Hawaiian Airlines Check-In

Flying with Hawaiian Airlines is going to be a breeze. State of the art aircraft is ready to fly across the world to take you to your destination. International cuisine and excellent in-flight entertainment are some of the only reasons that should compel you to fly with Hawaiian Airlines.

Option to check-in early

Hawaiin Airline offers you a fantastic option to check-in early. It not only saves time but it is also super convenient. Read on to find out how to check-in early:-

There are different ways to check-in like:-

  • Web Check-in
  • Mobile Check-in
  • Check-in through
  • self-help kiosks

Web Check-in

Web check-in option is only available 24 hours prior to the flight. After check-in, you can access your seat no. and get a printable ticket as well.

If you are a person with special needs or an unaccompanied minor then you cannot check in early.

Only Chinese passport holders can check in early if flying to Beijing, China.

Mobile Check-in

The rules for mobile check-ins are same as that for Web Check-in.

You can only check-in 24 hours prior to the flight and after check-in, you can access information like seat number, e-ticket number and boarding details

Check-in through self-help kiosks

If you are using the self-help kiosks then you can check-in 30 minutes to 4 hours before the flight, depending on your city and departure. It is advised to come in early and get the check-in process done. Whether you use web check-in or check-in manually at the airport it is always advisable to seek prior information from the airport you are flying to get full information. This is advisable as timing can be changed or flights rescheduled at a moment’s notice. There are various ways to get information about your flight schedule. Contacting your travel agent or the airport is the place to start.

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