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About Iberia Airlines

Founded in 1927, Iberia Airlines is the largest flag carrier of Spain and it is in partnership with International Airlines Group (IAG). The airline operates under its own brand and serves its services to many destinations. Other than IAG, Iberia airline has a codeshare agreement with:

Iberia Airline handles All-Airbus feet which include A319s, A320s, A321s, A330s, A340s. All of the aircraft in the fleet follows a two-class layout with Business and Economy Class cabins. Iberia airlines were amongst the last major airlines remaining which equipped all intercontinental routes PTV(as for 2016 Iberia has A330(200-300) fleet with IFE installed and also A340-600 fleet).

In 2009, Iberia Airlines announced to renovate its economy class on all planes and designing new business class for its long-haul planes during the period of 2009-2011. The airline provides business class, Business Club, Business Plus, and Economy Class cabins. Iberia Airline has a 9.49% stake in low-cost carrier Vueling which is based near Barcelona, With IAG which owns the remaining 90.51% share. All this was done with the intention of ensuring that IAG does not acquire 100% shares of Vueling.

Iberia Airlines is also the parent company of Iberia Express, which started its operations in 2012 and it also has a 0.95% share in Royal Air Maroc.

Iberia  Airline Booking

Booking a ticket with Iberia Airlines is a piece of cake, One can have a hassle-free experience of booking tickets with the airline. Iberia Airlines serves as the best and largest flag carrier of Spain. The airline provides various methods to book tickets with them, One can book through the official website of the airline or the mobile App of airline or through the offline method. The airline provides flexibility in terms of payment, you can pay through a Debit Card, Credit Card, Electronic Wallets, etc.

Methods of Booking

Online Booking

Passengers can visit the official website of the airline and book tickets, you just have to fill up the basic details needed to book tickets and you’re done. The official website of airlines is very easy and convenient to use, It is user-oriented and any age-group person can use it without any hassle. Passengers get all information about flights, About the airline, Policies, etc from the website only, and it provides passengers with the ease of booking the ticket. The website consists of every possible information and functionalities which a user must be looking for. Passengers get payment flexibility with the airlines, they can pay through a Debit Card, Credit Card, Electronic Wallets, etc. Visit  https://www.iberia.com/  to book tickets through the official website of Iberia Airlines.

Mobile App Booking

Iberia Airlines provides a dedicated Mobile App to its users for booking a ticket with them. Smartphones can be seen in everyone’s hand today, thus a dedicated smartphone app is necessary for an airline to facilitate the process of ticket booking with them. The Mobile App of Iberia Airlines is loaded with all information and features which a user expects from an airline. The App is designed in such a way that any age-group person can use it, it is self-descriptive and user-oriented. The App provides payment flexibility to its users, One can make payment through a Debit Card, Credit Card, Electronic Wallet, etc.

Iberia Airlines Mobile App downloads link:

Iberia Airlines Reservation Number

Passengers can also choose the offline way of booking tickets with the airlines. Offline way comprises of two options- through the booking center of airline or through the customer service helpline number. You can go to the booking center of Iberia Airlines at the nearest airport and book tickets with them, the dedicated staff members of the airline will provide all the help and assistance in booking tickets or regarding any query. The other way of booking is by calling on the airline’s customer service helpline number +1-855-635-3039, the representative will help you in booking tickets with the airline and solving your booking related queries. One can also seek any information regarding Flights, policies, the Check-in process, etc from the customer service representative.

Manage Booking With Iberia Airlines

One may wish to make changes in his/her booking details due to some emergency or sudden change of plan. Iberia Airlines takes care of this wish of yours, it allows you to make amendments in your booking details. One can choose from two available options which are online or offline way, to manage their bookings with the airlines.

Ways to manage your booking with Iberia Airlines

ONLINE – Passengers can manage their bookings with airlines through the online way. The online way provides two options such as managing bookings through the mobile app or through the official website of the airline. For managing bookings through website, Simply open up the link of the official website and click on manage your bookings. And for managing through the mobile app, open up the dedicated Iberia Airlines app on your smartphone and go to manage your bookings option.

OFFLINE – You can also choose the offline way to manage your bookings, it comprises of two options. The first option is that you can visit the airline’s booking center at the nearest airport and ask to make amendments to your booking details. The second option refers to calling on the customer service helpline number of the airline and asking the service representative to make amendments in his/her booking details.

Iberia Airlines Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage

  • Each Passenger is allowed to take along 1 carry-on luggage which can be stored in the overhead compartment of the seat.
  • The maximum allowed size of each carry-on luggage is 56cm*45cm*25cm.
  • Long-haul flight passengers can take along 2 carry-on luggage on board.
  • Other than carry-on luggage, Passengers can carry a small item such as a camera bag, handbag, laptop bag, etc on board.

Checked Baggage

  • The maximum combined dimension allowed for checked baggage is 158cm(62 inches).
  • The maximum weight allowed for checked baggage is 23kg(50lb).
  • The total number of allowed checked baggage depends on the passenger’s ticket and destination, Any excess baggage over the allowed standards will result in an extra baggage charge.

Pet Policy

Iberia Airlines allows passengers to carry their pets along in the cabin if the weight of the pet is not more than 8kg(including the pet’s container weight). You need to inform the airlines beforehand if you wish to take your pet along so that the airlines can make arrangements accordingly.

The standards and conditions for taking the pet along are:

  • The combined weight of the pet and its carrier should be a maximum of 8kg.
  • The maximum allowed dimensions of the pet container are 45*35*25cm.
  • The pet container should be properly ventilated and strong enough, the lock and handle must be strong and solid so that your pet does not come outside the cage or container.
  • You will be responsible for taking care of your pet, and it should not bother other passengers on the flight.
  • Some breeds of dogs and cats are restricted onboard, You can check for your pet from the official website of the airlines.
  • Passengers can also carry their pets as cargo if their pets do not qualify for onboard travel.

Fees For Carrying Pet on board

  • €35/45$/30£ – For domestic flights, excluding the Canary Islands.
  • €50/60$/45£ – For flights to/from Europe, The Middle East, Canary Island, and North Africa.
  • €150/180$/135£ – For flights to/from America, Asia, and South Africa.

Iberia Airlines Pre-Book Seats

While booking seats with Iberia Airlines, Passengers can view the available seat map and can make the selection for their choice of seat. One can enjoy pre-booking seats with the airlines.

Iberia Airlines Cancellation Policy

According to Iberia Airlines Cancellation Policy, Cancellation depends on the tariff chosen by the passenger. Most tariff plans don’t have a provision of refund, return or change. For some cases refund, return or change may be allowed but there will be a penalty fee for that. If the passenger has purchased tickets directly from the Iberia Airlines official site or booking center, then they can check for the refund conditions on the website of the airlines. But if you have purchased the tickets from some third party agency, then contact the agency directly.

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