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LATAM Airlines is the largest airline in Latin America. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Peru are the subsidiaries company of LATAM Airlines. On 22nd June 2012, LATAM Airlines was founded by merging two airlines. LAN is the airline based on Chile’s and TAM is the airline situated in Brazil’s signed a non-binding agreement on 13th August 2010, where shareholders of TAM airlines are ready to takeover by LAN Airlines. With 43000 employees the airlines serve 137 destinations across 24 countries by 315 aircraft. In the Caribbean Islands, the airlines located their hub at Bogota. In 7 years with the help of CEO Enrique Cueto and Chairman Ignacio Cueto, the LATAM airline generated $8.494 billion in revenue.

LATAM Airlines flight reservations mode

 Savor your journey with LATAM Airlines Reservations. Toward booking tours with LATAM Airlines, they propose multiple forms like – Official Website, Offline booking over call, Airport Counter, Mobile App. Invest your time wisely for improving the quality of work or use them for making memories to remember for a decade with loved-ones.

Book LATAM Airlines Flight ticket Online

LATAM Airlines gives passengers an online program for booking the ticket by convenience. Presently travelers can reserve tickets from the aspired point. Visit and log in through your account you can save time and invest those time in a different job. Selection of your preferences like window seat is manageable simply log into your accounts pick your inspired seat, adjust the price by Debit card and Credit card or PayPal wallets. For exciting deals visit offers page and extract the best deals for you. Open official websites login through account and visit my bookings tab. From there, passengers can efficiently manage every stuff related to the trip.

LATAM Airlines Reservations Number

Enjoy meals with your family why to stand in long queues for booking tickets. Dial +1-877-311-7484 and save 30% more while booking tickets on the total fare. Devise the concerns of scams, Register flight with LATAM Airlines Reservation and oversight all your problems. LATAM Airlines offer various modes to book a trip with the largest airline in North America. The LATAM Airlines Reservation provides the most useful deals with gratification service to the passenger.

Book LATAM Airlines Seat on Mobile App

LATAM airlines revealed an app for passenger assistance, reserving tickets, attaching food to cart. The Application interface is user-friendly and with creating an account Passenger can handle everything on their mobile. Schedule your tickets with LATAM Airlines’ official mobile app and neglect the discomfort and share your joy.

Download the LATAM Airlines Mobile App

Get it on Google Android Phone
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Book Flight From LATAM Airlines Office

LATAM Airlines made multiple counters at several airports with the best-supporting team for the smoothing experience of a passenger while booking tickets. The ticket officials book tickets in a quick time securely. Book your baggage at the time of booking for preserving more. Traveler can use Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal wallets for payment purposes.

LATAM Airlines Group Reservations

If you are planning for a vacation with your joint family but no one is available to book tickets of 16 people at a time for you then search LATAM Airlines group reservations on the web. Now it is possible to reserve tickets at a time for more than 10 passengers in one single click. If a passenger book tickets for their group from agents or any third parties, those tickets are invalid by the airline. Only Latam airlines can generate group reservations for passengers in their airline and the groups are correlated with Brand Plus standard.GSO tool is used for requesting Group reservations. If passenger booking tickets for the group from agents than tickets are not valid by the airlines.

LATAM Airlines Manage Reservation

Managing reservations is a tough job as compare to booking tickets. Latam Airlines set up a program on the official website where they can easily manage each trip of the passenger with providing comfort and relaxation to mind. In manage booking page passengers can easily book luggage, seats as per their needs. Check the status of flights, passengers can get their boarding pass easily by Check-in and you can examine benefits of membership at one click. Manage each kind of stuff related to Latam Airlines booking.

