Sunwing Flight Change Policy

In some instances, it can be crucial to make changes in the flight booking. Having a basic idea about the Sunwing Flight change policy might come in handy. The policy facilitates several types of changes such as the ones made in date, time, and schedule. As per the change you make to the flight, a fee can apply. On its submission, you can receive a confirmation.

Sunwing Flight Change Policy

Sunwing Change Flight Policy

Sudden changes in the travel plans, dates, or times can be handled smoothly with the airline’s change policy. It provides flexibility at cheap rates. There can be many changes which you may need to make at the last minute. When you have a refundable ticket, using this policy can be the most convenient. In other instances as well, you may try using it.

Types of Changes

Sunwing flight change policy features several situations. Depending on which situation it covers, you can apply the flexibility. Also, it is applicable if one books the flight via its online portal, airport counter, or phone number. One can easily make changes in the flight but 24 hours from the booking time. After this, one must pay the flight change fee. 

Date Change

Although very simple, there are some sets of rules you can follow to change Sunwing flight dates. When Sunwing flight cancellation or change due to its date is requested prior to certain days, then there is no penalty charged. The refund amount is given to the account from which the booking is done.

Time/Schedule Change

A change in the schedule of the flight can be essential at any time if the availability of the passenger changes. There are no extra fees for this. A primary condition is that you request the change before 14 days of the schedule’s date as a part of the Sunwing flight change policy.

Note: It is helpful to know that sometimes the airline itself may alter its schedule.

Booking Change

Sunwing Airlines understands that one may want to change the flight booking from one point to another. In case one is trying to change the flight when it is non-restricted, the flight fare would be converted to credits to avail in the future. It can be useful to book under the same passenger’s name in the next year. The only exception would be when the person is traveling in a group. Then the Sunwing booking change policy will not be applicable as there is a separate set of rules and regulations.

Seat Change

Seat selection changes are possible with an extra charge of $20. Though there are certain restrictions to choose the seat in the emergency exit row, the passenger should be more than 12 years old. In addition, he/she should be physically capable. The Sunwing seat change policy abides by Transport Canada regulation. It advises you to book your preferable seat as early as possible in order to avoid any hassle during the departure. 

Sunwing Seat

Sunwing Flight Change Fees

There can be many circumstances under which one has to make changes in the Sunwing Airlines booking or reservation. This carrier gives you the flexibility to understand these circumstances. However, this may not be free of cost. While changing or canceling the tickets, it charges a large part as penalty fees. However, that is not the case with Sunwing Airlines flight change fees. It asks for no fees if there are any changes made within 24 hours of the booking. 

There are certain other important pointers too about fees:

  • One must pay flight change fees of 100 USD. This is when the flight change happens 21 days or more before the scheduled departure. When not, the change in price is waived off assuming that the price is higher than the existing one.
  • The airline may encourage no change in 20 days or less. Should you do it, the flight stands canceled. 100% cancellation charges will be applicable.
  • For those who have a vacation package through Sunwing Airlines, changes can happen only on the flights. Under the Sunwing flight change policy, there will be no change in Hotels or other bookings.
  • In this pandemic, you may cancel the flight. This is due to the various ongoing interruptions. Special assistance is available in that case.
  • Flight change also depends on the type of ticket you have. Accordingly, the fee is applicable. 

How to Change Flight on Sunwing via Website?

Whether you wish to change the date, time, or schedule, you can apply a common process. You can open Sunwing’s official website. Here, you will see Manage Booking. As you open it, you will see several spaces. In them, you can fill in the information that indicates the change you want to make. In accordance with the Sunwing flight change policy, using a suitable option, pay the charge for that alteration.

  • Visit Sunwing Airlines website ( and click on the “Manage Booking” tab.

Tip: Similar to the alterations above, on Sunwing name change or correction before check-in is available. Using the same tab, you can edit it.

  • Enter the booking details like the 6-digit booking reference number as well as the last name. This will help you to make the changes in the flight date, departure time, upgrading seats or changes in the connecting flights.
  • On the next page, the flight options will be available as per the preference that is given by you.
  • After you click on it, you will be able to see the difference in the fees. You can also see how much more you need to pay for using the Sunwing change flight service.
  • To finalize the ticket, one has to pay the difference amount through debit or credit card. Once the ticket is booked after a successful payment, the passenger will receive a confirmation mail. It will have the new flight number, date, or time.

Sunwing Airlines Flight Change on Call

The airline’s hassle-free phone number of agents is +1-877-311-7484. It can be reached anytime 24*7 if one is facing any difficulty to make changes. Sunwing is well-known for its customer assistance. Once the call gets connected, you can talk to the booking agent. You will be asked for the booking reference. You may ask your queries and ask the agent to make the necessary changes. 

The difference in the amount for Sunwing booking change can be paid over the call by debit or credit card. Once the payment is successful, you will receive the confirmation through the mail. Given that there are any other queries with which you need assistance, he/she will help you resolve them in an instant manner. But changes are possible for a single passenger over the call.

Third and lastly, changes can be made over the airport counter where you have to share your booking reference ID. You can choose from the available flights as per your preference. You can pay the fee via card or cash.

Policy During the Time of COVID

COVID-19 Flight Policy

The airline has taken some notable steps to add to the Sunwing flight change policy during the time of the pandemic. Assuming that your reservations are made with Sunwing Vacation, you are requested to fill out the COVID-19 refund request form. Then you can ask for a return. You can fill in the nine-digit reservation number and your last name in order to submit the form.

  • With an agreement with Canada Enterprise Emergency Funding Corporation, you get credit or certain relaxation. This is given when you are unable to avail of the bookings due to COVID situations.
  • In certain cases, future travel credits are available till September 30, 2026. This has helped to build trust for the air service.
  • If the refund is requested before the deadline, then there is no further action that needs to be taken at the passenger’s end.
  • It is requested that the passenger waits for 120 days before the request is reviewed. When the payment is done through a credit card, the refund might take longer to process. Sunwing revised its refund eligibility policy last year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Sunwing Flight Change Policy

You can select another date to fly with this airline. Whether you want to prepone or postpone it will depend on you. You may have more Sunwing change flight date options on postponing it due to better availability. Also, another date can be chosen when you possibly decide to do so within 24 hours of reservation.

The Sunwing flight change policy lets you make the alterations online. You may refer to the main website or the Sunwing mobile application. For doing the same offline, you visit the airport, specifically at the help desk. Or, you may dial the airline’s number and ask the agent to change it.

Depending on certain factors like changes made within 24 hours after reservation, no Sunwing flight change charge is applicable. In other instances, you have to pay the change fee, especially when you cross a period of 21 days.

All the changes in flights are notified. If the flight is booked through some agent, then make sure that you are provided with all the details. Furthermore, it is good to visit the website and check the e-documents provided within 12 hours prior to departure. This is to make sure that there are no changes that you are unaware of.

The flight schedule is available on the company website on the search menu. You can find the Sunwing flight schedule changes by providing certain details like booking reference ID. It can also be viewed by providing the routes and travel dates.

The Airlines has a 24*7 customer service number. All the queries related to it are resolved by the agent overcall. The queries are answered abiding by the Sunwing flight change policy.

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