Malaysia Airlines Flight Change Policy

While taking a trip, we all want everything to be perfect. Whether we talk about the meals or the seats, we do have a favorite, don’t we? While some airlines have a tedious and lengthy process to make the changes in your ticket, Malaysia Airlines is not going to cause you any discomfort. Out of all its amazingly crafted policies, Malaysia Airlines flight change policy is quite literally the best.

If you wish to know more about the change process, we request you to go through the guide and find relevant solutions to all your questions. We have tried to gather all the relevant information to save your efforts and jotted down all the policy details in one place.

Malaysia Airlines Flight Change

Malaysia Airlines Change Booking Key Highlights

No matter how many changes you are willing to make to your Malaysia Airlines flight ticket, you can undoubtedly do it. Go through these pointers to know more about it. 

  • According to the Malaysia Airlines flight change policy, the passengers can make any changes for free within 24 hours of booking. They must make sure that the tickets were purchased at least a week before the departure date. 
  • If the changes are made within the free change window, no fee would be applied. However, if the changes are made after 24 hours, a small Malaysia Airlines flight change fee would be levied. 
  • Malaysia Airlines change flights can be done in any way, both offline as well as online. Making changes to your ticket via the source of the booking will ensure a smooth process. 
  • Tickets can be changed only as per their type. If a passenger is purchasing a non-refundable ticket, the airline has all the right to deny the change request. 
  • If the passengers are involving any third party in the ticket booking process, they must directly reach out to the agents or agencies to make the modifications. Directly making changes online would not be an option. 

Malaysia Airlines All-Inclusive Change Facilities 

If you are tired of searching for different changes of Malaysia Airlines all over the internet, it’s time you relax. We have summarised and mentioned all the changes that you can make while traveling with this airline. 

  • If something important pops up, the passengers can make Malaysia Airlines change date up to 4 hours before the estimated departure. The changes can be made for free (depending on the type of your ticket). 
  • Malaysia Airlines change flight date policy says that the rescheduling can take place up to a certain time (usually 1 year but it keeps changing). You may contact the airline to know more about the details. 
  • Malaysia Airlines date change fee would be applied if the changes are made after 4 hours of the estimated departure of the flight date. 
  • Malaysia Airlines change seats can be done easily before or after checking in. The passengers have the liberty to book their seats in advance, the airline has reserved some seats for special passengers in an emergency situation. 
  • The passengers can make any changes in their name for free up to three characters. If they wish to further increase the correction limit, they would have to pay a small fee for the same. 
  • Malaysia Airlines does not allow the passengers to transfer the ticket to someone else or change the entire name. The airline would go through the documents to make the correction as per Malaysia Airlines flight change policy. 
  • The passengers even have the resort to make changes to their destination. The airline would need some time to check and initiate the modifications. (Please note that if the passengers are making end-minute destination modifications, the airline might not allow it. 

Malaysia Airlines Change Fee 

For every leverage, there is a limitation. You cannot expect the airline to only subject you with flexibility without setting any bars, right? 

  • If the passengers do not make the changes to their tickets during the risk-free change period, they would have to pay a small fee as demanded by the airline. 
  • The change fee usually depends on several factors such as the time of change, the destination, and the type of tickets purchased. 
  • If the passengers have insured their tickets, they would not have to pay even a penny to make the changes. 
  • If you wish to know about the change fee in detail, you must contact the airline regarding the same at +1-877-311-7484

Different Ways For Malaysia Airlines Change Booking

The passengers can make changes to their tickets in a myriad of ways. Malaysia Airlines has a wide range of passengers and it serves everyone’s needs. Whether you want to make the alterations at the tap of a screen or take it the old way, the airline would provide all the options. 

Malaysia Airlines Change Booking Online

Who wouldn’t like to sit on the couch and make the changes? Probably the easiest method to make the changes is online. You do not have to be dependent on anyone to make the changes. Regardless of the time, Malaysia Airlines allows you to make the change whenever. If you have booked your tickets online, you can definitely change them in the same way. 

  1. Visit the official website of Malaysia Airlines or click at
  2. On the right side of the home page, you can notice a log-in/sign-up option. Enter your details. 
  3. Now that the airline recognizes you, press on the “manage” option. Enter your Booking Reference Number and last name to fetch the flight details. 
  4. Click on the “manage Booking” option. 
  5. The airline would navigate you to some other page. You can make any changes as per your wish. 
  6. Make sure to cross-check the changes before confirming them. 
  7. The airline would ask you to pay the amount (If applicable) to proceed with the change. 
  8. The airline would release a new ticket as per Malaysia Airlines flight change policy. You would receive the mail to your registered email ID or the contact details. 

Malaysia Airlines Change Booking Via a Call 

Not very comfortable in making the changes via the web? Do not worry. You can make the changes directly by giving a call at the global contact center of the airline. The airline has hired some of the best executives to help you out in the change process. 

  1. Dial the help center of Malaysia Airlines at +1-877-311-7484
  2. Speak to an executive who would be assisting you with your change request. 
  3. Tell your Booking Reference Number and last name to the executive. Elaborate on why you are making the changes to your tickets. 
  4. The executive would check your eligibility and inform you regarding the change fee as per Malaysia Airlines flight change policy. 
  5. Your tickets would be modified as soon as you have made the payment. The airline will send you a change confirmation right after. 

Change Your Malaysia Airlines Ticket at The Airport 

If you are still confused about the changes, there is no better way to make the changes than by visiting the airport. This is seen to be the most reliable way to make the changes without having to go through any trouble. 

  1. Walk down to the ticket center of Malaysia Airlines at the airport. 
  2. Look around for help, an executive would be assigned to you. 
  3. Be precise about what kind of change you wish to make to your ticket. Clarity results in avoiding mishaps. 
  4. The executive would tell you about the eligibility for making the changes. You will have to pay a small fee as desired by the airline. 
  5. When the change fee is paid, the desired changes would be made. Check your mail ID for a new ticket sent by the airline. 

If you are making the modifications in this way, you would have to pay a small administrative fee as demanded by the airline. You cannot opt to escape it. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Malaysia Airlines Flight Change Policy

Can I Change My Tickets with Malaysia Airlines?

Yes. Malaysia Airlines flight change policy is quite simple and hassle-free. The passengers can make any modifications to their tickets as per their desire.

However, make sure to check whether you have purchased a refundable ticket or a non-refundable one.

Can I Change My Flight Date on Malaysia Airlines?

Yes. Malaysia Airlines change flight date can be done both online as well as offline. The airline provides a free change window of 24 hours which sometimes lasts up to 4 hours before the departure of the flight.

The bookings must be made at least 7 days before the standard date of departure so that the airline can make the changes instantly.

Can I Change My Flight to Malaysia Airlines?

Yes. Malaysia Airlines flight change policy gives the liberty to change the flight schedule as per your desire. The airline has set simple rules that every passenger must abide by, failure in following these rules might result in change charges.

How Much Does Malaysia Airlines Charge to Change a Flight Ticket?

The change fee really depends on the time of change made, the destination, the type of ticket purchased (domestic or international), and whether the tickets are refundable or non-refundable.

For a more accurate amount of the change, the passengers can directly contact the global call center of the airline and seek the change fee as per their tickets.

How Can I Change My Flight to Malaysia Airlines?

The passengers can change their flights in any way they want to. Malaysia Airlines flight change policy allows you to change your flight in three ways, you can either make the changes online or via a call. If you do not wish to make the changes in the above-mentioned ways, you can directly walk down the airport and make the changes.

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