Customer services of LATAM Airlines

The customer assistance team is very efficient and assists passengers to solve queries instantly on a priority basis. The customer executive guarantees the best protection for the data of passengers with 24 hours helpdesks. The LATAM Airlines Reservations team guides travelers in booking a ticket, canceling tickets or inquiries related to refund, baggage policies. LATAM Airlines serve Customer services in many languages like the English language. Assisting each passenger on preference, they provided toll-free number 1 888 235 9826 for USA, Canada, Mexico passengers. For other country service number visits,

LATAM Airlines Baggage Policy

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers are allowed to take one bag up to 8 kg in Economy class, 16 kg in Premium Economy or Premium Business classes. For that passenger who is traveling from or to Brazil, they can take a maximum weight of 10 kg. The dimension of the bag should be 55 cm height x 35 cm depth x 25 cm in width. All the passengers of each class may bring one personal item like a laptop bag, diaper bag, purse, jacket, coat, travel pillow, small waist bag, headphones, or reading material with them. For USA passengers they need to keep in mind that TSA does not allow more than 12 oz of powdered products in carry-on baggage.

LATAM Airlines Checked-baggage Policy

LATAM Airlines allows two bags within 50lb for Economy Class Passenger for all other international routes. The number of bags is allowed to board depends on the fare and routes of the passenger. Economy Class is divided into 4 parts based on the fare.

Flights between the United States and South America

PROMO categories passengers need to pay an extra charge for carrying bags.
LIGHT categories passenger is allowed to take one bag within 23 kg.
PLUS and TOP categories passengers are allowed to take two bags within 23 kg each.

International flights within South America

 PROMO and LIGHT categories passengers need to pay an extra charge for carrying bags.
PLUS categories passenger is allowed to take one bag within 23 kg.
TOP categories passenger is allowed to take two bags within 23 kg each.

Flights between the United States and Colombia

In this route, LATAM Airlines allows two bags within 50lb for all categories passengers of Economy Class.

For all details regarding baggage policies please visit

In the Business class or Premium Economy class of LATAM Airlines, the passenger is allowed to carry three bags within 23 kg each. In Business Class there are two categories decided by LATAM Airlines as per fare PLUS and TOP.

LATAM Airlines Pet Policy

 If your pet weight is in 7 kg LATAM Airlines allows your pet in the cabin. To carry pet with you in-cabin passenger needs to inform airlines 48 hours before the departure of flights. The passenger needs to pay as per their destinations. Contact the LATAM Airlines Reservation team at +1-877-311-7484 and book your pet in the cabin or as cargo as per their respective weight and routes of the passenger. Passengers need to provide health certificates of their pet and the age of pets must be more than 8 weeks older or 4 months older. Large pets are advised to take as cargo as an airline will not allow any pet whose weight exceeds 7 kg.

LATAM Airlines Cabin Classes

Economy class

In LATAM Airlines Economy Class cabin the seats are ergonomically designed which is reclining and with adjustable headset enjoy the extreme comfort on long-haul fleet and short-haul fleet. For in-flight entertainment purpose, the airline offers 150 movies which contain action, drama, comedy, etc.

 Premium Economy class

Premium Economy Class passengers will get all similar features of Economy class passengers with added features like Extra legroom for maintaining comfort; the seats are made of leather. Premium economy class is specially made by airlines to provide luxury while traveling. Only 12 passengers can share the cabin, the middle seat is blocked for using the space as a table for providing an ample amount of space to all Premium Economy Passengers. In South America routes the passenger will get priority boarding, Premium Economy Class cabin is available in Airbus 319 and 320 air fleets.

Business Class

The seats in Business Class recline completely for forming flatbed which offers luxury to passenger back. Business-class seats are placed in a fully horizontal position; the width of the bed is 23-inch. All the passengers of Business Class will get premium quality of wine and grab delicious meals prepared by renowned chefs. Enjoy in-flight entertainment in 15.4-inch high-resolution display with noise-canceling headphones.

LATAM Airlines Cancellation policies

The cancellation procedures are very simple to understand. If a passenger is willing to change flight or canceling the flight they do not have to pay cancelation fee if they cancel tickets within 24 hours of purchase. The passenger may cancel the ticket at their will within 24 hours. The amount of the cancellation depends on your ticket cancellation time. Now canceling is not an achievement, passengers can cancel their ticket by filling cancelation or refund form. If the passenger is living in Brazil, they need to fill the payment cancelation form or if they live in Colombia they need to contact the customer service center. This center works in 24×7 for assisting a passenger in each need.

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