Singapore Airlines Flight Change Policy

Headquartered in Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore Airlines is seen to be the flag carrier airline of its country. The airline has been ranked as World’s best airline by Skytrax and ruled the Travel & Leisure magazine list for over 20 years. With world-class facilities and services, easy Singapore Airlines flight change policy has been the major attraction for the passengers. 

If you are uncertain of some circumstance, do not worry. With laid-back Singapore Airlines change booking, you can make any alterations in a tap. We will try our best to walk you through the change rules so read along and find the relevant solutions as per your desire. 

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Change Policy 

Gone are the days when we had to struggle for making minor changes to our tickets. A trip is meant to be hassle-free and Singapore Airlines allows you to feel that way. If you have bought a ticket with this airline, you have already assured comfort for your trip. Here are a few points that you must know before making the changes. 

  • Singapore Airlines flight change policy reads that a passenger has the complete right to make any changes for free within 24 hours of booking. The bookings must be made at least 7 days before the departure of the flight. 
  • Singapore Airlines flight booking change can be done in several ways both online as offline. The airline demands the passengers to make changes in the way they booked their tickets. 
  • If the passengers fail to make the alterations in the free change span, they would have to pay Singapore Airlines flight change fee. 
  • To make any relevant changes in the flight, the passengers would have to pay the fare difference. In case your previous flight is more expensive than the new one, the airline would reimburse you the remaining amount. 
  • In case of a group booking, the passengers can directly reach out to the customer support centre. They can also separate the individual bookings they wish to cancel. 
  • The passengers can change their dates, seat, meal, name and schedule while taking a flight with Singapore Airlines. 

Singapore Airlines Date Change policy 

If you do not wish to fly on the same date as on your ticket, you can change it without any second thoughts. If you wish to make any changes to the date, there are certain points that you must know. 

  • Singapore Airlines change flight date can be done up to a year of booking. The airline would not allow you to extend the period of rebooking under any circumstances. 
  • If you are thinking about making the date change, you would have to pay the difference in flight fee to receive a new ticket with all the changes. 
  • In certain conditions, Singapore Airlines would accommodate several changes in date. However, the changes must be done within the given timeframe of 24 hours. 

Singapore Airlines Change Seat Policy 

Singapore Airlines Change Seat

Trust us when we say this, the constant battle between the scenic window seat and the convenient aisle seat has us all. Whether you are a traveller who likes to keep the seats same or a confused one, the airline provides a little for all of you. 

  • Singapore Airlines change seat after check-in is allowed for an exemplary experience. The airline provides the liberty to its passengers to change the seats as per their desire. 
  • Seat changes are allowed up to 72 hours before departure time. However, if you are making the modifications at the last minute, you would have a limited option to choose from. 
  • If the passengers do not select any seat, the airline would randomly allot them any seat. The passengers can contact the ground staff to make the instant changes if required. 
  • Passengers with Premium Economy Class tickets have the liberty to select any seat in advance for free. Changing the seat to extra leg room would require a small fee. 
  • If the passengers are travelling in Business Class, Suites or First class, they can enjoy free seat change any time. 

Singapore Airlines Destination Change policy

Willing to fly to someplace other than the previously decided place? Go ahead and make the destination changes at your convenience. Singapore Airlines has crafted some rules specifically dealing with destination change. 

  • Singapore Airlines flight change policy would give you the leverage to make the change in destination. However, the changes in destination must be made 7 days before departure.
  • If you are thinking of changing your destination from domestic to international or vice versa, you would have to go through a tedious process. 
  • Destination charges can only be made for certain tickets. You cannot make the changes if you have purchased a non-refundable ticket. 

Singapore Airlines Meals Changes Policy 

This is probably the most flexible policy of them all. End minute changes are entertained for free, depending on the type of tickets. 

  • The passengers have the liberty to go through the meal options and choose their meals as offered by the airline. 
  • If the passengers did not like the meal, they can change it as per their mood by paying no fee or a considerably small fee. 
  • End minute meal changes would depend on the availability of the food items. The passengers can only select a meal if the airline is offering it at that time. Singapore Airlines change meal preference can either be done online or via the global contact centre. 

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Fee 

If you have forgotten to make the changes on time, the airline will charge you a certain fee to make the changes. Flight fee usually depends on many factors such as the duration of change, the destination and the ticket type. 

