earlier. 

Rebooking Fee

The rebooking fee for Vietnam Airlines tickets may include the ticket charge as mentioned on the website. If you are rebooking a Vietnam Airline flight through Vietnam Airlines reservations phone number or from the airport itself, all the charges for the rebooking will be mentioned before the rebooking procedure. 

Facilities Provided for Delay and Cancellation

For the ease of passengers, there are several facilities provided to the passengers during the deal or the cancellation of the flight.

  • If the flight is delayed by more than 3 hours then the airline will ease the passengers by offering meals and refreshments without any charges. Moreover, the passenger will be provided with two free telephone calls, fax, and emails without any charges along with compensation.
  • If the flight is delayed by one day then the airline will offer hotel accommodation and transport services to and fro the airport.
  • If the airline is able to provide you with an alternate flight and the scheduled arrival time is not exceeded by 4 hours, then the ticket compensation will be reduced by 50 percent.        
  • If the alternate flight is delayed by your previous scheduled arrival time, then you are entitled to compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Vietnam Airlines Cancellation Policy

What is the Vietnam Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy?

Vietnam Airlines ticket cancellation policy allows the passengers to cancel the refundable booked flight within the 24-hour time span from the time of booking. If the cancellation is done after 24 hours, certain cancellation charges may apply and the Vietnam Airlines cancellation refund may get compromised.

What are documents required for the Vietnam Airlines ticket cancellation process?

When you proceed with the cancellation process of the booked flight, you must ensure that you have a ticket confirmation number with you and all the passport ID details of the passengers on whose name the flight is booked. Next, you can either start the process of Vietnam flight cancellation online or through Vietnam Airlines reservations number.

What if the flight gets cancelled by the Vietnam Airlines?

If the flight cancellation is done by the Vietnam Airlines, then the passengers who booked the refunded flight tickets will get the refund for the tickets. Moreover, if there is another flight available for the same destination you booked for and the arrival time is not delayed by more than 4 hours, your flights will be booked in the next available scheduled Vietnam Airlines flight.

How do I go about rebooking the Vietnam Airlines flight?

If you have booked the wrong flight and want to change the flight reservation, or simply want to rebook the Vietnam Airlines flight, you first need to proceed with the cancellation process of the previously booked flight. Then, you can proceed with the flight rebooking process either online or through Vietnam Airlines reservations phone number.

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