Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy

Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your reservation on Virgin Atlantic Airlines by heading off to its official site. Not sure about your plan you have 24 hours to think about finalizing your trip with Virgin Atlantic Airlines. For cancellation policy, the Virgin Atlantic airlines implement the law prepared by the U.S. Department of transport. If you booked a non-refundable ticket, then you will not get any refund. Always prefer refundable against non-refundable tickets, as there is no security of fare amount in Non-refundable tickets for canceling it. You may get a full discount with no additional derivation if you cancel the journey before a week to the scheduled flight inside the initial 24 hours of Virgin Atlantic flight ticket booking. As per the Virgin Atlantic cancellation policy, the refund sum will be given or credited in the same process of flight booking. The flight has arrived and if you cancel the tickets then you will get any refund and the full amount is forfeited as No Show fees.

Virgin Atlantic cancellation charges

The request made a month prior to departure of the flight, you may receive government tax amount as refund and the rest of the amount is deducted as cancellation charges. You have cheap awards tickets than no cancellation charges are imposed by Virgin Atlantic. For canceling your tickets in Virgin Atlantic Airlines with Flying club membership, you require to pay $50 as cancellation charges. You need to inform airlines at least 24 hours before the departure of flights. If you are confused about booking tickets, you have 72 hours to hold a booking ticket without paying for the tickets. Virgin Atlantic Cancellation charges depend on the time of canceling tickets. The passenger bought non-refundable tickets will only get tax value as a refund and the rest of the amount will be forfeited.

How often Virgin Atlantic cancel flights?

Virgin Atlantic is one of the best airlines as per providing service to the passenger. About 90% of the time the Virgin Atlantic never cancels flights for personal factors. On the off chance that you will get compensation, when Virgin Atlantic cancel flights for some internal policy or accident or when they are unable to finish the trip, etc. Call Virgin Atlantic customer service team for compensation and ask the airline support team for accommodation if needed. Virgin Atlantic cancels flights with informing all the passengers, then you may not get any refund or any compensation value. The flights are delayed for more than 3 hours than you will receive a full refund and free delicious beverages with premium drinks. You will have access to use two fax or emails with two calls. If needed the Virgin Atlantic will provide full accommodation to every passenger on behalf of delayed or canceled flights.

Virgin Atlantic cancellation due to illness

Virgin Atlantic understand the passenger never willingly cancel flights. But sometimes the situations are not in our hands. For those conditions when you cancel your flight tickets in Virgin Atlantic due to illness, you may receive a full refund by Virgin Atlantic. You need to inform airline 24 hours before the departure of Virgin Atlantic flights. If you are canceling your flights due to illness, then you need to submit a doctor consult paper to airline authority at the ticket office. The airline may compensate for your cancellation fees if you provide a health certificate to them. Always inform airlines a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

Virgin Atlantic cancellation policy 24 hours

If you have to abandon a scheduled ticket inside 24 hours of flight booking, you can do that by going to the official site, and you won’t be blamed for any undoing charge. As per 24 hours cancellation policy of Virgin Atlantic, you do not need to pay the cancellation charges for canceling tickets. In this law, if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchase, no cancellation charges are imposed on you by Virgin Atlantic. You need to pay additional charges as per the cancellation policy if you cancel your tickets after 24 hours of booking according to 24 hours cancellation policy. The 24 hours cancellation policy of Virgin Atlantic covers both refundable and non-refundable tickets.

Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Refund Policy

 You need to pay a cancellation fee for canceling tickets after 24 hours of booking. Your refund will be calculated as per the Virgin Atlantic Cancellation refund policy. The cancellation fee is deducted from Total fare and the rest of the amount is transferred to your account within 3 weeks. You are flying in Virgin Atlantic with Flying club memberships; you need to pay $50 for extracting refund. If the tickets are not canceled within 24 hours then you may need to pay more for non-refundable tickets.

How to cancel tickets in Virgin Atlantic

Now, Canceling scheduled tickets is not a hectic job. Follow below steps for canceling your tickets:-

  • Search the Official Website of Virgin Atlantic on your web
  • Visit
  • Click on Travel Tab, Position at the Top
  • Select My Trips
  • Select the flight you are willing to cancel
  • Review Your Selection
  • Select Cancel Ticket option
  • Calculate Refund
  • Submit your selection by click on proceed tab

Sometimes, it is very difficult to cancel tickets through the website or by Virgin Atlantic Official Mobile App. You have options like Emailing, calling ticket agent or contacting Virgin Atlantic reservation, and by visiting airport counter, etc for canceling your tickets. You may connect to the Virgin Atlantic Reservation number and grab your preferred seats in a quick time. The Virgin Atlantic allows you to cancel tickets at ticketing offices present in various regions of the world.

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Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Amber Mottram
No refund

My ticket number is 13ABXXXX. I made a reservation with Virgin Atlantic. However, owing to the ongoing pandemic, I canceled the flight, but I have yet to receive confirmation of the refund despite six days. I read the Virgin Atlantic refund policy, but I really don't know where my refund is.

 by Marry Hardfork

My name is Marry Hardfork and I was travelling with Virgin Atlantic while visiting my son who is in college. However, he got a holiday and surprised the entire family with his visit so I had to cancel the tickets regardless. Virgin Atlantic cancellation policy is the smoothest policy I have ever seen. I did not face any issues in cancelling my ticket, a part of the refund was deducted but it was fine considering I cancelled the tickets pretty late. I was so impressed by the amazing work of the airline that I decided to give my son a gift of its membership.

 by Harry Thomson
Full gain No pain

I gained a full refund as I canceled my flight within the allotted time mentioned in the Virgin Atlantic 24 hour cancellation policy. For cancellation, I chose the online process as it helped me to save my hard-earned money from service fees.

 by Justin Hopkins
Get full refund on cancellation

The team requested to pay a cancelation charge when I canceled the ticket. I've been asking the team what it is. The team helped me by providing me with quick insights into the Virgin Atlantic cancellation policy. They said that if I succeed to cancel the trip within the allotted period then only I can gain a full refund on my account.

 by Edgar C. Thompson
It was as easy as taking a walk in the park

Thought of giving the Virgin Atlantic cancellation policy a quick glance before trying to cancel my booking scheduled next month. It was as easy as taking a walk in the park...well explained in layman’s scope for any losses in translation. Bingo!

 by Kelly Fowler
Entire process was super easy

Wasn’t even aware of the Virgin Atlantic refund policy when I was canceling my booking for some reason some time back. But it didn’t really cause any problem for me in getting the refund. The entire process was super easy. The staff was kind and very helpful.

 by Kyla Stilwell
Need to cancel my reservation

"I need to cancel this reservation. SDDW4N. I'm a flight nurse and due to this corona virus outbreak need to cancel this trip for now. I can not get through on the phone and your website won't let me make changes on the reservation. I tried to call technical support and reservations several times. It was paid with airline points and I paid taxes and booking fees. Can I get my points and money back? That would be ideal, if not what are my options? I can not get through to a person and your website needs to be fixed. It won't let me make changes on my reservations until I update my profile. It wants a zipcode on there. It gives me a red circle with a X through it when I try typing there. Please refund my money and points.

Thank you
Kyla Stilwell"

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