EVA Air Flight Change Policy

Headquartered at Taoyuan International Airport, EVA Airways Corporation, also known as Evergreen Airways, is one of the leading airlines today. It serves more than 40 destinations in several countries. In this guide, we have got you the EVA Air flight change policy in case you wish to cancel your planned trip. 

EVA Air Flight Change Policy

EVA Air has the best policies to assure a hassle-free flight for you. We have summed up the key pointers in the below-mentioned points. 

  • EVA Air flight change policy clearly mentions that any passenger with a valid ticket holds the right to free rectifications. However, the rectifications must be done within a day (24 hours) of booking. 
  • The airline gives the passengers to alter their reservations as per their wish and correct any mishap for a smooth and trouble-free trip. 
  • EVA Air change flights can be done in a myriad of ways but the airline demands the passengers to make the changes via the source of booking.
  • If the changes are not made within the risk-free change period, the passengers would be levied with an EVA Air ticket change fee which is payable before the final process of change. 
  • When the passengers notify the desired changes in advance, the airline waives off the change fee against the passengers’ account. 
  • The passengers may have to pay a small EVA Air change flight administration fee if the changes are made via the ticketing office or at the airport. 
  • The passengers must note that EVA Air change reservation can rectify any complimentary service ensured in the previous flight. The passengers cannot demand the same service on the next flight. 
  • If the price for a new flight is more than the previous flight, the passengers would have to pay the difference to make the changes. This does not count as a change fee, it’s merely the ticket fare. 
  • If the passengers have booked a round ticket, they can make any changes one way by contacting the customer support centre of EVA Airlines. The Airline would charge only for one way and not on the entire trip. 

EVA Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy 

Sometimes, changes have to be made at the end moment without any prior notice and whatsoever. While others can panic in this situation about losing their hard-earned money, passengers with an EVA Air ticket needn’t. 

  • If you wish to make changes to your ticket on the same day of departure, you would have to pay some amount to do so. 
  • In case of a flight change, the new flight must be within 24 hours of departure while the departing and source location remains the same. 
  • If you wish to book any other flight than EVA Air then another flight must be a member of Star Alliance.
  • Even if you wish to opt for the same day change, the airline requires you to inform about the changes at least 3 hours before the departure. 
  • The passengers have no right to complain or demand a refund if the airline is not able to accommodate any huge changes at the last minute. 

EVA Air Ticket Change Fee 

EVA Air Change

Well, it does not come as a surprise that in order to enjoy the perks of anything, we should be aware of the limitations too. The airline tries its best to provide its passengers with as much flexibility as possible. However, in certain cases when the passengers violate all the laws, the airline decides to imply certain consequences in terms of fees. 

  • If your ticket is refundable, you can easily make any changes for free. However, the changes must be made within the given span. 
  • EVA Air change date fee ranges between 50 USD to 100 USD. You can check the applicable fee during the time of making the changes. 
  • If you have insured your tickets, the airline would give you the complete liberty to make the changes during the end minute for free. 
  • EVA Air change fee usually depends on several factors such as the time of change made, the class of tickets purchased and the destination. 
  • EVA Air change currency usually differs with the mode of payment. You can pay the change fee in any way you like to. The airline accepts cash, cheques, debit cards as well as credit cards. 
  • Generally, the airline charges somewhere between 50 USD to 400 USD to make any changes to the ticket. Change conditions are different for the different situations so make sure to cross-check before booking a flight ticket. 

All-Inclusive Change Facilities For EVA Air

Name, date, meals, destination and whatnot everything can be altered as per your comfort while buying a ticket of this airline. Making mistakes is fine especially if you are travelling with an airline as flexible as EVA Air. We have gathered all the information and jotted down a gist of it to inform you about all the changes in one place. 

  • Change flight date EVA Air is easily possible in a number of ways. All the date changes are valid up to one year from the booking date. You can modify it as per your wish without seeking any extension. 
  • You can make the EVA Air name change while travelling with this airline. Transferring your ticket to another name would not be entertained by the airline. Only corrections are allowed. 
  • EVA Air change flight time can be done if the airline is providing the services on the same day or on the next day. A small or negligible fee would be levied if you are making the time change for the same day. 
  • EVA Air also allows you to make any change in destination if you are uncertain about your trip. Destination charges are usually a tad bit of a tedious process so make sure to make it as early as possible. 
  • EVA Air change passport number might not be entertained by the airline under usual circumstances. As mentioned, transferring or selling the ticket is strictly prohibited by the airline. 
  • EVA Air change seat is always an option if you do not feel satisfied with your pre-booked seat. The airline also provides you with an option to book your seats in advance during the time of booking. 
  • Change in the itinerary is a no brainer. If you wish to make any additional changes, make sure to contact the airline directly. 

