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A Brief Synopsis about Stewart Island Flights

Stewart Island Flights is a local and Southern Island-based airline of New Zealand. This airline is headquartered at the well-known Invercargill Airport, which is locally owned as well as operated by a company. Earlier, this airline was recognized as the Southern Air and the Southern Air 1997 Ltd. But after a few years, the current name was adopted by the company, and today, we all know it as Steward Island Flights. When it comes to its parent company, it is the South East Air Limited. It is a holder of the ‘Air Operator Certificate’ under which the maintenance of the Stewart Island, as well as Invercargill Aircraft, is operated. Currently, this airline operates only three flights between Invercargill to Stewart Island a day. In addition to this, scenic flights are also there on an ad-hoc basis around this island. So, you can check the Stewart Island Flights cost for online Stewart Island Flights booking to fly to your desired destination or the destination covered by the airline.

How to Find Exclusive Deals on Invercargill Stewart Island Flights?

Many of us do not check the ongoing Stewart Island Flights Booking discount and special deals while booking a ticket. However, this is not a good practice if you are willing to save some bucks on your travel. While booking a ticket or searching for the cheap flights to Stewart Island, it is advisable to browse through the official website of the airline or the at least once. Such airlines usually provide its passengers with periodic offers and special deals to attract more and more passengers. Hence, it is good to check the websites or platforms as mentioned above to find some amazing deals to save some money on your travel. In case, you are puzzled or do not know how to check or grab one, do not worry! Get in touch with the Reservations Number and that it is! All your suitable options or offers will be provided so that you can make the most out of your travel by saving some money.

What does the Stewart Island Flights Cost?

When you want to travel on the flights of this airline, it is advisable to check the ticket cost in advance so that you can make an informed decision. It is also important to check whether the ticket or travel on Stewart Island Flights is within your budget or not. If you have already checked the Stewart Island Flights timetable and now want to book a seat, then the following is the amount that you will need to pay to the airline:

  • Children (they should be 14 years of age and below): $45 – $80
  • Adult: $89 – $159

In addition to this, you should also note down the return ferry prices of this airline to decide better whether it is a good deal to grab or not. Moreover, the airline offers a return ferry at discounted rates. Look at the following to know more:

  • Children: $80
  • Adults: $159
  • Family Rate (family of 4 e.g. 2 adults and 2 children): $369 

It is just an indicative list of the cost; the actual price may vary, depending on the route, additional fees, taxes, type of class selected, etc. So, it is advised to check the price with the airline or Reservationsnumber before booking a ticket to avoid unnecessary issues later or call diretly +1-877-311-7484

Baggage Policy of the Stewart Island Flights

Stewart Islands Flights

When you have a booking on this flight, you must know the details of the scheduled flight baggage allowance. So, look at the following points to have a clearer idea about the flight:

  • All passengers are allowed to carry up to 15 kg. And this baggage should be checked-in at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flights
  • When it comes to the in-flight or carry-on baggage, you can only carry one item with you. This could be your laptop bag, handbag, day pack, etc.
  • In case you want to carry items like pushchairs, car seats, bikes, or any other excess baggage, then it will be subject to space availability. However, you must check with the airline for the charges, etc.
  • Wheelchairs with owners are free of cost. However, you must connect with the airline for details

Check-In Details of the Stewart Island Flights

The airline provides its passengers with airport check-in facilities at two different locations. And these locations are:

  • Stewart Island Flights Depot
  • Invercargill Airport Terminal

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Yes, the cancellation can be done on the flights but as per the policy. If amending or canceling a retail booking is initiated by the passenger, the refund will only be made when the Stewart Island Experience gets the notification 24 hours before the scheduled departure. However, it is good to ask the customer care executive of the airline about the Stewart Island Flight reservation as well as cancellation policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the fleet of this airline?

The airline is recognized for its outstanding services and the best collection of aircraft. Currently, they have the following in their fleet:
Cessna 185, Britten Norman Islander, Piper Cherokee Six

What are the business hours of Stewart Island Flights?

The airline works all 7 days of the week to provide its passengers with excellent services.

Which airport is the hub airport of this airline?

The famous Invercargill Airport is the hub airport of this airline. In addition to Stewart Island Flights, it is a hub for many other airlines including Air New Zealand, Air Nelson, and Mount Cook Airlines.

What is the best time to book a ticket on Stewart Flights?

Well! There is nothing like the best time. You just need to check for the latest deals and special offers provided by the airline and other partners to make your journey memorable and cost-effective. The day when you find an exclusive deal or have the lowest fare price is the best time to book a ticket.

What are the months of operation?

The airline works round the year.

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