  • Singapore Airlines flight date change fee is 25 USD if you have purchased SilkAir flight tickets. 
  • Any change in date, route, class, flight on partner airlines costs somewhere around 50 USD. The change fee has to be paid via the source of booking itself. 
  • Singapore Airlines award change fee is approximately 75 USD per ticket. Any upgrades caused in the tickets are going to cost the same as award change. 
  • If the distance of the flight is increasing by more than 300 miles, the airline would charge a fee of 30 USD to make the destination change. 
  • If you are a member of Elite Gold, PPS Club or Solitaire PPS Club, you would not have to pay any amount to make the desired changes. 
  • If you have bought a ticket for Economy class, the airline would charge 100 USD as a no show fee. (A no show is applied when the passengers do not show up for their flights). 
  • Premium Economy ticket holders would have to pay a total of 200 USD in case you do not show up for the flight. 
  • Business Class and First class ticket holders would have to pay a total of 300 USD as a no show fee. 
  • If you are making the booking change in Singapore Airlines via the service centre, you would have to pay a small administration fee of 25 USD. The change fee can directly be paid at the end of the change process. 

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Rules 

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Rules

It would not be very practical to think only of benefits without any limitations. Every Airline has set some rules and conditions that prevail in order to protect the liberties from exploitation. Singapore Airlines flight change policy is as easy as you can imagine it to be. However, the airline expects its passengers to abide by certain rules. 

  • You can make the changes for free only if they are making the changes within 24 hours. The bookings must be done at least 1 week before the departure date. 
  • One change is allowed per ticket, if you are making changes more than once, the airline would charge you for the same. 
  • If you have involved any third party in the ticket booking process, the airline would not allow you to make the changes directly. You can contact your agents and ask them to make the modifications accordingly. 
  • If you are changing the flight dates, you can only rebook it till a year from the booking date. Any extension in the booking period would not be entertained by the airline. 
  • Name change is only possible if the person is making the corrections in the name. Transferring the ticket to some other person is not allowed while booking a ticket with Singapore Airlines. 
  • The airline would only make some changes if you have attached proper documents to support the cause. For example, while making a name change, the airline goes through the documents before commencing it. 

How To Change Singapore Airlines Flight? 

There are a myriad of options while talking about changing your flight tickets. If you are a technology buff who likes to do things with a tap on the screen, we recommend you opt for online booking. If you are a laid-back person, you can opt for offline booking. Singapore Airlines flight change policy makes sure to comfort every passenger. Check out the ways to change your tickets in different ways. 

Change Singapore Airlines Flight Ticket Online 

  1. Browse through the official website of the airline.
  2. On the mid bottom of the page you can find the ‘Manage Booking’ section, at the right side. 
  3. You can either fetch your flight details by entering the booking reference number or E-flight ticket. 
  4. Enter your Booking Reference Number and your Last Name, click on the “Find My Booking” option if you’re opting for the easier way. 
  5. The airline would fetch your flight details and display all the change options on the screen. 
  6. You can proceed forward and make the changes as per your desire. If needed, you would have to pay the difference in flight fares to save the changes. 
  7. As soon as the payment is done, the airline would send you a confirmation regarding the same. A new ticket would be released to your email ID. 

Change Singapore Airlines Ticket Via Call 

Not willing to opt for the online option? Not an issue. The airline has a Global Contact Centre to serve its passengers during their time of need. Follow these steps to make the changes in this way.

  1. Call Singapore Airlines customer service number at +1-877-311-7484.
  2. Get in touch with an executive regarding changes to your ticket. 
  3. Tell your PNR number and name to the executive to fetch the flight details. 
  4. Make sure to be as elaborate as possible. The executive would check the eligibility and inform you whether you can make the changes or not. 
  5. If you pass the eligibility test, the executives would request you to pay the flight difference before they confirm the changes. 
  6. As soon as the changes are made, you would receive a new ticket from Singapore Airlines with all the modifications. 

Another way of making offline modifications is via the airport. The passengers have to follow the same step as followed in changing the tickets via the call centre. As soon as the passengers go to the airport, an executive would serve them in the rest of the change process. Singapore Airlines flight change policy states that any passenger who opts to make the changes via this method would be levied with an administrative fee. The fee would be the same for every passenger, regardless of the type of ticket they’re holding.  The fee has to be paid at the end of the procedure when all the changes are made. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Singapore Airlines Change Flight Policy

Can I change my flight with Singapore Airlines?

Yes. According to Singapore Airlines flight change policy, you can change your flight without any trouble.

Please note that there are certain rules linked to every sort of change. In order to make a successful change, you would have to follow them.

How to change flight Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines flight change policy takes an extra step to make its passengers happy. However, changing the ticket in your preferred mode might not be possible if you have booked your tickets via the agents. In that case, you must contact your agents directly.

If you have booked your tickets online or offline, you can contact the executives to seek help. Making the changes via the source of booking is highly appreciated.

Can I change my flight date to Singapore Airlines?

Yes. you can make the date changes in the airline as per the Singapore Airlines flight change policy. Make sure to do the modifications in advance if you wish to avoid any end moment hassle.

How to make change meal preference in Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines flight change policy will allow you to make modifications to your meal as per your desire. You can make the meal changes both online as well as offline.

How to change booking Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines change booking can be done both online as well as offline. You must make the changes to your booking via the point of purchase in order to ensure a smooth process.

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