Different Ways For EVA Air Flight Change 

It was not a long time back when we had to walk down to the airport to buy a ticket, let alone speaking of making any changes or cancellations. However, due to the hit of modernity, we can now make the alterations to our tickets in as many ways as possible. Read along to find out about all the ways in which you can make the changes to your ticket. 

EVA Air Change Flight Online 

Probably the easiest and the widely accepted way to make the changes is online. You can tap on the screen and make the modifications from the comfort of your couch. Wondering what do you need to make the changes? Nothing, just a mobile or laptop with a good internet connection would do. 

Change Flight Online
  1. In the search bar of your browser, type the official website for EVA Air or click on this link to be redirected to the website. https://www.EVAair.com/en-us/index.html
  2. If you are a registered user, simply log in to the website so that the airline can fetch your account details. 
  3. Find the Manage Booking section and tap on it. Enter your PNR number and Last name. 
  4. Click on the continue button so that the airline can retrieve all the details related to your flight. 
  5. You can make any sort of change that you wish to. Make sure to run through the changes again before saving them. 
  6. The airline would demand a small fee as per EVA Air flight change policy. 
  7. As soon as you make the payment, the airline would issue a new ticket and send it to your Email ID following the protocols of EVA Air flight change policy. 

EVA Air Change Flight Via A Call 

The most reliable way to change your ticket is via a call. The airline has hired well-spoken professionals who are always there to help you out. If you wish to make the changes in this way, read along the steps to find out how. 

  1. Dia the EVA Air change flight phone number +1-877-311-7484
  2. An executive would answer your call who would assist you in the change-related issues. 
  3. Tell your PNR number and Last Name to the executive so they can fetch your flight details. 
  4. Elaborate on the sort of change you would like to make to your ticket. Be precise so that the executive does not get confused. 
  5. They would then check your eligibility and make the changes following the EVA Air change flight rules. 

EVA Air Change Flight At The Airport Office 

If you are a passenger who likes to take a stroll at the ticket centre to change their tickets, this way is for you. However, you would have to pay an administration fee of 50  USD if you are deciding to make the changes in this way. 

  1.  Walk down to the nearest EVA Air office at the airport. 
  2. Look out for an executive who would help you out in the change process. Wait for a while if the need be. 
  3. Let the executives know about your flight details. 
  4. The executive would run through all the information and let you know about the changes as per your eligibility. You might have to pay a small difference in fee. 
  5. As soon as the fee is paid, the executive would make the changes and release a new ticket as per EVA Air flight change policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions About EVA Air Flight Change Policy

Can I change my flight ticket while travelling by EVA Air?

Yes. you can certainly make any changes as per your wish while travelling with this airline. The changes can be made both offline as well as online.

Does EVA Air charge any fee for making the changes?

As per EVA Air flight change policy, if you are making the changes within 24 hours, the airline would not levy any change fee on you. However, if you miss out on the free change window, the airline would impose a small fee ranging between 100 USD to 400 USD.

Can I change my return flight date on EVA Airlines?

EVA Air flight change policy gives you the complete liberty to change your return ticket. If you have booked a round ticket and are planning to extend your trip or shorten it, you can directly change the date of travelling.

The airline would just charge you for one way and not for the entire ticket.

Can I change the name on my EVA Air flight ticket?

Depends. Although the airline does allow making any changes to your name, there is a limitation to that. You can change up to 3 characters for free or the last name if you have documents for the same.

If you are thinking about transferring your ticket to someone else and selling it, the airline would not entertain it.

Can I make a same-day change to my EVA Air ticket?

Yes. You can make the changes exactly on the day of departure but the airline would impose a certain fee for the same. The changes have to be made at least 3 hours before the departure of the flight.

EVA Air flight change policy mentions that the airline has the right to deny any huge changes desired at the last minute.

What should I do if EVA Air delays my flight?

If the airline delays or cancels your flight by more than 3 hours, you have two options. You can either opt to cancel your ticket and seek a full refund or you can take the next alternative flight as sent by the airline.

The airline also provides free food and beverages during the time of delay. In some cases, you can also get accommodation as per the delay caused by the flight.

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